Snapchat Spectacles

The Ultimate Guide to Using Snapchat Spectacles

Snapchat launched sunglasses named the Snapchat spectacles. These spectacles are like Google Glass but cost less. These are similar to GoPro but have to be wearing on the face. These spectacles can be used to record videos, save them to Snapchat memories, etc. These are small wireless video cameras that work for a full day with a single charge and integrated into a pair of sunglasses. These are offered in three different colors.

Introduction to Snapchat Spectacles

Popular photo-sharing app Snapchat was working on developing a new camera for few years, and the Spectacles announced in October 2016. These spectacles create the video snippets and can transfer and store them on Snapchat memories via Bluetooth or WiFi. These can create circular videos and play full screen on the devices. The glasses feature a camera with a 115-degree lens. The video captures will mimic how human being sees with their eyes.

Where to Buy Snapchat Spectacles?

According to Snapchat sources, only limited numbers of spectacles are made. Snapchat is taking a slow approach to rolling the spectacles. These can be purchased from Snapbots, the yellow vending machines. The Snapbots are mobile and will be placed for a day in a place in the US. According to the latest update, these are available on eBay for a price of $900. Originally these cost $129.99 and are offering in only one size. You can choose from black, coral and teal color options.

How to use Snapchat Spectacles?

Using the Snapchat spectacles is very easy. There is a button in the top left-hand corner of the sunglasses. Tapping this starts the video recording for ten seconds. If you want to continue, you have to tap it again. The other will see know that you are recording with the outside facing light that appears on the glasses. Recording can be done for thirty seconds at a time.

Snapchat spectacles can use with devices that run on the Android operating system or iOS. The snaps recorded can be transferred to the Android device over WiFi, and with iPhone, you can use the Bluetooth connection of the sunglasses or the WiFi for snap transfer. The snaps are also stored on the sunglasses until you access the phone.

10 best Practices of Snapchat Spectacles for Marketing

Snapchat spectacles can impact the creation of the content and how it is consumed. Videos can be recorded with the spectacle hands-free way and can be shared immediately with the followers and friends.

  1. Snapchat spectacles are likely to be used more in action sports.
  2. Mountain dew filmed a skateboard ride with these glasses and another marketer also filmed a motorcycle jaunt.
  3. The spectacles are going to open new dimensions in instant broadcasting.
  4. Marketers can use to livestream their product launches, interviews or behind the scene footage.
  5. All advertisers can now create a circular video with the spectacles and create unique videos for the app.
  6. Real first-person perspective videos can be created by the marketers at a lower cost.
  7. Behind the scene, clipping can be recorded better. People can know who and what is behind the product creation.
  8. With the help of it,we can create a new way to introduce products with unboxing videos.
  9. Live footage of customer reviews of products can be recorded.
  10. Marketers also can perform surveys on how their product is used by focus groups.

Hundred of Snapchat spectacles are already sold in the US. Using the spectacles is very simple and unique content can be created and shared with the followers and friends. Using them is the funniest way to make memories.

10 Interesting Facts about Snapchat Spectacles

Snapchat has released the new sunglasses which consist of a camera. The platform had introduced the snap bots vending machines at different locations to dispense its spectacles. This is used to take 10 seconds of video snap and can extend up to 30 seconds by tapping on the button. Here are ten interesting things to know.

  1. The spectacles have the camera lens inside which can able to shoot the video up to 30 seconds.
  2. The user can only access the video shoot for 10 seconds after tapping the button it can extend for additional 10 seconds and again repeat the same after 20 seconds which can help you to extend the video shoot to 30 seconds.
  3. These pairing process is simple and fast.
  4. To pair it with your device, you have to on the spectacles and Bluetooth on your mobile and stare at the snap code on a screen. It enables the instant pairing.
  5. The users can name the spectacles just like you name your device.
  6. The default name of the Snapchat spectacles is “Snapchat Username”
  7. The video shot with these can turn into high definition, and for that, you need to connect the spectacles as the Wi-Fi hotspot by setting in your mobile.
  8. It takes few minutes to download three 10 seconds clips.
  9. Users can use some other spectacles and connect. The device also renames the other spectacles connected.
  10. A new trophy icon is displayed on the Snapchat app while spectacles are connected.

All these above ten points are ten quick, interesting facts about the new Snapchat Spectacles. Whatever the spectacles features are but it had successfully hit the trends lists on every platform with its release. People are discussing spectacles and creating great buzz across the web.

10 Ways to use Snapchat Spectacles for Business Branding

Snapchat renamed itself as Snap Inc and just not that, it also launched its first hardware called Snapchat Spectacles. These are a pair of sunglasses equipped with a camera. It said that the company was working on sunglasses for years. Here is how we can be used for business branding. Advantages of Snapchat for Business Branding can be defined here.

1. Businesses can use the Snapchat spectacles for location shots and share them with their followers.

2. It is also best for taking quick interviews of the persons related to the brand.

3. Live speaking footage of the customers can be recorded and shared.

4. Recording behind the scenes stuff with these spectacles will also be fun, and such videos are sure to keep the audience engaged.

5. Unboxing of upcoming products can record. The glasses allow recording of circular video with the 115-degree angle lens to make the video appear closer and to similar to what human eye sees.

6. Business promo clips can be recorded as well as the event/conference walkthrough.

7. Brands and businesses can try talking to an official related to the brand about the doubts of consumers and getting answers to clarify them. Such quick videos can be recorded with the help of it.

8. Share breaking news and big developments in the company or introduce a new product. Get benefit from sharing the information with the followers via a video created with it.

9. Let the audience knows what is behind the making of the products and help increase brand loyalty.

10. Surprise the community of followers by sharing videos containing exclusive content for the audience that they cannot see on any other platform. Record these video with these.

It offers in three colors–black, teal and coral. An only limited number of them will be available for now and these come with the price tag of $129.

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