Vertical Video Trends

Vertical Video Trends: Vertical Video Trends Your Brand Needs to Try Out in 2024

Video content is a powerful marketing tool. In 2020, it accounted for 73% of all internet traffic and will continue to grow as more people watch video on their smartphones. The Vertical Video Trends has been around since 2016 but is just now starting to be adopted by major brands due to the growing popularity of mobile devices. With this growth in vertical video usage, we predict that in 2024 there will be an increase in advertising dollars spent on vertical videos as businesses begin yet another shift from traditional horizontal formats onto this new platform. So what are some things your brand needs to do now?

Vertical videos are a trend that’s been dominating social media for years now. Their popularity has only kept increasing with time, and they’ve become more widely accepted by the public. But what you might not know about these trending vertical videos because they’re also becoming more popular in advertising strategies, with many brands incorporating them into their marketing campaigns. This blog post will explain why this is happening and how your brand can start using it to its advantage!

As more peopleconsumeg video content, brandsaddg vertical videos to their marketing strategy. Vertical video trends show that horizontal videos may be outdated in 2024 as brands adopt this new form of video production.

What is a Vertical Video?

A vertical video is a kind of video that’s made to be easily viewed on smartphones.

A vertical video is a type of online video content that has been rotated 90 degrees on its side.

Vertical videos are when you hold your device in a portrait position. In that way, you can capture more of the world around you and use your phone’s full screen to communicate with your followers.

A vertical video is a video that you take vertically.

A vertical video is a video that is recorded vertically with the phone.

A vertical video is a video that is tall rather than wide. It’s also called an aspect ratio of 1:1, meaning the width and height are equal. Vertical videos are great for Instagram stories because it allows you to see more.

A Vertical Video is a video recorded with the phone held vertically. It’s also called Portrait Mode.

Did you know that the word “vertical” has nothing to do with how tall or short something is?

A vertical video is a video that has the same dimensions as its display. It’s usually tall and narrow, hence why it’s called “vertical.”

    • Vertical video is the new horizontal
    • Vertical videos are more engaging for viewers, and they’re easier to watch on mobile devices
    • Vertical videos will be used in advertising campaigns that target millennials
    • Vertical video is a trend that has been on the rise for over a year now
    • In 2024, you should be using vertical videos to create more engaging content
    • You can use vertical videos to promote your products or services and give viewers an inside look at your company
    • The best way to make sure your audience sees a vertical video is by uploading it directly onto Facebook Stories
    • Vertical video makes it easier to watch with one hand, so it’s perfect for mobile viewing
    • Brands who invest in vertical video now will be ahead of the curve
    • Vertical videos are more immersive and engaging
    • It’s easier to watch vertical video on a mobile device, like your phone
    • They’re perfect for Instagram Stories and Snapchat because of their length (10 seconds max)
    • You can create an original story with the use of different angles and cuts
    • Vertical videos are easier to watch on mobile devices
    • Vertical video ads are more engaging than horizontal video ads
    • Vertical videos work well for product demonstrations and tutorials
    • With the increased popularity of vertical videos, many social media platforms now allow them in their feeds
    • Vertical video is becoming more popular on social media
    • It’s easier to watch vertical videos on your phone, making them perfect for Instagram Stories

  • You can use vertical video as a storytelling tool by zooming in and out of different scenes
  • Vertical videos are great for promoting products with beautiful imagery or animations
  • The most common types of content shared in vertical format are travel vlogs, product reviews, and makeup tutorials
  • Vertical videos are easier to watch on mobile devices because they don’t take up as much space
  • Vertical videos work better for social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat because they can be easily cropped into square images
  • The vertical format has been proven to increase the number of likes, shares, and click-throughs
  • Use vertical video to create a sense of intimacy
  • Create an exclusive vertical video for your followers
  • Sell merchandise in your videos by showcasing it on different models and bodies
  • Use vertical video as a storytelling device- start with the end, then work backward
  • Start by filming a vertical video of your product
  • Include a voiceover that talks about the benefits of your product
  • Use pop-ups to highlight key points in the video and tell viewers what they can do next.


Vertical Video Trends are here to stay, and it’s time for brands to get on board. We specialize in all vertical video marketing and advertising, so if you need help incorporating them into your brand strategy or just want a little guidance with what this new trend means for the future of digital content, we can help! Contact us today to learn more about how we can partner together and take advantage of these trends while they’re still relevant.

Vertical video has been around for a while now, butonly recently have brandse started to take notice. This blog post will explore what vertical videos are and how you can use them in your marketing strategy to drive more engagement with your audience. We hope these tips will help you decide whether or not the vertical video is worth investing time and energy into implementing for your brand. Ifyou want to learng more about our services, contact us today todiscussh some options!

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