Exclusive Interview with TubeBuddy Creator - Phil Starkovich

Exclusive Interview with TubeBuddy Creator – Phil Starkovich

Exclusive Interview for ReelnReel.com reader with TubeBuddy Creator – Phil Starkovich

Exclusive Interview with TubeBuddy Creator
Exclusive Interview with TubeBuddy Creator

Tell us something about you and TubeBuddy Platform?

we have been building tools in the YouTube space for more than 8 years now – even before YouTube. TubeBuddy is our latest product and the culmination of everything we’ve learned throughout the years. In only 6 months, we’ve been able to build a large collection of powerful tools. The real beauty of TubeBuddy is that it’s integrated directly into YouTube’s website. No need to log into a separate product. Everything we offer lines up directly with your normal daily workflow in YouTube.

What are your Future Plans to expand TubeBuddy?

Now that we have a solid set of tools in place, we will continue to upgrade and improve what we already have along with plans to expand into collaboration tools and offering more ways for YouTubers to reach out and communicate with their subscribers.

How Individual YouTube Creators can benefit with TubeBuddy?

There are 4 core areas that YouTube Creators can benefit from TubeBuddy.

• Save Time:

We offer several bulk update tools that can modify all of your videos with just a few clicks. Tools such as copying annotations, copying cards and a find/replace/append tool for your Titles & Descriptions similar to what you might use in Microsoft Word.

• Optimize Videos:

Our Tag Explorer tool offers several ways to find and choose the best Tags for your videos. You can see trending tags from Google Trends, auto-complete search results from YouTube and Google, you can see what tags the top ranking videos are using and finally, a ‘Keyword Score’ which factors in competition and search volume to come up with whether not you should target a particular search term.

• Connect with your Audience:

Deal with comments smarter and faster with our Comment Filter tools to ensure you only see the comments needing a response. Reach out to the potential customer on competitor videos using Community Connect. Find out more about your subscribers (including details about all their social profiles) by using the Subscriber Export tool.

• Promote your Video:

TubeBuddy offers multiple tools that allow you to cross-promote your videos with each other and drive traffic to your latest videos ensuring they gain early traction.

Is there any plan to start SaaS Platform for TubeBuddy?

TubeBuddy will soon offer a set of Enterprise tools for brands and agencies in addition to the plugin tools currently offered. These tools will include A/B Testing, Search Rank Tracking and Competitor Analysis.

What is the Current usage of TubeBuddy?

TubeBuddy is used by more than 15,000 YouTubers on a daily basis. Our users range from creators brand new to YouTube to established creators with hundreds of millions of views. We also have many brands and agencies who use TubeBuddy to save time, optimize their videos and connect with their audience.

Is there any funding opportunity?

We are self funded and not currently looking for investment. However, we work with many businesses in a variety of ways and always happy to talk.

What you will suggest for Upcoming YouTube Creators?

Building an audience on YouTube is similar to building a successful software product as we have done. When you’re starting, I think the most important thing you can do is connect with your fans and talk to them on a personal level. From the very beginning, I have reached out to our customers and taken feature requests, comments, and feedback and applied it into TubeBuddy. Once you have a core set of fans, they will help spread the word and talk to the right people to increase your exposure.

When it comes to TubeBuddy, the two features I recommend most for upcoming YouTube Creators would be the Tag Explorer to get your videos ranked higher in search which helps bring you a new audience and our Subscriber Welcoming tools which help you build a connection with your channel Subscribers.

Visit TubeBuddy for more details and live implementation.

Thank you Phil Starkovich for valuable YouTube insights for ReelnReel.com reader.

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