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User-Generated Video Content Marketing Strategy

Video Content Marketing Strategy

Video content marketing online engages the consumers. The video content marketing helps draw a large number of target audience. One way of securing the attention of the target audience is to put the user in the video. User-generated video has become one of the crucial parts of digital marketing strategy and it proved to improve the performance of digital marketing.

What is User-Generated Video Content?

User generated video content is a strategy that encourages the consumers to share their experiences with a product or a service of a brand. These experiences are shared via digital channels. The user generated content can be in any form, it can be pictures, text or video. User generated content is not just used by big brands but more than eighty percent of the businesses are now using this and more companies are going to incorporate this into their digital marketing strategy in the coming days.

Best Way to Implement User-Generated Videos that Boost Content Strategy 

User generated content proved to engage customers more than brand generated content. This saves time and resources for the marketing teams and is sure to increase the ROI. In today’s digital world, customers want to see only entertaining content and they want quick solutions for their problems. Here are some strategies to implement user generated videos to boost content strategy.

• Ask the use to submit videos for social sites such as Snapchat and Vine

• Invite fans to be guest bloggers

• Offer incentives for customers who submit their personal experience with the product or service

These tips can be used for user generated content and use them to create online presence. The customers will be more engaged with the brand.

Ways to Collect User-Generated Videos from Social Media 

Businesses of all sizes are now relying on user generated content to engage the customers and to drive sales. Here are few tips that can encourage the users to generate content on social media. Ask the customers and followers for their own ideas and encourage them to contribute. Send emails to existing customers, old customers, fans and influencers to generate video content. Encourage them to share advices, tips, personal experiences in the form of video content.

Use hashtags across the social media and this is the best way to collect user generated content from social networks. Offer incentives to customers to inspire them to created video content.

User-Generated Video Marketing Trends 

User generated content is one of the great way to direct the prospect customers down the conversion funnel. User generated content is trusted by audience than any other media type. This is good news for the businesses that are hoping to build online communities but is a bad news for those who are still focusing on traditional advertising.

Instagram is a perfect platform for capturing the experiences of the users. User generated content advantage can be got by reposting the customer videos. And this will help both the customers and the brands.

YouTube is another popular platform to post user generated content. People are watching more video content on YouTube than any other video sharing platform and more than on television. Thus YouTube should be a part of digital marketing strategy of business of any size. Showing the user generated content on YouTube is great way to help the audience to decide whether to purchase the product of not. This type of content can influence lot of prospective customers. Brands are now encouraging customers to created unboxing videos. Several forms of content are being published on social media and user generated content proved to stand out.


All these would be useful to gain the traffic of the audience through continuous engagement on the site and this user generated video content can be best way to get popularity of the channel.

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