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Turbocharge your Chromecast with these Tips, Tricks and Secrets


Chromecast is the most famous streaming device which has the capability of streaming hundreds of video platforms across the web. It just costs $35 which is really very cheap to make your smart move. Chromecast offers a wide range of features which there are many little-known features to the users which are interesting to know. Here are some tips, tricks, and secrets of Chromecast. Here we go.

The first thing you have to do is to download the Google Cast extension for your Google chrome browser where you can send the content from your browser to Chromecast.

New to chromecast? Make an easy setup

Chrome browser or chrome cast app installed devices with good Wi-Fi accessibility is the primary requirements to setup the things. Make some adjustments to the router if you still can’t access the chromecast.

Use it as an audio device

Stream the audio from Chromecast as it supports the Google play music and Pandora. If you already have an A/V receiver, amplifier or powered speakers then you can easily connect audio to the external speakers by connecting the optical cable from your television. Install an optical to RCA adaptor online and plug in RCA input to the sound system. You can view what is playing on your mobile.


Mirror your android device with the Chromecast to view the content on the big screen. This service is available on android devices whose operating system is higher than 4.4.2. In order to start mirroring the devices, the user has to open the Google cast application and can tap on to the navigation in the top left and on the Cast Screen button to select the Chrome Cast. You can end the cast by clicking on the same button.

3D VR without headset

This is one of the wonderful tips which is complicated. All you need is a 3D TV, android Phone and Google freemium Cardboard application. Activate the SBS mode on your TV and download the cardboard application on the smart device and keep your 3D glasses that are bought with your TV set and enjoy virtual reality comfortably.

Slideshow using Google Slides

Broadcast your slide show with Google slides over Chromecast. The first thing you have to do is click the present button in the upper right corner of the slideshow in order to open the dropdown menu and select the chromecast.

Streaming local videos

Chromecast will not work as an Apple TV but you can still stream the videos that are stored on your PC. Open the chrome browser by hitting CTRL+O for PC. Locate your video to play. You can choose the local video from the hard drive and can play your video.

Play any type of Local media

Chrome can’t support all formats of video. So you require a third-party application to play any format of the local video file. “Plex Application” indexes the content and allows it to stream via Chromecast. After downloading the application, organize your content and select the list from your device and stream via Chromecast and it will cast on your TV.

Add Emojis

Emojis are just fun and now you can add it to your chromecast name. The Chromecast app allows the users for Emoji characters. These Emoji characters can be entered in the naming of your chromecast device.

Use chromecast with Amazon Kindle Fire

Chromecast support apps on iOS and Android devices which have the ability to cast by utilizing the kindle Fire for casting. Hulu, Netflix etc works great with the Amazon kindle Fire.

All these above are some of the tips, tricks and setting of Google chromecast. Try these and enjoy your Chromecast in a different way.

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