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Game Video Monetization: 50 Proven Methods to earn from Video Game Monetization

Video games are becoming increasingly monetized in addition to in-game purchasing options. Creating a great video game is hard work and takes persistence and creativity. The monetization element of a video game was maybe just as important as creating the main character. As there are so many ways to monetize the video game and there is no such thing as a success formula, we have listed 50 possible and Proven methods to earn from Video Game Monetization.

50 Proven Methods to earn from Video Game Monetization

Retail Selling:

Sell your video games on online retailers like and various online retail stores that ships your product to your door.

Pre-paid cards:

The future of the video game space is pre-paid cards as the consoles go online. Distributing everything to the consumers helps to gain money.

Digital Distribution:

Offer direct download to consumers through gaming consoles like PlayStation Store or Xbox. Sometimes players need to pay money to unlock the services.

In-Game Advertising:

In-game adverting is another best method for video game monetization. Leading video gaming companies saw the best results.

Online shops:

It is an easy way of browsing games and buying them with just a click of a button, making gamers trendy. Selling online is not an easy task, as we talk. It has a couple of challenges to get through.

Display advertising :

Display advertising makes money from skyscraper ads and banners that circle the gameplay window—the revenue generated from CPC, CPM, CPA, and CPP.

Video pre-roll:

The video pre-roll is often used for free-to-play games on a screen that shows a video ad when the game is loading. Google is investing a lot in video pre-roll ads type of advertising.

In-game purchases:

Mobile app-based games are often monetized and shown as a social videos by offering in-game purchases.


Another best-of monetizing a video game is by selling add-ons. After purchasing the game, gamers are offered many game expansion packs to get more fun out of the game.

Recommendation engine:

The recommendation engine is specially used in mobile apps and is an exciting video game monetization strategy. This method could provide you with a revenue stream.


Merchandising is just starting a webshop and selling your Games/items in a store. Merchandising probably won’t become your primary revenue stream, but it is just a game monetization strategy.


Paywalls offer users can use and play the game for free for a specified period. Later they need to pay to continue playing the game. This method provides a trial period, depending on the player’s interest.


In this subscription method, You can use the game for free of cost. But if you would like to use the extra services, you could subscribe to other additional services.

Banner ads:

Banner ads usually cover part of the screen, generating suitable revenue generators. It is somewhat annoying for users, but they can quickly implement it.

Game Exit:

Offers game Exits once the user finishes playing, and at that place, you can present one last full-size ad.

Interstitials between levels:

These are full-size advertisements that turn higher CPMs a maximum of $10. It is one of the best monetization methods to yield good results.

More games button:

Including more game buttons is an easy way to get money from prominent gaming vendors. If the user clicks the button there, they can get a list of related games.

Icon drop:

The icon drop option is available only in mobile games. If your game is authorized to send push messages to the user—for example, Airpush company specializes in this method.

Coupons offers:

Coupons offer is an excellent idea to reward a user in-game by offering them a discount on some particular items something they want. Kiip company is the best example that offers coupon offers.

Video Ads:

Video is critical to every game streaming and advertising. Most users who watch a video ad at that time get in-game coins, and you will get actual cash.

Member’s Club:

Here the user can pay for VIP access in groups, and they will get exclusive privileges by access in your game.


Microtransactions are small and impulse-driven up-selling for saving time and faster access. They generally paid for using virtual points that are earned in the game.

Sponsored Games or Donationware:

These games are somehow helping the society, such as games for good and charity games or non-profits.

Pay per play:

Here, gamers can only pay for what they need as long as they can last—mainly focused on game parlors.


If you focus on Freeware, you will have lots of user followers, and you can benefit if you make something compelling and expect offers to acquire your company, software, or technology.

Pay for Private Game Server:

The gamer should pay for a private server whenever a new member joins to play. It is just like renting multi-player servers.

User-Generated Content:

Letting all the users make new content to sell to each other. Gamers can get access to sell access or get people to pay for time spent playing.

Skill-Based Progressive Jackpots:

This is where players buy the ticket to enter the tournament that generates a progressive jackpot, and also, the winner gets the Jackpot who reaches a certain status.

Incentivized downloads:

It is nothing but Offerwalls for simple transaction user gets in-game coins and return for downloading. At that time, for another app, you get paid by the developers when it happens.

A Second Offerwall:

Generally, Offerwalls offer value to the user to get coins, and having two offer walls will generate more revenue than having one.

Release DLC:

Downloadable content is a suitable method for making money from a successful game. DLCs include cosmetic items, locations, new characters, and missions.

Branded virtual goods:

Branded virtual goods offer a branded game version and get paid by advertisers.

Premium version:

The premium version could be a secure method for video game monetization; you could offer a light version of the game and allow users to upgrade to the full version through In-App Purchases.

Foreign distribution deals:

Here in foreign distribution, you can pre-sell foreign distribution rights in advance whenever you need funding.

Loss Leader:

At this point, you can sell the video game for less profit or at a low cost. Here you will get more purchases at less profit.

Peripheral Enticement:

Here, the game cannot function without equipment or hardware, so it is an excellent way to gain more revenue.

Licensing Access:

Licensing access is like signing a deal with a chain of cybercafes to unlock the game for the audience. Here, brands get advertising their services through this.

Surprise boxes:

These surprise boxes are prominent in the Far East whenever a user buys an item but does not know what they will get until they purchase.

Level packs:

Level packs are an advanced version of the former item on the list. Here, they break the game into a few packs of levels and sell each pack independently.

Visual Customisations:

The visual Customization method is to create and sell a customized or copied version of the original game by modifying the look and feel of the game.


Duels are nothing, but the game is entirely free, and you can turn it into cash when players compete for prizes against each other.


Tournaments are an extension of Duels with more than one participant. It requires a more significant following and video marketing efforts.

Seasonal Sales:

Use the holiday spirit to boost your video game sales. This method is straightforward to implement and offers seasonal discounts.

Limited editions:

Once your game has good credits and is famous, you can offer a limited series of one of the items. This method helps the buyer an opportunity to feel special and continue with the auction.


About 30% of the users are interested in customizing the look and feel of their game Cars, Weapons, and characters in-game. Customization is an excellent strategy to gain more revenue.

Upgrades for virtual items:

Some Games have items the player can own and benefit from, allowing the user to upgrade.

Training / Tuning:

If your video game has several characters at that point, you can allow users to buy training on the impotence of that character. If your game is all about cars, you can sell the tuning.

More Time:

Few games require the player to finish the level in a particular time; at that point, you can sell more time to complete that specific level.

Remove ads:

Many popular games display ads while playing the game. Offer a version with ads in it. You can sell a version without ads to generate revenue.

Free Ringtones:

If you offer original music for your game, you could sell the ringtone and your match for free. So, you can deal more fun with this trick.


It’s possible to make money on video game monetization as a video gamer. Gamers need a bit of luck, passion, and the right way of producing proven Video Game Monetization methods to earn from Video Game Monetization.

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