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The Ultimate Guide to Video Ad Networks

Video Ad Networks landscape is growing at amazing speed. New publishers and brands are entering the landscape and are introducing their business model, which is successful. Ad networks allow the advertisers to buy digital ads from the publisher sites and apps.

What are Video Ad Networks

Video Ads are a popular concept, and those with their video inventory can find some advertiser to sell the ads directly.

Some publishers, however, turn to the video ad network to handle the sales of monetizable ad inventory.

To choose the best video ad network, the publisher should check the success and popularity rate of the networks. The video networks should offer geo-targeting, behavior, contextual targeting and so on to benefit the video Ad goals.

It should also help to deliver ads to various devices. Choose the best video ad network by going through the existing list of clients. Make sure that there are brands similar to yours and ensure that the ad network is right for the business.

A video ad network should not only display ads on multiple devices but also should offer various display formats. Common video ad format available is pre-roll ad whose length is between ten and fifteen seconds. There should be a choice to check which ad formats suit for the campaigns.

The ad network should also offer tools for measuring analytics and measurement of ad campaigns and see whether the ads are performing as per the expectations.

Here are few popular video ad networks for publishers – Hulu, Vrightroll, YuMe, YouTube, Live Rail, Specific Media, AOL, Spot, Auditude, Videology, Xchange, etc.

Mobile Video Ad Networks

It has become crucial for online business development. This is a platform for advertisers to increase their sales, leads etc.

Several types of ad campaigns are offered by these mobile ad networks. And these are CPM, CPC, CPA, CPI and CPV. Mobile Ad networks support interstitial, banner, video, native and offer wall formats. Here is the list of top mobile ad networks for this year for business owners and app developers.

• Applovin

• Admob

• Chartboost

• Unity adds

• MobileCore

• StartApp

• Tapjoy

• Inmobi

• Fyber

• MobileCore

• Clickdealer

• Leadbolt

• Propeller Ads

• Kimia

• Instal

Programmatic Video Ad Networks

The technology of programmatic advertising is changing the advertising face. Companies such as Vdopia are becoming important for programmatic buying and selling of video advertising on mobile. Many video ad networks now trading video ads programmatically.

Programmatic video advertising is an automated process for buying and selling of media. This technology helps the publishers maximize benefits from traffic and advertisers can reach their target audience.

Before the introduction of programmatic advertising, they acted as connections between publishers and advertisers. Now this process is automated, but the main concern for many for buying video ad inventory programmatic is about brand safety.

Billions of dollars are expected to be spent on online video. In the year 2013 $4.7 billion were spent on online video and by 2015 it reached to around $8.2 million.

In recent years, researchers found out that most advertisers prefer social media over ad networks for digital video ads. In the next years, branded content video ads are expected to see most investments.

The research also found that marketers are willing to reuse TV spots of thirty seconds as online video ads. Forty percent of the advertisers are said to have confirmed that short-form television ads as online video ads.

Video Ad Optimisation – The Next Big Market Opportunity

Content marketing involves video as the original part responsible for showcasing the product by the marketers. Video ad promotion has been gaining momentum as more and more viewers are logging into this platform.

The marketers are obliged to use this platform i.e., a video ad for active promotion of his products/services. Once the video is taken out and uploaded on any of the channels including YouTube, the marketer is quite interested (quite but naturally) to find out the response for the same as the success of his video ad campaign will ensure success for his company as well.

It is in this context, for the beginners, the most common terminology that needs to be taken care include:

a) CPV (cost per view)

b) View rate

c) Click through rate

The marketer has to play cautiously managing the above concepts.

Now the following tips may be handy for the marketer to ensure optimization of his video ad campaign:

Evaluating CPV

CPV is valuable signal and the marketer has to make most of his CPV to ensure that his ad is competitive. To ensure maximum CPV, the marketer can a) improve ads, b) adjust bids, c) expand target & d) disengage other campaign level restrictions.

Evaluating view rate (primary metric for understanding the health of video ad). Evaluation can be maximized through (improving advertisements) and/or improving targeting.

Evaluating CTR

CTR is the ultimate criteria to decide whether the ad campaign is a success or otherwise. Better CTR can be achieved through a) adding call to action (CTA) overlay with the video & b) removing low performing ads.

Another important aspect that the marketer has to incorporate in his campaign is ‘narrowing his target audience’. This is targeting the audience based on a) demographic groups (age, gender etc), b) in-market audiences (reaching customers who are already in search of the products by marketer), c) video remarketing (reaching the viewers based on their past searches), d) specific topics that the viewers are interested, e) SEO (search engine optimization) etc.

Estimation View Rate

To find the performance of the video ad the view rate must considered. The advantage of having the higher view rate for the video Ad will lead to gain number of auctions and another thing that it can benefit us to pay lesser CPV when compared with lower view rate video ad.

When you are decided to drain the uncountable views at a cheap rate then you need to find the video Ad credits and the ways that are helpful in raising the video ad view rate. The research on video ad view rate at a moment will help you to determine your activity whereas the discovery of it little bit tough.

Tips to raise View Rate

Here the quality is more precious than quantity. Use as short as short video ads with ultimate quality. This can increase the video ad view rate.

Push multiple ad formats that helps in getting the higher view rate at low cost to launch the campaign.

Use call-to-action and edit the thumbnails of the video ad you insert. After that you definitely will find the change in the ad view rate which is moving towards peak position.

Don’t waste your time by pushing ads to the unrelated audience which pull down your view rate.

10 Important Steps When Choosing a Best Video Ad Server

An ad server is a tool at publisher’s disposal making to a) implement their sales strategy and b) reach their advertising & revenue goals. As such it is very important that ad server selection being a long term and strategic decision, proper care need to be taken before finalizing the ad server.

The primary ad serving features that need to be considered include a) nice to have features & b) critical requirements.While the former ensures attractive content for the viewers’ happiness the later is having more important as your content will be reaching the right audience in the right format.

Some of the best video ad servers include i) Doubleclick for Publishers (DFP) from Google, ii) Atlas Solutions (owned by Facebook), iii) OpenX, iv) Adzerk v) Adtech etc.

Careful analysis of ad server services need to be done before zeroing on ad server and you as a marketer/publisher need to get satisfied on ability of the ad server by checking whether:

1) You can traffic campaigns by uploading your own assets.

2) You can enter in your own tracking pixels.

3) You can able to reach the specified target.

4) The cost is within your budget.

5) The ad server is able to support banner, video, MAID, VPAID etc.

6) The ad server is offering RTB (real-time bidding) and marketplace functionality.

7) The ad server company is large enough to handle your video ad campaign.

8) The ad server company has been able to prove their mettle in the marketplace.

9) The ad server company is having the required reporting capability regarding your video ad campaign.

10) The ad server is able to provide UI (user interface) which is intuitive and easy to navigate/

Once you are satisfied ability of the ad server company that it is able to meet your objectives of your video ad campaign, the ‘free trial offer’ for can be used for an initial period. On successful completion of all the formalities as mentioned above, you can finalize the video ad server.


If you follow all these tactics while optimizing the video ad in YouTube then you can do everything in a smart way than others and you can easily vanish the issues occurred while launching the video ad campaign.

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