Video Editing for Smartphone

Top 50 Best Video Editing Apps for Smartphones

1. Viddy

Best app for video editing for Android, iOS and other desktop browsers too. It also consists of best social sharing options.

2. Andromedia video editor

Can create HD videos up to 720p. Supports major format across the web.

3. Video maker pro

Included with features like trimming and attaching media files in the movie.

4. Snip video trimmer

Android video editor mainly used for trimming. Best social sharing and easy uploading. Best for ringtone editing.

5. Clesh video editor

Trims video in the cloud and comes with extra features like zooming, panning, filters etc.

6. iMovie

Can be utilized for voiceovers, music, titles and other work.

7. PowerDirector

Free app for Android and hold up to 1080p quality.

8. Pinnacle studio pro

It has plenty of good controls and effects.

9. Kinemaster

Free app for Android users. Simple app with good features including effects, images, captions etc.

10. Movie editing touch

Works on windows phones. Works like iMovie editor. It can deliver HD quality output.

11. VivaVideo

Free editor which allows direct sharing across social platforms. Powerful video editor with great editing tools and other features.

12. Alive video editor

Free with unlimited cloud storage. Best quality video output with various music effects.

13. Mini video maker

Best class editor that supports tabs and phones. Ensure fast sharing across social platforms. Video compression, conversions and much more.

14. Magisto

Best Dynamic and professional video editing tool with great features and tools.

15. Andromedia

Best for android users. The app comes with different features and configurations. It can deliver up to 720p quality.

16. Adobe Premiere clip

Allows manual trimming of videos and custom sound tracks. It has great tools including filters and other effects related tools.

17. WeVideo app

Best for video editing on Android. Best social sharing options and other tools.

18. Reverse movie FX-magic video

Fine App that allows the users to add the reverse effects. Video rewind options that is fun and interesting.

19. Video editor for Instagram

Easy posting on Instagram and best companion for video editing especially for the Instagram posts.

20. Square Video editor

Easy to use the app with real-time video editing along with filters and other effects. Video rotation in all directions and other features.

21. Video star

Best video editor that provides all the tools and best for music videos. Compatible with iOS platform only.

22. VivaVideo

The App cokes with a video cam option where the user can shoot the video and can edit with slow motion to fast pace features. Filters and other video editing tools are also included within. Compatible with both Android and iOS.

23. Replay

Best editing app with video filter and other tools. It also allows in-app purchases for watermark removal and other tools. Compatible with iOS platform only.

24. YouTube capture

Best editor and companion for YouTube videos.

25. Mix Bit

Best for YouTube users. Compatible with iOS and Android platforms.

26. Splice

 An iOS app for video editing where the users can mix up videos, photos as well as music.

27. Lumify

Best for beginners to mix and match video content. Compatible with iOS only.

28. Action Movie FX

Best for special effects editing. Best six high-quality features and tools. Compatible with iOS platform only.

29. Cinefy

Allows iPhone users to make some Hollywood effect. Available as an in-app purchase. It covers 1 GB space in your iOS device.

30. Spotliter

Best for switching different filters during video recording. Compatible with iOS platform.

31. VideoCollage

Allows the users to create best-shared videos across social platforms. Works on both iOS and Android.

32. Clipper

Simple and quick video editor for editing video footage. Comes with best filters and transition effects.

33. Video editor master

Bet for video reversing, customization and another editing.

34. Live Oak video

Bets for merging video clippings and editing.

35. Flipagram

Best for video slideshows and editing.

36. VibeVideo

Bets for merging, conversions and reversing of video with many other editor tools.

37. Free movie editor

Easy music video and trimming features with quick sharing options.

38. Frame Grid maker

Best video editing tool for collages with more than 60 adjustable layouts.

39. Video compressor

Simple editor for video compression including fast social sharing.

40. V- Edit

Best for merging, trimming and other effects. Best quality output.

41. Ultimate video editor

Best UI and editing tools with great features.

42. Total video editor

Bets for clips mixing and audio removal along with tools for cutting and trimming.

43. Videoshop

Best for quick merging and speed adjusting along with resizing and social sharing features.

44. Videopad free editor

Available for free. Best for YouTube video editing.

45. VidTrim Pro

Paid video editing app with unique editing tools. Compatible with Android platform.

46. Funimate

Most funny video editor for Android platform. Real-time effects and amazing tools for better editing.

47. Video maker pro

Best app for featured movie editing. Don’t consume much space.

48. Maker filmmaker

Well-designed app for android users for exclusive video editing.

49. PowerDirector

Best app with differentiated features with powerful video editing effects.

50. Quik

New generation video editing app which is best for professionals and as well as for the general users.

All these above video editors are the best and most used editors on Android and iOS platforms.

Top 10 Best Smartphone Cameras

High profile Smartphone Cameras with powerful cameras keep hitting the stands. When choosing the best smartphone camera, one has to consider different factors such as megapixels, resolution, sensor size, pixel size, aperture etc.

1. Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of the best phone cameras and is very impressive. It has f/1.7 wide aperture to allow more light to reach the sensor to give detail rich images. This is perfect for indoor and low light shots.

2. Google Pixel has f/2.0 aperture that gives best pictures even in low light. The colors are accurate and the fine details are pin sharp.

3. Huawei P10 camera allows capturing images up to 12 megapixels. It has dual rear cameras one with RGB sensor and the other with monochrome.

4. HTC 10 has 1.55um pixel camera with wide f/1.8 aperture lens. Wonderful colors, fantastic exposure levels and detail capturing is possible with this camera.

5. Motorola Moto G4 has f/2.0 sensor to pick up plenty of details. It can perform well in indoors also.

6. iPhone 7 Plus is said to have the perfect camera for photography. It also has other interesting features.

7. Honor 6X also has the best cameras. It has 12-2 megapixel dual lens camera.

8. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is another best smartphone camera. It is said to be the king of night photography and captures good shots even in low light.

9. OnePlus 5 has the main lens that sports 16-megapixel sensor with f/1.7 aperture.

10. LG G6 has the wide angle that lets capturing more in a single shot.

Smartphone manufacturing companies are improving the camera of their latest models as more and more people are now choosing phones focusing on the camera features. Some of the best software cameras give rich and vibrant color images.

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