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100 Types of Video Content Ideas For YouTube Editorial Calendar

YouTube is a great platform for any businesses that want to make their presence felt online. And this is going to be bigger in the coming day. YouTube marketing required the people behind to be more organized and strategic. YouTube editorial calendar helps to achieve this. Fill your editorial calendar with the Video Content Ideas mentioned below. Not only on YouTube, some of these Video Content Ideas used for different content formats.

Video Content Ideas

1. Make a video with content pulled in the form of a list.

2. Any interesting PowerPoint presentation can be made a video and shared with the audience.

3. Try explaining something in detail in why format of videos. The information in the video should be fact driven.

4. Create career videos.

5. Controversial video content is also a sure hit with the audience.

6. Another great video content ideas parody ideas.

7. To make the audience more engaged, publish how-to videos and provide information on various things.

8. Tutorial videos

9. Try figuring out what the audience is searching for use the keyword in your title, video etc.

10. Photo slide videos with the photos of an event in the company or a party

11. Do not just fill the editorial calendar with video content about your story alone. Case studies are also influential.

12. Capture a day at a desk in your office in super fast motion.

13. Keeping the word how-to in the title helps it perform well.

14. Public service announcement videos are also great content ideas.

15. Let some customer talk about his experience with your service and product, these testimonial videos inspire the audience to hit the buy now button.

16. Make video ads for your products or services.

17. The video in the form of question and answers is also a great video content idea.

18. Make challenging videos.

19. Another great video content idea is to post a video that contain the quotes from influencers complementing your product or service.

20. Create videos with screencasts.

21. Interview content also increases views to your YouTube channel

22. Take up an issue and make your stand clear in the video.

23. Demos type of videos combined with user generated content is also powerful idea.

24. Create a prank video in your office or your company involving your colleagues.

25. Product review video content.

26. Explainer videos helps the people understand complex things in easiest way.

27. Comparison of similar brands, products etc.

28. Pick up some words or acronyms related to your industry and create dictionary videos.

29. Show behind the stage content videos.

30. Explain the special effect techniques that you recently came across.

31. Share company news through videos.

32. Review popular music videos or create some music videos yourself.

33. The events at the company can be showed to the audience.

34. Pick up some comments of your followers and respond to them in the video.

35. Share the industry news with the audience that is interested in your niche.

36. Holiday videos are also most watched.

37. Find out what videos are popular in your niche and compile a list for the audience.

38. Collaboration videos

39. The video content should not always be about your company, share with your audience the review of the recent books you read.

40. Remake an old video.

41. Videos go viral easily when they are controversial. Opinions and rants are very interesting for the audience.

42. Polls are great ways to get feedback from audience, make a video asking questions and encouraging them to answer.

43. Personal stories video content is also popular on YouTube

44. Live videos are the new trend and conferences and workshops can be broadcasted using this technology.

45. Predictions of various things in your niche, industry etc will be a great video content idea.

46. Live chats are also a great video content idea.

47. Create videos with successful people who used your services or content.

48. Make introduction videos for your brand and products.

49. What not to do videos.

50. Unboxing videos are very popular among internet audience.

51. Tell your audience what is the goal of the company.

52. Do it yourself videos can be created on any topic.

53. A unique type of content is to tell your audience about what you want to achieve from the videos and to draw them to become customers.

54. Healthy cooking videos.

55. Share the financial and growth information of your company.

56. Travel videos can take your audience to all the places that you visited recently.

57. Be transparent in whatever you share about your brand or business.

58. Baby and animal videos are great hits. It is ok to use these types of videos and not just the business videos all the time.

59. Use your audience as source for your research. Make research videos and understand the audience better.

60. Movie reviews videos.

61. Share the results of recent studies in your videos.

62. Blooper videos

63. Show the facts of various things to audience though your videos.

64. Make videos of someone in your company singing.

65. Ultimate guide type of content.

66. Top companies list related to your industry can be made in a video.

67. Include worksheets in your video content.

68. Technology tutorials.

69. Also provide checklists in your video.

70. Lifestyle videos.

71. Create step by step videos by combing guides, worksheets and checklists for you audience.

72. News videos.

73. Tell about the e-books that will be helpful for your audience.

74. Create videos with your blogging content or website content

75. White papers in your videos

76. Infographics

77. Create videos with data visuals

78. Try explaining something to your audience in your video using diagrams

79. Use poster type of visuals in your videos.

80. Teach tips and techniques.

81. Use personal photographs in the videos.

82. Talk about current scientific or industry news in your videos.

83. Make your videos entertaining by using memes visuals.

84. Discuss time management in your video.

85. Make videos in the cartoon format.

86. Discuss how new tools work.

87. Use comic characters to make your videos funny.

88. Answer unique technology questions related to your videos.

89. Complement your video content with visuals of screenshots.

90. Social networking talks.

91. Animated GIFs are also great.

92. Try creating videos with hidden cameras.

93. Video FAQs, answer the questions of your audience in your videos

94. Product demos are powerful tools to increase sales.

95. Create who are you, explain who you are and seek response from people.

96. Video tour of your factory premises, workspace or office

97. Company culture videos.

98. Make a response video to a popular video related to your industry.

99. Interactive video quiz type of content engages the people most

100. Client interviews.

Above are some Video Content Ideas for your editorial calendar and there are some other things you must know. Define the audience before planning the content, decide the publishing schedule of your posts and also plan special themes. Another important thing is to make the calendar shareable.

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