Video Conferencing Statistics

50 Video Conferencing Statistics You Must Know For 2022

Video Conferencing has become quite excited for the both enterprise and consumer world. Our technology has improved the accessibility and ease of Video Conferencing. Check out the Video Conferencing Statistics and see video conference impact on Workforce.

50 Video Conferencing Statistics

  1. 47% of business travels decreased due to video conferencing.
  2. More than 51% of the employees take work from home on Video calls.
  3. 21% of the video calls occur while they are in Vacation. Similarly, 21% of employees make video calls from bedrooms.
  4. 51% of businesses think that video conferencing is an innovative idea.
  5. 41% of business professionals believe that companies are more engaged with the employees.
  6. 31% of the market predicts that companies who are using video conferencing are more successful.
  7. As per the survey, 55% of the companies agree who use video conferencing are more collaborative.
  8. Video communications at work increased 48% of the represents.
  9. More than 80% of the business professionals use video conferencing notified as a 1:1 ratio.
  10. 78% of businesses use to facilitate team meetings.
  11. 63% of the representative thinks that video conferencing is more critical for day to day works.
  12. Over 55% of the business anticipates that it shows an equal impact on automation and robotics.
  13. 51% of the video collaborations are more relevant to their work than enterprise collaboration platforms.
  14. 51% of the foresee is more impact than Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.
  15. 47% of them saw some reduction in travel costs due to video conferencing.
  16. 31% of the people use a smartphone for connecting to video conference.
  17. More than 77% of employees use Desktop or Laptop for video meetings.
  18. 35% of the businesses reduced half of their business travels average in a year.
  19. 50% of the US workforce will consist of Millennials by 2020.
  20. 25% of the represents aged between 18-29 years reported that they use Video conferences daily for work.
  21. 15% of the represents which use video conference daily for work are aged between 45 to 60.
  22. 38% of the employees aged 18-29 use mobiles phone for video conferencing at work.
  23. Just 23% of the represents aged 45 to 60 use mobile phones for video conferences.
  24. American businesses use over 11 million meetings in a day.
  25. Employees spending time on meetings has risen to 10% year by year.
  26. American businesses held approximately 55 million video conferences per week.
  27. 31 to 60 minutes are notified as average meeting length.
  28. More than 73% of the meetings involve two to four people.
  29. 73% of the conference rooms are designed for more than seven people.
  30. 40% of the employees waste their 30 minutes searching for meeting space.
  31. 37% of the US video conferences have agendas.
  32. Starting with the agenda and on-time meetings will reduce 80% of the additional sessions.
  33. 73% of people work on other things during video meetings.
  34. 9 out of 10 people are in a daydream while the conference is going on.
  35. Over 90% of the information given on meeting in the brain is visual.
  36. 65% of the video meeting solutions users will take advantage of VoIP based conferencing embedded in meeting platforms by 2022.
  37. By 2022, Over 40% of the meetings are facilitated by the Virtual function and advanced analytics.
  38. 88% of the most substantial appetite for live video amongst millennials.
  39. More than 175% of the Live video used for video conferencing in the last 3 years.
  40. 35% of the people are aged 55 do video chatting for work related queries.
  41. As per the Survey, 48% of the business professionals use video conferencing more frequently than in previous years.
  42. 69% of people expect that video communication is more equally and important as voice-based assistance.
  43. 63% of the expected video impact will work on augmented reality and virtual reality.
  44. 94% of businesses say that video conferencing gives more productivity.
  45. 89% of users say that video conferences help them feel connected.
  46. 22% of the represent record the video and share recaps more effectively.
  47. 31% of the employees’ report that video communication helps them to connect with the client and partners easily.
  48. Introducing video meetings with business improves 50% more productivity.
  49. 89% of the representative said that video conferences reduce time to complete projects.
  50. American companies held 220 million video meetings in a year.


Web conferences are a great way to make your business more mobile-friendly and adaptability. It is one of the best ways to save time and money. Nowadays, many videos of conferencing software are freely available. These above Video Conferencing Statistics will reveal how businesses were getting more productivity with less time.

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