Instagram for Video Marketing

How to Use Instagram for Video Marketing

Instagram is one of the fastest growing networks on the web. The user count has crossed the Twitter platform too. So, it is the best destination for the video marketing as business chooses the platform which has a large community and better engagement levels. Find all about Instagram for Video Marketing.

Instagram has become the trending topic on various sites with its new improvements in its ads. The platform had introduced the new feature in the ads during 2013 around June in Menlo Park at headquarters of its parent company Facebook.

More than 800 million active users per month on the Instagram platform. Instagram has changed its video settings for its users in which the videos will be going to loop on an Instagram platform. So, this is the perfect destination for the videos marketing online. Instagram was providing the 15 seconds upload of the video clips as the world turned towards the short form of video content.

Guide To Instagram Video Marketing

To succeed in video marketing with the Instagram platform, one must go through the following guide to achieve with the video marketing on Instagram with 15 seconds videos.
Try to make the Videos on behind the Curtain:

Let your audience know how you make your products in your factory, and the working culture of your company and the company events videos helps in gaining proper attention from the audience.The consumers were also getting more connected with your brands and services too. So, make it efficient and go with good quality videos.

Make somehow to Videos:

The hows of videos have high demand among the other videos because the majority of the people love to know about the different things in a precise manner about how it did. It teaches the audience about the usage of a particular product that you are offering to the audience. The video tutorials gain proper engagement, and when they are short form, you must go with a better creation plan which can shot into the viewer’s mind and hearts.

Go with Product Demo Videos:

Product demos also works great and helps to boost up your marketing on the Instagram by making a short video portfolio on the platform to engage the audience.

Guide To Instagram Video Advertising

Previously, the Instagram platform used to allow 15 seconds length video feature to its users. But, the length becomes a significant obstacle for the startup companies to go with the creation of the ad. They are unable to convey better to the audience with such a short length of Ads.

Recently, the platform announced 30 seconds video feature which has raised the anxiety in the Instagram users. The complete features can be available from this September 30th.

Get Started with the New Features on Instagram:

The thirty seconds video ads are a big push for the business and marketers online. As video becomes the central part of the advertising strategy of the advertisers, they are focusing more on different approaches to the video advertising.

More than 800 million people are using the Instagram across the globe.Now, the platform has extended up to 30 countries in which the platform also includes the states Mexico, India, and South Korea.

The platform is also going to establish some significant tools, especially for the business. At present, the company was testing the various ads on the Instagram app and very soon you can see more tools which can be very helpful to the video marketers on the Instagram platform.

Premium Product for Marketers:

The Instagram platform also announced that it was going to launch a new premium product which called for a Marquee. So, the sign to small businesses can reach their marketing targets with ease on Instagram.

Getting Started With Looping Videos On Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular photos and video sharing platform owned by the Facebook. It has extraordinary popularity across the web as many marketers were also approached the Instagram platform with the Hyperlapse video application via mobile devices.

Instagram was stepping towards infinite looping videos on its platform.The new software update can remove or pause the videos.

So, there will not be any sound turn off and on. This feature is beneficial for the brands to do their marketing with more videos. The users also didn’t charge much by watching looping videos whereas they will not consume more data charges.

Looping videos are a favourite feature and favourable to the advertisers where they can get a high number of plays for giving video. The advertisers can translate it into the more senior ads spend with more incoming revenue from the same clients.

The Autoplay videos are at the present trend in most of the platforms today. Now the Instagram platform was providing the 15 seconds video length. Now it is more accessible to the users to share their videos with their friends and family without manual restarting the videos. The new feature is very much beneficial to the advertisers, brand marketers who can increase their video views than before.

Self-Service Video Ads On Instagram Using Facebook

Instagram has the good fame in video ads reach, and many advertisers have succeeded with the Instagram advertising strategies. The short span ads on Instagram become a significant change in video marketing previously.

It always becomes a new topic on the web, and now it has recently announced the new self-service video ads on its platform. The parent company Facebook was planning to make this image sharing platform to the next stage in video advertising and marketing.

The Facebook platform already has excellent infrastructure for the Video advertising, and very soon the infrastructure can be planned on Instagram too. The platform is allowing the thirty seconds length content to upload on its platform.

About new self service ads on platform:

The ads on Instagram were now allowing the creation via Facebook power editor. Instagram was approaching its users differently with the various announcements by capturing the attention of the audience with the new ad formats. The self-serving ads are at present in the beta stage where the brands have already started functioning with the expensive Instagram campaigns.

The self service ad format on Instagram platform:

The self-service ads feature not yet completely exposed in front of the audience today. But, some research and news reports revealed that the platform was going to focus on the runtime and offering the link post type of ads, etc. but, the only thing for sure is the creation of the advertisement with the Facebook, power editor.

The ads will have no minimum spend and also will not deliver until brand get fit into it. There may even an initial offering of the images and the link posts of the ads along with the video carousel ad units.

The ads also may include the Facebook targeting features along with concern demographics which can increase the reach of the ad the behavioral and competitor targeting will improve with the self-serving ads.

At present with these self-serving ads, the consumers can be served up to two ads per day at an average. The new approach allows the users to access the sponsored posts in their newsfeeds.

The new ad formats are trending topics in the present video marketing world and very sure that marketers are trying to follow and exploring the numerous ways to reach their targeted audience and consumers online.


Instagram Marketing is a big push for the business and marketers online. As video becomes the central part of the advertising strategy of the advertisers, they are focusing more on different approaches like Instagram, just follow the above guide to the Instagram Video Marketing.

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