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Top 5 Best Drones for Video Production

Drones for Video Production

Drones had already raised interest in the camera enthusiasts as well as for the filmmakers. Previously, purchasing drones is an expensive part. But, today the prices become more affordable to all. Here are some top drones for video production in 2017.

DJI Phantom Pro 4

• DJ Phantom 4 Pro is very innovative and fast. Phantom 4 deliver the high definition video quality which works better than any other drone.

• It consists of a 3D camera and best hardware along with the capability of avoiding the obstacles.

• When comes to designing, phantom 4 is the best one that supports 4K with 20 MP utilizing the sensor of one inch.

• It has long battery life with an advanced 3D vision for stable flight. The camera was built with active subject tracking technology.

DJI Phantom 3 Series

• Easy flying drone with great features which can deliver the better video quality and the functionality is just awesome.

• The lens filters and GPS trackers are some the important features.

• You can choose the Phantom 3 series with four different models that differentiate one another in professional features.

DJI Inspire 1

• 6.49 lb in weight with four rotors that are integrated with the Gimbal.

• 12MP camera supports 4K and works with the concerned app.

• Automated feature of the waypoint, return to home features.

DJI Phantom 3 professional

• 3lbs in weight with four rotors supporting 4K.

• 12MP camera with live video feed at 720p. supports media formats and can be controlled with a dedicated app.

Parrot Bebop

• 14.2oz in weight with four rotors which are integrated without Gimbal and supports 1080p with 14MP camera.

• Built in memory and control over smartphone or tablet.

• It supports live video feed.

All these above drones are presently popular across the web and are very useful for both professional users and as well as for nonprofessionals for video production.

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