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7 Tips To Write a Marvellous Video Marketing Script

So, you’ve come to the (correct) conclusion that videos are a brilliant tool for marketing. The next step is to write the perfect Video Marketing Script to go with your video and sell your services. A good script can take your marketing video from good to brilliant by finding the words that reach out to people and convince them that your service or product is worth their time and money.

Naturally, staring at a blank page and trying to find the words that achieve this lofty goal can be a daunting task. However, you don’t need to panic. Writing a script may seem challenging, but if you stay true to your product and business ethos while listening to our marketing video, scriptwriting advice, you will be able to create the ideal script for your product. Remember, your script doesn’t have to win an Oscar, so breathe, settle down, and use our 7 helpful hints to write a great marketing script.

7 Tips To Write a Marvellous Video Marketing Script

Build a Customer Profile

Before attempting to put words on a page, it’s important to determine exactly who you will be speaking to. You may know your product and service inside out and have the ability to speak about it all day.

However, if you aren’t speaking to the right people, your words will fall on deaf ears. Every individual responds to marketing in a different way. This includes video marketing and the script that accompanies it.

Start by deciding who your customer base is and imagine you are speaking to the typical ideal customer. This will help you choose the language that best reaches out to your target market and create a message that that will make an impression.

Your customers will respond positively to a script that was written for them and will appreciate being spoken to in a way that resonates.

Create a Structured Outline

The most daunting part of writing anything wants it to be perfect the first time. You should abandon these illusions and be prepared for multiple rewrites and edits, but be sure that once the first draft is done, the hard part is definitely over.

Planning is the key to making this process infinitely easier. Before starting the first draft, set out all your perimeters and goals to ensure that the script contains all the necessary information.

First, decide on what the ultimate goal of the script is and all the key points you want it to include. You can use this information to organize your script into an introduction, middle, and conclusion.

Additionally, you can pre-emptively decide how long it will be, what the format is, and what tone you want to use. Having these boundaries set up will structure the writing take and make it substantially easier.

Hook Them In

It’s important to remember that your marketing video is competing with an endless number of distractions. Few people actively decide to watch advertisements, which means that wherever you plan to advertise, your potential customers will likely be looking at their phone, laptop, or TV or be in the presence of friends and family.

That’s why it’s vital that a marketing video opens with a hook to engage the target market from the beginning. When writing your script, make sure it’s designed to lead with a hook that demands the viewer’s attention, whether that be a new product, discount, offer, or upgrade.

A great hook that is introduced immediately in the script is more likely to maintain viewer engagement for the duration of the video and subsequently result in greater conversion rates.

Get to the Point

In the first 30 seconds of your video, you should include all essential and attention-grabbing information. The first 10 seconds are, by far, the most important.

In this time, your script should introduce who you are and include the hook that convinces people to continue watching the rest of the video.

The following 20 seconds are there to give your audience key information and explain how your product or service can be beneficial to them.

Structure your script so that the most vital information that you want to get across to your target market is positioned within the first 30 seconds.

This will give your potential customers the immediate opportunity to decide whether they’re interested enough in your services to continue watching.

Short and Sweet

Marketing videos should not be longer than necessary. There are no strict guidelines as to how long exactly your marketing video and script should be other than an absolute maximum of 2 minutes.

Having a shorter marketing video between 30-60 seconds long is generally the aim in order to maintain viewer engagement.

However, the ideal time depends entirely on your business and product, and the amount of information that is necessary to include.

When writing your script, make sure to include only the essential information to keep you as short as possible.

‘Over the last 20 years and the massive increase in the information we receive on a daily basis, the average attention span has dropped significantly.

Marketers should keep their materials short and concise to engage and maintain viewer attention,’ says Dominic Chiles at Academicbrits.

Call to Action

After imparting all necessary information to your viewers at the beginning of the video, the end should include a call to action. This will solidify the ultimate goal of the video by letting the audience know exactly what they need to do to get in contact with your product or service.

Your script should be written with the call to action in mind. This might be to visit a website, visit a store or subscribe to a service. A compelling call to action will convince viewers to follow the advice and will, in turn, increase conversion rates.

Read Your Script

The best way to evaluate your script is to read it out loud, over and over again. You’ll be surprised how different words can sound when they’re heard out loud compared to writing on a page.

Hearing the script will help you identify whether the sentences flow or if there are any clunky words that ought to be replaced.

Additionally, to hear it even better, you can record yourself speaking the script and listen back to the recording.

This will put you in the position of your audience, and you will be able to envisage the final product much easier.

The script is arguably the most important aspect of a marketing video, which is why it’s important it is done correctly.

Having said that, the script is fluid and adjustable, and it’s likely that it will need a little tweaking at every stage of the process to fit the voice, the design, and the video.

Therefore, follow these hints to get a script down and find the perfect words for your video.

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