Video Distribution 101: How to Distribute Videos to get Maximum Revenue

Started your first video and completed uploading? Video Distribution strategy can be found here.

Watching more often to check the number of views and subscribers?

Felt disappointed with your view counts and watch time?

Don’t worry; what you need is an efficient and effective video distribution strategy.

Here we go,

The role of video distribution in revenue generation

This plays a key role in your video marketing success. In order to reach a huge audience across the web, your video must be distributed to the right place across the web, and then only you can gain good reach and revenue.

For distributing your video content, there are a number of platforms both social media and another video on demand platforms.

Video distribution strategy

Plan a perfect strategy to make your video reach a large audience across the web.

Every social platform has its own uniqueness in features and it will impact on your video distribution. So plan to base on the platform you choose.

YouTube platform for video distribution

You all know the power of reach on YouTube platform as it allows reaching millions of audience. All you need is a clear distribution strategy.

Create best video content with good quality output and your video must reach your targeted audience across the web.

Utilize different paid video ads to reach the people and distribute your video. Put your efforts on video title and take care of the keywords and metadata to optimize your content.

Websites and campaign

Your websites and other campaign landing pages are the best places you have to optimize and distribute your video content.

More than 60 percent people are watching the video content that is posted on websites and campaign landing pages.

So, you include the campaign URL’s and website URL in the video content while distributing your video content on the YouTube platform.

Email campaigns

Email campaigns are always effective as they are driving better results comparing to other ways of distribution of video content.

Include video in your email campaigns as 80 percent more conversions are noticed if you include video content in your mail.

Also, go with the email signature as a part of your email campaign with catchy title and hyperlink for better promotion and distribution of video.


Facebook is the most used platform when coming to the Video promotion and distribution. So it is very important to have a clear strategy while choosing Facebook platform as a destination for your video distribution.

Facebook had featured new tools for better video distribution for marketers. Facebook allows you to reach by connecting the audience with your content.

It is simple and easy to distribute video across the Facebook platform. Comparing to other social platforms the shareability is very high when comes to Facebook platform.


Vimeo is a streaming video service which had good on-demand video distribution within its platform.

It is the best platform for content creators as it offers more options with a handful tools for creators. It is the best platform to get good revenue with your content distribution.


VOD is referred as Video on Demand, AVOD Ad-Supported Video On Demand and SVOD is referred as Subscription Video On demand.

Video on Demand platform for content distribution

VOD platform took more time to arrange your upload and you have to choose the best VOD platform for your content distribution.

You can definitely don’t have any barriers to your sales and the platforms can provide you the freedom to set your own prices too.

OTT platforms for video distribution

OTT platforms are the best way to reach the huge number of viewers towards your video content. You can target the audience basing on the usage of devices. You can also have multiple monetization options to earn good revenue from your video.


Subscription Video on Demand platforms is one of the best choices for your content distribution. Platforms like Netflix have a vast number of subscribers where you can get the best out of it. You can also target the global audience across the countries.


AVOD is generally referred as the Ad based VOD model which is available for free of cost. The credit doesn’t matter. The only thing matters are your video and its quality content.

AVOD is generally explored by very few businesses but still, it is very effective if you have the capability of creating efficient and effective video content.

Therefore, these are some channels to distribute your content and generate good revenue from the videos. You will get some good idea about the video content distribution channels.

10 Types of Evergreen Videos that Will Win Engagement, Views & Revenue

Evergreen content is required to provide information that is ever useful for the audience and to build a loyal blog following. But the challenge is to know what the evergreen videos that are produced are. Here are the types of evergreen content that you should try to keep the audience engages and to increase the views and conversions.

1. Explainer videos are the best to answer the questions o the audience about something that makes them confusing.

2. Education video content is another great way to educate the audience about a product or service.

3. Testimonial videos are another evergreen type of videos. This type of video showcases the value. This kind of videos can be created using tools such as Animoto easily and simply.

4. Best practices video or video series across the industry and highlight the work of others and your own to get more information.

5. Ongoing issues such as environment saving are some of the big picture world topics and create videos on topics such as these about which your brand cares about.

6. Introducing the team and providing information about company history is done with the About Us videos.

7. Thank You videos another type of evergreen videos. Make a video that is less than one minute old and encourage the audience to share them.

8. Case study videos showing how the team handles projects and challenges are another good choices.

9. Animation or infographics are another evergreen type of content that can be turned into engaging videos.

10. Behind the scenes, videos add the human touch to the videos. These types of videos can be used as recruiting tool.

There are also other types of videos such as client spotlight, user generated or white paper videos. Create these types of videos and share them on your social media channels. Mention the brand name and also tag your targeted people.

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