Top 50 Video Sharing Websites

Video sharing websites allow amateur video creators to share their videos and reach thousands of viewers. The Internet is the place to look for videos on almost every topic. It is easy to easy for the video you want to view using video sharing websites. Video sharing websites have all the necessary tools and resources to create a video and upload them. Some sites also have editing tools.

  1. YouTube is the second largest and most popular video sharing website. Different types of videos can be uploaded, viewed and shared on this site.
  2. Vimeo is the next most popular video sharing site. More than fifty million people use this site.
  3. Dailymotion is available in different languages all over the world. This video sharing site has many user-friendly features.
  4. Facebook video is a free site where the users can upload their videos. It also has revenue share program.
  5. Ustream is a video sharing site trusted by popular broadcasting companies and technology giants.
  6. Instagram video is a mobile centric app that allows uploading and sharing a short form of videos.
  7. Snapchat is another mobile centric app where the user can share their short videos that will be in the feed for twenty-four hours.
  8. When it comes to mobile centric video sharing apps, Twitter stands at the top. Thirty seconds long videos can be posted.
  9. Metacafe offers wider market reach and is popular for short movies, sports and video games.
  10. Twitch is specifically for gamers. Gamers can share or broadcast their gaming videos while the other watches it live or via achieved footage.
  11. Google Video Share is another place to share, search, like and comment the videos. Upload interface is simple. It allows adding own title and description to the videos.
  12. Liveleak is another site that allows publishing the videos. Account type is free and content related to politics, war etc can be posted.
  13. Veoh is internet television service. But users can also upload their videos and embed on their site of blog.
  14. Break is another popular video sharing site where funny videos, clips and pictures can be watched. Several types of video formats are accepted by Break.
  15. Metacafe is a video sharing site for short videos. High-quality videos in different categories such as video games, sports, music, movies and televisions are uploaded here.
  16. StupidVideos is a very old video sharing site where own video clips can be uploaded. It allows searching popular and top rated videos by category.
  17. Bliptv is not only a social networking service but also a video sharing site. You can mostly find mini television series like videos and entertaining videos.
  18. Yahoo! Video is another video sharing website where you can also find original content.
  19. Hulu video sharing website was created in the year 2007. Video uploading on to this site, however, is limited to only some places.
  20. Flickr is a video hosting website that allows uploading the videos for free. Free and paid user accounts are available. Free users are allowed to upload a limited number of videos per month.
  21. Tinypic allows sharing of videos and pictures on social media sites. Users can also upload the videos.
  22. Esnips allows the users to upload videos of any format. This site is very simple to use.
  23. Ebaumsworld allows uploading, sharing and downloading of funny videos.
  24. allows the users to upload product reviews videos.
  25. Atom encourages people to upload original content. If the videos become popular the creator can get a pro video status.
  26. Dropshops is the site where the users can upload their videos and photos with their family and friends easily.
  27. ViddYou allows the users to upload and share the videos. It supports iPhones and other smartphones. There are privacy controls and free and premium pay options are available.
  28. Clipshack allows users to upload video clips.
  29. SlideShare allows users to share their slideshows with the internet users.
  30. VidMax allows sharing of funny and crazy videos. The users can even make money with the original videos.
  31. Wistia is a video sharing service mostly offered for businesses for a price.
  32. Screener allows creating a video by recording what is happening on the screen. The video can then be shared with the Twitter followers.
  33. Video Sprout allows the users to upload private videos and share them with people with invitations.
  34. Hipcast allows uploading audio and video files online for a low cost.
  35. Brightcove is a video publishing site and personal video sharing service.
  36. Vidyard is another video sharing platform where the user can create their own personal and interactive video experience.
  37. Oculu is a video sharing platform on which the user will have full control on the visitors and the customers.
  38. Videojug is a popular video hosting site. It provides brand and corporate video services.
  39. Stikam video sharing website also hosts chat rooms and video chats to meet new friends from around the world.
  40. Rutube is a video sharing as well as video hosting site for Russian viewers. It has more than forty million users. Viewers can share and research for videos.
  41. Amara is another video sharing with a special feature that allows transferring language used in the video to some other language.
  42. The internet archive is more like a video library and also allows the users to upload videos in the common video format H.264.
  43. Revver allows not only sharing the videos but also the revenue.
  44. MySpace is another site where the user can easily share the videos.
  45. Bolt allows sharing the videos, photos and games. It has all the necessary tools for uploading the sharing.
  46. OurMedia allows uploading videos created on social issues. These can be shared with the audience who has similar interests.
  47. Phanfare is a hosting website that allows paid users to upload their photos and videos.
  48. Podesk allows creating video channels. The videos can be hosted on users own website.
  49. Sevenload is a video sharing website available across the world to share photos and also the videos.
  50. Periscope allows sharing live videos. There are also other platforms for sharing live videos.

There are many video sharing websites online and the number is still growing. Most of the websites offer free membership though for some features may be limited for free members. Find out the advantages and disadvantages of each of the sites and utilize the free trial offers of these sites before choosing the one to share your videos.

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