Video Consumption is changing in 2022

How Video Consumption is changing in 2022?

The video has become critical to your overall marketing strategy in this Digital World. The video landscape is drastically changing and constantly coming across innovative ways to tailor video content and consumers’ specific business goals.

Video is an excellent opportunity in 2021. Whether you run a business or personal branding from your basement, it works for a giant multinational corporation. There are countless ways to use Video for your business video marketing is a necessity. No matter the size of your company, video marketing and advertising can help your brands try alternates despite times.

The role of Video in the modern business world is more evident than ever. Video is no longer optional, and it has become a necessity that is imperative to business growth. The content we shared below sheds some light on leveraging the Video to drive purchases, gain brand awareness, and capture and influence your overall sales to the funnel.

Let’s get right into it.

Video consumption will change by 2022

  • Content will need subtitles
  • Audiences won’t be watching ‘from start to finish anymore
  • People will be binge-watching shows on Instagram
  • Shows will be shorter
  • Videos are more personal / tuned-in
  • Videos are shorter because shorter attention spans
  • Videos are less imaginative / more informative
  • 90% of videos will be watched on mobile
  • Vertical Video will dominate, and ‘tall’ formats will fade
  • Mobile video content will be more enjoyable
  • Brand-sponsored content will generate money for creators and brands alike
  • People will be consuming even more video content
  • Video platforms will be increasingly popular
  • Traditional publishers will embrace Video
  • Videos that don’t have a time limit to view and interact with video content
  • Mobile phones are taking over
  • People are getting sick of watching ads
  • Videos need to be shorter
  • YouTube is becoming the epicenter of videos
  • Millennials want to ‘watch’ TV on devices
  • Millennials don’t binge on TV, and they binge on videos
  • It would be best if you started focusing on Video content

Consumers will spend over 3 hours each day consuming Video

  • Advertisers will pay 82% more on Video in 2022
  • Short-form videos are going to rise
  • Advertisers are going to buy short-form videos rather than post them
  • Marketers are going to worry about how quickly consumers forget what they watch

How will people view and share Videos in 2022?

  • Video will be consumed privately
  • Videos will be sold on channels
  • Videos will be used to identify a business’ voice & tone
  • People will turn to bots to help ‘feed’ them content
  • Videos will be easier to create and consume

In 5 years, this is how video consumption will change

  • Screen resolution will be 4K
  • TV screens will be at least as big as the ones you have now
  • Everyone will be watching on tablets or smartphones
  • Viewers will consume mostly short-form Video
  • Most video content will be finished while AFK in conversations

Video Consumption is changing

  • Focus on quality content rather than scale
  • The more engaging, the better
  • Crowdsource your videos with Influencers
  • Provide value for each video post to drive engagement and grow your audience.

What should marketers know about video marketing in 2022?

Today, Videos are powerful and the best way to stand out from the crowd. Every video marketer should know the significance of leveraging videos in marketing campaigns. Every type of Video has importance and features to serve the purposes, which should be used accordingly. Businesses and brands must make their marketing campaign goals by keeping the target audience in mind.

  • 71% of businesses are investing in video marketing as their future growth platform in 2022
  • Videos from own branded channels get a higher engagement rate than YouTube
  • CMOs from multimedia and entertainment brands plan on directing more budget to Video
  • 45% purchase products after watching a brand’s Video on social media.
  • 72% of people use search to find videos when they want to buy a product online

Video marketing is going to be big in 2022

  • It would be best if you started making videos now
  • 3:15 seconds is the magic time frame. Create for this
  • Video needs to fit into a campaign, not dominate it
  • Placement matters! More work on YouTube and less on Facebook!
  • Text transcription is crucial for search engines to index your Video.

Video marketing, here’s what you need to know in 2022

More and more people will be watching videos on Instagram
You’ll have to use Video more often than text to share with your audience
How-to and product videos tend to get the most interaction.
You’ll want to create custom thumbnails to stand out
Buy views from reputable providers. It’s not that hard, and they add value right away.

How will video marketing change in 2022?

  • More Influences will go down the self-produced route
  • Social networks and influencers will become more interconnected
  • The role of influencer marketing will change and decrease slightly
  • Stories & Reels will take off
  • Creatives will make up 99% of videos.

What is the percentage of usage of Video over Internet traffic?

Overall, the Video generated 90% of the engagement for business and downstream traffic on the Internet. As we can see, the recent 2020-2021 has seen the continued importance of visual content. The major social networks, including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Linked In, and Twitter, have seen drastic changes in their figures. Marketers are finding virtual reality (VR) as another source of marketing tool in various businesses.

  • According to Cisco, Video will make up 82% of global Internet traffic by 2021.
  • On average, Video accounts for 68% of total internet traffic. This is impressive, considering the percentage was just 9% in 2006 and 15% in 2008.
  • Thus business owners should focus on—a website with more video content and video-sharing elements.
  • Nowadays, more than half the Internet traffic comprises video content.
  • The total bandwidth for online Video will reach 240 million gigabytes per month by 2017, up from 80 million GB this year.
  • As more devices gain video streaming capabilities, it’s clear that customers are choosing to watch videos online over any other form of internet use.
  • Video is so convenient; you can find everything on your mind with a simple search.
  • CNN reported that the figure was expected to surpass 50% by 2020.
  • In 2015, it had almost reached 60%.
  • On average, people watch videos for more than 90 minutes a day.
  • Of course, not all video content counts.
  • The reason for their popularity is simple.
  • Video content appeals to our emotions in a way text does not.
  • 71% of online Video is watched on a mobile phone or tablet.
  • Video is currently the best way to tell your story with your products.

The percentage of Video over Internet traffic is 80%

  • Over 80% of internet traffic is videos
  • YouTube reports it pulls in over 1 billion views per day
  • The idea is to get you to post more videos.

The percentage of Video over internet traffic is increasing; you might as well get ready for it with your company.

  • All businesses need a solid video strategy
  • Most people use videos on YouTube and Instagram
  • You can use YouTube to host your video content and be discovered on Instagram.
  • Try making short-form style videos rather than long-form ones

A recent study from Cisco suggests that Video is eating the Internet

  • The study says that 80 % of all Internet traffic will be Video by 2021
  • That means everyone is going to watch a lot more videos
  • CTA: Watch out for new posts about a video because I will start blogging posts soon.

We can’t believe that video marketing campaigns in 2021 will generate the most ROI for all businesses, from small to large scale. Branded videos include ads, product descriptions, reviews, and customer testimonials to build brand awareness among the audience and decision-making.

    • More attention to your videos
    • Don’t let them leave too soon
    • Turn your marketing into a video
    • They want more information in the correct format
    • The rise of mobile and Video
    • High-quality videos for improved conversions
    • Non-video trends
    • Optimize your Video with proper lighting
    • Use Facebook to get an edge over your competitors
    • Make videos to entertain, not just to inform
    • Tips for better video production
    • Lifestyle content is growing
    • Live streams will gain in popularity
    • Produce more videos
    • Upload on almost all social media channels
    • Keep your branding consistent
    • Use YouTube for more viewings
    • Empower employees to be spokespeople
    • Stop recording your videos from the top down
    • Know the platforms you are on and how to use them
    • You need more than one Video
    • Live streaming
    • Find your niche
    • Get interactive
    • People love videos
    • High quality is necessary
    • The future of video marketing
    • Videos on Facebook
    • Why video marketing is a must
    • Video and the end of marketing
    • Production value is more important than budget
    • The Video should be authentic
    • Don’t plan an hour-long video before you’ve shot the first 30 seconds
    • It’s not just about visual content anymore
    • Video advertising
    • Video visualization
    • Animation video

  • On-demand videos
  • User-generated video content
  • Business/ brand video
  • Live streaming video
  • Intuitive videos
  • Live Video
  • High-quality films
  • Use vertical videos
  • Use whiteboards
  • Add a B-roll to explain your services!
  • Be the star of your Video.
  • From documentaries to Facebook Livestreaming – three ways you can market yourself using videos
  • Keep up with the times and implement one of these three trends into your business.
  • Video content marketing helps you keep your audience engaged.
  • Animation videos will help you tell a story.
  • Facebook Livestreaming is a hot trend among marketing agencies.
  • Create Video for mobile marketing
  • Use the Video for direct mail
  • Vary your videos’ length
  • Shoot live Video
  • Coin your niche
  • Improve your audience engagement
  • Keep your videos short
  • Use social media videos as additional content
  • Keep up on the latest trends and stay ahead of your competitors
  • Influencers are on the rise
  • Video content is going mobile
  • Video content is going to social media
  • Style and fashion tips
  • Health and fitness videos
  • Food and recipes videos
  • How to style your videos
  • Intelligent uses of storytelling in videos

Video Consumption Statistics and Usage

Online Video changes our lives, and the Internet is still one of the most significant assets in our marketing toolbox. YouTube is giving a baseline for online video consumption and branding their business. As per the statistics, over 90% of US citizens watch videos on YouTube aged between 18-44. Online Video is beyond the media world. Smartphones, connected TVs, and social media received a significant change and boost in video consumption. Online Videos provide many advantages to businesses rather than just attracting viewers.

  • The world watches 1 billion hours of Video on Facebook every single day
  • 1 in every two people on Earth will own a smartphone by 2020
  • 50% of people watch YouTube and Facebook videos while on the
  • 30-second video adverts have a better effect than 2-minute-long ones
  • 10 billion videos are watched on Facebook per day
  • The Use of Video is Increasing
  • Users Spend 5X as Much Time on Mobile Video
  • The most popular platform for sharing videos is Facebook
  • On YouTube, the most significant demographic is 18 – 24-year-old males; this accounts for 35% of channels
  • Two out of every three people watch videos to learn a new hobby or how to do a task
  • One out of every six people searches for a video on their phone instead of text
  • One out of every two people use YouTube as their primary news source
  • Three in ten people couldn’t go a week without videos online.
  • Increase video view time by making longer videos
  • Improve user experience through mobile optimization
  • Incorporate movement where needed
  • Over half of all internet traffic is Video
  • More than a third of all time spent online daily is spent watching videos
  • Video is the fastest-growing segment of internet traffic
  • 80% of consumers watch free videos
  • 3 billion videos are watched online every day
  • 1 billion hours of YouTube is watched on mobile phones every day
  • Every minute over 100 hours of new Video is uploaded to YouTube

Video Marketing Statistics for Marketers and Businesses

As we all know that it’s easy to use Video from real life and online activity in multiple places. Businesses must include the Video’s brand tags and contact information. Creating and posting business videos is not the end of your promotion. Brands must make sure to market their videos through video marketing strategies that will give videos bring them the feel of professionalism and legitimacy your company deserves. Depending on the type of Video and the purpose of making your business visible, ensure your videos will be accessible to everyone.

  • Video Content= Traffic Generation and Sales Conversion
  • Why You Need to be on YouTube
  • You Need to Reach Millennials!
  • Three Powerful Video Marketing Statistics for Businesses
  • 74% of executives watch online videos daily
  • 56% of businesses use video marketing
  • 57% of marketers use Video for lead generation
  • Video marketing is a great way to build relationships with customers
  • 92% of marketers plan on increasing their video marketing content
  • 40% of businesses that use Video grow revenue faster than their competitors
  • 70% of companies use Video as part of their content marketing mix
  • 85% of marketers who use Video report it’s effective in increasing brand awareness
  • 94% of marketers find that Video improves understanding and engagement with content
  • 70% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a brand they follow on Video
  • 53% of consumers trust businesses that use Video to promote their products or services.
  • Video marketing uses 80% less effort compared to writing a blog
  • 59% of executives say that videos are necessary for business success
  • More than half of consumers want businesses to use videos
  • It is twice as fast for viewers to be able to recall information after watching a video
  • 76% of marketers use videos on their websites
  • 90% of customers want businesses to create and share video content
  • Google is the largest search engine and has added a video box
  • YouTube has over 1 billion users who watch hundreds of millions of hours of Video each day
  • 17% of mobile users are more likely to buy a product after watching a video tutorial about it
  • 66% of consumers find Video helpful when they are making purchases online
  • 84% of people who watch videos about a product online say that they’re more interested in buying that product than consumers who didn’t watch a video about it.
  • 64% of marketers plan to increase their video marketing budgets this year
  • 54% of businesses have an active social media presence on Facebook, YouTube
  • 87% of companies use Video to aid in sales and customer support
  • 18 million people view videos on Facebook every single day
  • Video marketing is very effective
  • Video content builds trust
  • Channels are limited, and the audience is fragmented
  • Videos increase your conversion rate by 80%
  • Video generates you can contact
  • Videos are easy to create and share
  • Video is one of the most cost-effective ways to generate leads and drive traffic
  • Video marketing is an excellent way for businesses to reach new customers
  • Use Video to tell your story and show your products in use
  • Gauge interest in your videos by monitoring stats like views, engagement, and time on site
  • Make sure you have an easy-to-remember video URL that makes it simple to share your Video
  • Video Marketing Is the Future; Grab a Seat
  • Early Adopters Will Be Rewarded
  • Video Advertising Is Growing Rapidly
  • Video Driven E-commerce Site Marketing Leads to More Sales
  • Mobile Users Love Videos
  • Businesses are increasing their investment in videos
  • Social media is the top platform for sharing video content
  • 64% of B2B marketers use Videos for content marketing
  • Buyers convert better and at a higher rate on optimized videos
  • 5x more likely to remember you or your product than text
  • 90% of consumers continue with a purchase after watching a video
  • Video is the best way to show off your product
  • Do not use music in your videos
  • Produce mostly short videos
  • Make sure your customers are talking throughout the Video
  • 69% of businesses use videos for marketing
  • Page Rank refers to your SEO ranking
  • The color blue is calm and trustworthy
  • Users spend more time on a website with a video
  • HD has better resolution than SD

Impact of COVID on video consumption

The statics and findings showcased increased content consumption, and people spend over 4 hours per day compared to the previous 1.5 hours on all social media platforms. Impact of COVID-19 on OTT platforms, social media identifies video content consumption as trending brands, and government agencies utilize it to communicate with the potential audience during this lockdown period.

  • Growth of video consumption on mobile devices
  • Increasing penetration of 4G and video OTT platforms
  • The critical role of new strategies like Carrier billing, Mobile wallet, etc.
  • Big push by mobile players to promote content discovery & deliver video content through the COVID platform
  • 3. Explain the three stages of the system
  • Highlight two critical benefits of the technology
  • Reducing piracy
  • Increase in video consumption
  • Increase in revenues
  • Users watch videos as an alternative to reading
  • Many users multitask while watching videos
  • Users like to comment and react to video content
  • Increased viewership
  • Extra time spent on social websites
  • More video content on mobile devices
  • Short-form videos will be the biggest driver of growth
  • Users watch videos with friends and family most often
  • Smartphones are the dominant device for viewing short-form video
  • Personal choice is what drives the nation’s consumption of videos
  • COVID impacts decision making
  • Social media plays a significant role in video distribution
  • Videos are consumed on the go
  • OTT investment makes discoveries possible
  • Innovations in COVID
  • Increased online video consumption
  • New ways to watch video content
  • Growth of social video space
  • COVID impacts user behavior
  • COVID look slows down video playback, and it impacts the interaction between viewers
  • COVID influences the overall interaction within their video library or website
  • Digital video consumption and market growth
  • Video content business
  • Critical factors of video consumption
  • Consumption of live broadcast entertainment goes up
  • Total video consumption has increased by 200% per capita
  • Buffering time has dropped by 44%


If you’re wondering how to use Video as a marketing tool in 2021, you are in the right place. In this article, we delve into why you should use Video in your business and how effectively it plays a role in your promotions. The Video makes sense and is effective in branding and attracting new customers. Combining attention-grabbing media and video creation is excellent for demonstrating real-life applications and driving purchases.

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