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YouTube Channel Video Content Pruning Techniques

Do you want to find an exciting strategy to master YouTube? Just try Video Content Pruning techniques.

The word that ultimately shapes the channel growth to long-lasting success is Video Content Pruning.

What is Pruning?

Pruning is the trimming of the deadly flowers and branches that do not burn the growth of the plant or tree. The pruning will lead the plant to acquire the perpetual establishment that inspires the upcoming branches or flowers to grow healthy.

How could it be related to the YouTube channel growth?

Now, this doubt might bug your mind.

What is Video Content Pruning?

As mentioned above, we are cutting the waste branches or flowers in the same way the content of the video on YouTube that is useless for a long with no performance can be deleted from the YouTube channel.

Why Should You Prune Your Channel Videos?

  • You are at the right question to know how it works. When you don’t find any traffic audience for a long time, immediately prune the videos.
  • If you don’t delete the unusable videos, the audiences or subscribers might think that the overall videos of the Channel are in the same category.
  • Though you made it innovatively, they never take a step ahead to visit the newly uploaded content.
  • This will ultimately damage the Channel’s brand and give the logo a jaded track. After looking at your Channel, they step back immediately. If you think that never happens to your Channel, then prune your Channel.
  • Everything is fine about the word pruning. Then what are the ways to do the pruning?
  • Is it your following query? Have a look below to clear your doubts.

How to Prune YouTube Channel Videos?

Grab all Video Stats from YouTube Analytics:

Make frequent analyses on YouTube analytics and find the performance of videos with high or low results.

Sketch the calendar-based analytics like daily or monthly, which can push you to immerse the videos with innovative ideas.

Get the list of performing Videos concerning Views:

Then, list very slow performers and remove the videos immediately.

After that, use that content concept by making amendments with new strategies.

Example for Video Content Pruning:

The YouTube top YouTuber Pew Die Pie’ could be the best example of running the most successful Channel ever. Here, we can observe the pruning activity applied to their channels.

Get the List of Low Performing Watch Time Videos:

The watch time will define the overall activity of a particular video on the YouTube channel.

Keep a keen eye on the watch time of each video and figure out the videos have deficient watch time and take them away.

Get the List of Performing Videos concerning Audience Retention:

Note the videos are surfed by the audience less frequently, exposing the audience’s interest in watching. Then, quickly eliminate those videos from the Channel.

Clean YouTube Channel Videos with Low Views, WatchTime, and Audience Retention.

10 Things That Can Hurt Your YouTube Channel

YouTubers should know what they must do to make their Channel successful.   This includes how they should engage the audience, use social media for more traffic, and maintain public relations to extend their reach. At the same time, there are a few things they should not do to hurt the reputation of their YouTube channel.


1. Most audience thinks that intros are a distraction from the content of the video. This is especially true for the YouTube channel that is not established yet. The audience may opt not to see your video or can forward it missing essential scenes.

2. Do not buy fake views because if people understand they are affected, they may lose interest and walk away.

3. A mistake most YouTubers make is that they do not understand the necessity of establishing a social media presence.   They should do this to reach the new target audience and promote your Channel.

4. Forgetting to link to social media pages is another mistake of many YouTubers.   Linking can help the YouTubers to connect to more viewers.

5. Not following schedules to upload the videos is another mistake of the YouTubers. Inconsistency can significantly hurt the Channel, losing the chance to engage the customers.

6. Do not just publish your videos and wait for likes and views. Interact with the audience and make them involved. Ignoring this is not suitable for the Channel.

7. Not having a plan for your YouTube channel is another mistake most YouTubers commit.

8. Do not script reactions for unboxing videos, as this can be boring.

9. Avoid posting long videos, as the audience loves watching short videos and gets to the point quickly.

10. Forgetting to optimize the YouTube title can be a significant loss for the YouTube channel as this is the main ranking factor.


There is a lot of competition on YouTube, and when care is not taken to avoid some mistakes, the Channel may fall through the gaps and fail to attract views and engagements.


Ethan Edward Klein and Hila Hakmon run the YouTube Channel named h3h3Productions. This is an Israeli-American popular YouTube comedy channel run by Wife and Husband. H3h3productions was crowned as the most viewed best YouTube Channel by Reddit.

h3h3 Production started in 2013. This YouTube channel showcases mainly reaction videos, Sketch Comedy, and internet culture like funny Prank videos.

Ethan Edward Klein was from California and worked as a Marketing Executive in Israel. Hila Klein was born in Israel and served as a Soldier in Self Defence Forces for two years. This couple got married in 2012.

“Pranks in the Hood” and “Kissing Pranks” are voted the biggest hits on YouTubers by Reddit, YouTube’s best-viewed videos on h3h3 productions.

VAPE NATION is the first highest viewed video, and “Warm it up exe That’s 10!” The second most viewed videos of h3h3 Production.

Ethan and Hila first released a video poem called “Girls Who Read” in 2013; later, they removed and posted YouTube videos like” Wiping,” “Watching Disney Movies by myself,” etc.

Ethan Edward Klein is the main protagonist and primary host of h3h3 productions. Ethan Klein has 1.01 million followers on his official Twitter account.

“Crushing Cars in a Tank” is one of the popular videos from h3h3 productions. This video got 1,483,131+ views related to Self-Defence Army forces, grabbing the audience’s attention.

H3h3 Productions is associated with the Omnimedia network and uploaded almost 260 + Comedy videos to the h3h3 Productions YouTube Channel.

H3h3 Productions YouTube channel joined on April 29th, 2011, and got 3,849,193+ subscribers and 599,427,239+ video views.

“Ethan and Hila” and “H3 Podcast” are the second YouTube channels to the h3h3 productions channel. These two channels have nearly 1.5 million and 65K subscribers.

Ethan Klein, Hila Klein h3h3 Productions is a famous and most viewed YouTube comedy channel. For people interested in Pranks and comedy videos, this is the ultimate guide to view such videos through the h3h3 Productions YouTube Channel.


YouTube Channel Video Content Pruning will reduce your Overall Channel Growth once you have done this. But in the Long term, it will increase the overall growth of your Channel.

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