Video Ad Retargeting Campaign

The Ultimate Guide to Video Ad Retargeting Campaign

Retargeting is a marketing technique in which ads are served to people who already visited the official websites of sections of an e-commerce site. e-commerce is a way to keep interacting with the people who already showed interest in the products or services of a brand. The guide to Video Ad Retargeting Campaign is listed here.

What is Video Ad Retargeting Campaign?

Video plays a crucial role in the conversion process. The retargeting ad campaign is advertising to only those who show interest in the product of service. For a video ad retargeting campaign, first, select the video ad format and see that the video length is under fifteen seconds. The advertisements are common to serve the audience who already visited the website, and so the message should help to lure them back. Make the video ads easy to add a strong call to action. Shoot the retargeting videos with good quality types of equipment. Upload the YouTube video to YouTube or any other video-sharing platform.

YouTube Video Ad Retargeting Campaigns

YouTube remarketing can be done with in-stream ads also. In Video ad remarketing, the ads targeted to those people who already visited the website before, and this done with the help of cookies. These cookies can be collected with the remarketing tag that is installed on the website.

To set up YouTube remarketing campaign first go to the video campaigns section on AdWords. Choose the video that will used for remarketing campaign. Choose the remarketing list and choose to add remarketing lists. Select the remarketing list and click the Add button. After saving the setting, click on Ads tab and click the Add Video Ad button.

Facebook Video Ad Retargeting Campaigns

Facebook video ad retargeting campaigns can be created in two ways. One is to show video ads to remarketing lists, and another is to remarket to people who already viewed the video ad. To create video remarketing ads, first, create the video campaign, click on Ad sets, and select ‘Audience.’ Follow the steps and enter the required information. In the second method, remarketing video ads show people who viewed the video ad in the past. For this, the ‘Create audience from people who viewed this ad’ option selected while setting up the video campaign.

Twitter Video Ad Retargeting Campaigns

The Twitter video ad retargeting campaign is managed in the Twitter ads dashboard. It is a joint program between Twitter advertising and the perfect audience. The Perfect Audience provides the cookie data to Twitter Ads Dashboard. To create the video retargeting campaign on Twitter, first log into the Ads Dashboard. Create a website tag from the Conversion tracking tab. Choose the tailored audience option. There is no need for any third-party partner to set up retargeting campaigns. The campaigns allow showing the ads to people who already visited the website before.

Different Ways of Video Ad Retargeting Campaigns

Remarketing is a great tool to remind people of the marketer’s products and services and helps in building relationships. Retargeting works effectively, and it is easy. Remarketing gives a second chance for the marketer to convert the visitors who left the website without taking any action.

Remarketing campaigns can be done in different ways. The ads can run for everyone who visited the site or can specifically target someone who already visited the sales page. Retargeting can be used to offer a freebie to prospective customers. The retargeting campaign can be run to offer a discount on products to the existing customers. Remarketing campaigns can run to build brand awareness.

How to get started in Brainstorming your Next Video Campaign

The video marketing has great importance in the marketer’s dairy. It will not end up with a single campaign or single video to reach millions of people across the platforms. Something new and unique must be obtained from your mind to create creative campaigns for your marketing and advertising online. Many platforms like Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have already some millions of subscribers and active users, and it is difficult to approach them with a same type of content all the time.

So, you need something different and visible approach to meet the target audience on various platforms towards your services or products. So, know how to brainstorm for your next video campaign, and here we go.

Think out of the Box Ideas

Many trends are raised from the creative inclination of the marketers to reach the audience. The unboxing, vlogging, contests all these are different ideas that came from the brainstorming of various creators. So, think something unique and exciting for the audience with your approach. Think about whether you can make some behind the curtain videos about your products, services, etc.

Make Everything Interesting to the Audience

Audiences pay attention if and only if the content can interact and entertain them. So, brainstorm your ideas like which is the most interesting in your present niche and what is more trending and how you can make a change in that trend. Audiences pay attention helps you to obtain better campaigns.

Understand your Audience and Request Suggestions

Interact with the audience with your previous videos and suggest to them what they are expecting from your side. Request Suggestions can help you to create a better campaign which can score maximum reach.

Generating linked content

Generate the video content that directly strikes at the eye of the audience. It can bring changes in the minds of the audience to find uniqueness in your video content by comparing it with the other competitors. Try to make research on experts video content which can give you the brief outlines to make excellent video campaign.

After reading this article, you might get an idea of how to make the next video campaign that gets huge demand in public. It can be achieved only through the implementation of these strategies in a real-time, and you can find variation by comparing with your previous videos.

Sequential Retargeting On YouTube

Have you ever used the tactic of Sequential Retargeting on YouTube?

What does it mean?

How to boost the video ad campaigns by retargeting the audience?

Sequential Retargeting on YouTube

It is the process of remarketing the video ad campaigns on YouTube by targeting the audience basing on the previous videos viewing experience of the audience in AdWords.

The Sequential retargeting is the best YouTube advertising tactic to gain the customers from more viewers.

The YouTube channel visitors and viewers can be targeted by delivering the video ad campaigns through the Sequential Retargeting approach on YouTube. The new customers can be obtained from the audiences.

How to boost Sequential Retargeting on YouTube

The audiences on YouTube can be re-engaged by using the concept Sequential Retargeting. This can be done by considering the likes, subscriptions, comments, views, and shares of the video.

The new episode videos can be delivered to the YouTube audiences who watched similar type of videos on YouTube.

The subscribers of your YouTube channel can be targeted by maintaining the secrecy in the upcoming project which makes the audience to enable their notification tab to get the updates from your channel.

The investment in collaborative games will help to launch the pre-roll video ad that keeps the audience engagement.

By picking the videos which have obtained more likes, comments, views, and shares you can retarget those audiences to deliver the same concept video ad campaigns.
Retargeting the local audience to serve the video ad campaigns is the most useful one to gain the engagement of the audience.

The views obtained are the most important aspects to retarget the YouTube audiences by creating the relevant video ads.

Best Practices of YouTube Sequential Retargeting

By the similar video, name adds each video ad in the ad group.

With the help of this ad group the keywords, similar audiences, visitors, and lists of the customer intended can be targeted.
The keyword can be targeted in the second ad group similar to the initial video ad group. For example, the ‘Funny Montage #2’ followed by ‘A Funny Montage’ of PewDiePie’s channel is the best keyword in that channel that has obtained millions of views. Perhaps that is the most viewed video on that channel.

The impression frequency should be adjusted to how frequently you enable the audiences to the sequence.

How to setup Sequential Retargeting on YouTube?

The long form in-stream video ad campaigns that enable the audience not to skip will direct to another problem. The shared video ad consumption occurs when the shorter format of video content is dispatched to the audience.

Google AdWords will provide the tools to serve the video content in order to find whether the promoted video ads are going properly. The sequence of video ads can be served by retargeting the audience through AdWords Audience manager.

  • By using the “YouTube users” option in AdWords Audience Manager the new list can be created.
  • Then give the Audience Name as to recognize and remember well.
  • Go to the list members field then select the ‘viewed certain videos ads’. Then pick the specific video by searching.
  • At the end of the URL of the video, the identifier helps in searching. After having the audience just save it.
  • To add the videos in the sequence repeat this process until to find the better serving video ads.
  • After framing the separate retargeting lists then set up for each video. To do that here to follow.
  • Select the video that you want to serve the audience initially.
  • By choosing the ‘Custom Combination’ another list should be created.
  • The inclusion parameter can be changed to ‘Any of these audiences’.
  • Hit on ‘Done’ after adding the video to the targeting.
  • By choosing the ‘And’ option add another set of audiences where you need to pick the ‘None of these audiences’.
  • Now add the remaining videos to the ‘None of these audiences’ from the sequence.
  • The first retargeting step can be finished by clicking ‘Done’ to create the audience.

Strategies of YouTube Sequence Retargeting

Establish the high-level video ad campaign that builds the awareness about the upcoming and provides much interest in the audience.

The audiences who have watched the new notice then re-engage them by a case study or unboxing videos of the products. Through this, the audience who are much interested can be found to engage with your video ad campaign that let them engage with your channel.

Collect the audiences who are most engaged with the product videos as another group. Then make a strategy to drive the sales full by moving towards the conversions.


To launch the successful brand promotion through the launch of video ad campaigns make sure to build the Sequential Retargeting method on YouTube. It boosts the performance of your video ad campaign by clutching the millions of audiences and it also helps to get customers from audiences.

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