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Vernacular Branded Video Content to Increase Sales

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What is the difference between normal content and branded content?

There is a slight variation between the branded content and the normally generated content. Branded content is generally used to promote the brand where it can fund its production of content.

The branded content always places the content within the brand and in contrary, the normal content generally placed the brand within the content.

That is the main difference between the general ads and branded ads.

Vernacular video content

The vernacular video content generally targets the people with native video content which can connect the audience much better than any other content.

When comes to vernacular practices in branded video, the majority of marketers got successful with the native video content online by branding the content.

Brands are going with good story telling and targeting the people basing on their interest and .location targeting.

This made the video marketers lag behind the branded content as video marketers are going commercialized in their ads as branded content was somewhat focusing on the main audience interest.

Both are almost same in audience perspective but according to the research reports, it was revealed that branded video content has great influence on the audience than the general video content for marketing.

Best practices to improve sales potential with branded video content


Though you are going with branded ads, your ads must be entertaining to the audience in order to get the best outcome and increase the connectivity with the audience.

The ads must not target too commercial side of things. Because audience gets bored off with your ads if they are just targeting the products and their features.

Think different

The audience is fond of different approaches in ads. Yes, you may come up with some ads which make you stick on your seat while watching and makes you feel worthy of watching. Such types of video ads are key to grab the audience attention towards your brand. So make it different and interesting to your audience.

Consumer choice videos

Most brands are successful in making the branded video content on consumer choices. So, the first thing you have to do is to know your audience interests towards your brand and what type of content they are interested in watching.


Make explainers worth of watching with motion graphics and good story telling. Then the only audience will watch your video content and make their decision of buying your products or services.

Video quality

Apart from the best practices you made, without a good video output, you cannot win the race across the web.

Yes, there is a huge competition in video marketing ecosystem. You must need to maintain good video quality and sound output to start your race.

Vernacular video campaign

Target your audience basing on their location and nativity by creating native branded video ads. The native branding content always works better than any other content across the web.

It helps you to promote your brand to the next stage and increase sales potential.

Utilize Social platforms

There are multiple social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Vimeo, daily motion etc. try these platforms for your vernacular branded video promotion.

Every social media platform is unique in its own way with similar features. Make an individual strategy for every social media platform you choose.

Always choose the right platform basing on your audience. Choose the social platform where your audience is mostly visiting.

Try different paid video ads on social media platforms In order to promote the brand across the web to reach a huge audience on platforms.

Social media video branding helps in better promotion of your video. You can also add a good call to actions to generate better leads for your sales.

Embed and cross promote your Branded video content

Host on your own profiles managed across different social media platforms. Upload the branded video content natively to get good results.

Cross promote on multiple pages and blogs

Cross promote your branded video content across the web on blogs and embed on your website. Promote your content to reach a major audience across the web.

Don’t forget to optimize the content

Rankings are very important to get identified among millions of videos. So, it is essential to optimize your video metadata and video content to achieve good rankings.

Live video branding

As a part of delivering your branded video content promotion, try live video promotion of your brand with your branded live video.

Try social live where many social platforms are offering live video feature. Utilize the things and resources and go live and go real-time to get connected with the audience.

Finally, vernacular branded video content will lead you to achieve good sales outcome.

Vernacular Video Content – The Next Big Thing

Localization language of video on a digital platform is going to be a game changer for most brands. Though the most used language online is English, some users are different.Most people may not want to speak online in English.Some people love speaking their language even on the internet.

  • Studies proved that digital marketing ads done in regional languages attract at least three times higher audience than those made in English.
  • Most video creators realize the importance of making vernacular videos targeting people from small towns and rural areas.
  • These people usually access the internet on their mobiles, and thus the video content that should create needs to be mobile friendly.
  • As already proved, video reaches large numbers of audience.When it is vernacular video content, the engagement it drives is going to be more.
  • In the coming days, we may see this trend in the text, audio or video content marketing. According to studies, some million internet users are already consuming digital content in vernacular.
  • The new internet users whose number is also going to be in millions will start using the internet to see the content in their language.
  • The brands are also going to listen, respond and curate in vernacular languages to the conversation on the audience.
  • The percentage of internet users who are going to consume content in regional language is expected to increase due to the availability of smartphones, low data plan rates etc.


Marketers understand the behavior of the users and are getting ready to offer the users what they want.Vernacular video content is seeing higher engagement, and this is also an easy way to connect with the regional audience. The brands are even using vernacular video content for social media advertising and this trend is going to be popular in the future also.

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