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Video Ad Optimisation – The Next Big Market Opportunity

Video Ad Optimisation

Content marketing involves video as the prime part responsible for showcasing the product by the marketers. Video ad promotion has been gaining momentum as more and more viewers are logging into this platform.

The marketers are obliged to use this platform i.e., a video ad for active promotion of his products/services. Once the video is taken out and uploaded on any of the channels including YouTube, the marketer is quite interested (quite but naturally) to find out the response for the same as the success of his video ad campaign will ensure success for his company as well.

It is in this context, for the beginners, the most common terminology that needs to be taken care include:

a) CPV (cost per view)

b) View rate

c) Click through rate

The marketer has to play cautiously managing the above concepts.

Now the following tips may be handy for the marketer to ensure optimization of his video ad campaign:

Evaluating CPV

CPV is valuable signal and the marketer has to make most of his CPV to ensure that his ad is competitive. To ensure maximum CPV, the marketer can a) improve ads, b) adjust bids, c) expand target & d) disengage other campaign level restrictions.

Evaluating view rate (primary metric for understanding the health of video ad). Evaluation can be maximized through (improving advertisements) and/or improving targeting.

Evaluating CTR

CTR is the ultimate criteria to decide whether the ad campaign is a success or otherwise. Better CTR can be achieved through a) adding call to action (CTA) overlay with the video & b) removing low performing ads.

Another important aspect that the marketer has to incorporate in his campaign is ‘narrowing his target audience’. This is targeting the audience based on a) demographic groups (age, gender etc), b) in-market audiences (reaching customers who are already in search of the products by marketer), c) video remarketing (reaching the viewers based on their past searches), d) specific topics that the viewers are interested, e) SEO (search engine optimization) etc.

Estimation View Rate

To find the performance of the video ad the view rate must considered. The advantage of having the higher view rate for the video Ad will lead to gain number of auctions and another thing that it can benefit us to pay lesser CPV when compared with lower view rate video ad.

When you are decided to drain the uncountable views at a cheap rate then you need to find the video Ad credits and the ways that are helpful in raising the video ad view rate. The research on video ad view rate at a moment will help you to determine your activity whereas the discovery of it little bit tough.

Tips to raise View Rate

Here the quality is more precious than quantity. Use as short as short video ads with ultimate quality. This can increase the video ad view rate.

Push multiple ad formats that helps in getting the higher view rate at low cost to launch the campaign.

Use call-to-action and edit the thumbnails of the video ad you insert. After that you definitely will find the change in the ad view rate which is moving towards peak position.

Don’t waste your time by pushing ads to the unrelated audience which pull down your view rate.


If you follow all these tactics while optimizing the video ad in YouTube then you can do everything in a smart way than others and you can easily vanish the issues occurred while launching the video ad campaign.



  1. Amandeep singh

    July 19, 2017 at 6:16 am

    Nice article filled of lots of knowledge but could you tell me about How these video ads are created?
    Which software is used to create ad videos?

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