Video Advrtising trends predictions

50 Video Advertising Trends Predictions

Video advertising trends are very important to the marketers and advertisers online. The trends help the advertisers to stay updated and include the best strategies in the plan for better implementation. This video advertising trend predictions helps them to estimate the future trends.

1. Video in Email leads.

2. Mobile-optimized email campaigning with video increases click through rates.

3. Live video advertising will be on raise

4. Can expect Video Chat Bots trend

5. High ad budgets for mobile video optimization.

6. Online Ad blocking will become a headache for video marketers.

7. Short video advertising across snap chat will be on rising.

8. Millennial remains connected with Facebook.

9. Chat Bot video advertising will change the video advertising pace online.

10. Native advertising adds value.

11. Real-time content advertising in marketing will be on rise.

12. Influencer video advertising will catch the pulse.

13. Facebook-driven lead generation video marketing will have good value.

14. Brands will integrate video in web designing

15. Brands will start releasing video tutorials for the customers.

16. Multi-channel video advertising will grow.

17. Social media advertising will develop new strategies.

18. Customer service with Chat bots

19. Video ads in Chat Bots will come soon.

20. Facebook live can be utilized for better video advertising.

21. Live video will be in use to build trust.

22. Automation marketing tools for video advertising will develop.

23. Consumer first video advertising will be on rising.

24. Facebook auto-play video ads might be avoided.

25. Short form video content will continue as a trend.

26. Video optimization process will develop.

27. Insertion of video in different forms of advertising will increase.

28. Mobiles will be more prioritized for better video advertising.

29. Artificial intelligence will drive the video advertising to the next step.

30. Branded video content will be on rise.

31. Change in the creation of viral video content will be the trend.

32. The increase in utilization of GIF ‘s on social media.

33. GIF’s can be utilized for advertising process.

34. Storytelling through live streaming will be on rise.

35. New approaches will design to reach the customers with video marketing.

36. The video is included in the different chat supports as a part of video marketing strategy.

37. Video personalization will get increased.

38. Periscope and other live streaming application usage will increase.

39. The live streaming product launch will be more focused for better targeting.

40. Video optimization tools will develop.

41. Instagram video advertising will be at the different point and advertisers approach in different style basing on changes in 2019.

42. Video promotions on mobile apps

43. Mobile app video advertising will continue with new features.

44. New developments take place in video advertising across multi-channel

45. YouTube continuous it’s growth.

46. Creators will get more benefitted on YouTube with future developments.

47. Video advertisers target users with videos under 15 seconds.

48. GIF Video ad promotions will speed up.

49. Chat bot optimization might develop

50. Video ad promotion automation software’s might develop

The Current State of the Video Advertising Ecosystem

Video advertising took over the digital market scene in the past few years and we did not realize how powerful it is going to become. Not joining the video ad revolution means getting left behind for the brands and businesses.

Digital video advertising revenue was expected to reach nearly five billion dollars in 2016, and this was just 2.8 billion dollars in 2013. This reveals that the brands are realizing the benefits of digital video and are using it for the growth of their businesses.

Consumers are spending most of the time only for online watching videos. In the US alone, nearly 204 million people were watching online video in 2016. Video advertising not only helps in capturing the attention of the consumers but also offers greater benefits for the advertisers.

Mobile Video Advertising

Experts in digital video advertising forecast that three-fourth of the global internet users will use their mobiles in 2017 to access the online video. By another year, sixty percent of global digital ad dollars will be invested in mobile advertising. The mobile phone is the ad platform that people carry with them, and so marketers are spending more on their mobile ads.

Video Ads and Data

Video ecosystem parts are begin shaped by Data. This includes reaching the target consumers on any device, streaming personalized video to an audience and target viewers with custom ads. Reaching a new audience and creating new business models is possible with the help of the data.

Live Video from Brands

More and more companies are trying to promote themselves with live video. The year 2017 is going to see live video taking off in full swing. Brands will utilize live streaming to take the consumer to behind the scene tours, Q& A sessions, product demonstration, etc.

Video Advertising and Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the effective forms of digital advertising. Consumers prefer receiving marketing content in the form of Email than in any other form. Consumers will be hooked to the marketing content when the video ad is added to it. The click-through rates are increased with this.

360 Degree Video

360-degree advertising is the new marketing trend, and this helps the consumers to immerse themselves fully. Studies revealed that a video which is in 360-degree format is more likely to receive more than 25 percent of more views and the rate of an audience watching the full video is also almost doubled.

No brand has questions as for why I should use video advertising in digital marketing and instead are thinking of how to do this. The Internet is a global marketplace.

Any advertiser in any part of the world can target any consumer with his video advertising. The ecosystem of video advertising includes desktops, tablets, mobiles, internet television, etc.

The video advertisement is more effective than television advertisements. To be more effective the video advertisements should be short in length, say about only 15 seconds. As the length of the video ad increases the completion rate decreases. Video advertisements also result in higher message recall, brand recall, and ad likeability. Video advertising will give positive results when used in email campaigns, sales proposals, etc.


The above trends help the marketers to have clear idea about the estimated trends in the video advertising in 2019.

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