50 Video Marketing Tips to Rock your eCommerce Sales

It is already proved that videos help e-commerce sites to reach the right customers and to engage them. People are using various video-sharing websites such as YouTube, Vimeo and so on to reach the right customers.

Video Marketing Tips

1. Use the product demo videos to explain features of the product.

2. Illustrative videos are the right choice for explaining the technical features of a product to the viewers.

3. Promotional videos are used to increase the sales.

4. Testimonial videos are another type of videos to help win the trust of customers. Satisfied customer’s statement about the product or service is recorded here.

5. Check out the marketing videos of competitors and come up with the ideas of your own.

6. Check what you like about the videos of the competitors.

7. Watch the videos on video marketing and these are very beneficial to learn new strategies.

8. Watch viral videos and find how and why they became viral.

9. To note down the ideas that come at strange times, keep a notebook ready.

10. Create videos to show the goals of the company.

11. Videos can be used to introduce the business to the customers.

12. How to videos and video tutorials help to explain how the products should be used.

13. Record the interviews of the employees of the company.

14. Include only well planned and well-executed videos in e-commerce marketing strategy.

15. Think of ways to achieve the goal of the video.

16. Every video should have an objective.

17. Think about the target of audience and create the videos for them.

18. Make your video stand out from the crowd with unique ideas.

19. Try making the biggest impact with your videos by being silly and doing something awesome.

20. Learn about your own products before creating a video on them it is good to familiarize with the products.

21. Ask your colleagues or employees about new ideas and insights.

22. Decide if you are going to create the video yourself or if you are hiring some professional for this purpose.

23. There is no hard and fast rule that only the video created by professionals will be successful. There are many videos that are created with webcams or cheap cameras.

24. If you have included a number of videos in your campaign, it is a good idea to invest in the high quality camera.

25. Ensure that the sound in the video is clear.

26. Record the video with a microphone of high quality.

27. Most marketing videos are created with nonprofessional actors for e-commerce sites. There is no need to hire professional actors.

28. Choose a location where there are no distractions. The location can be a nearby park or even your office.

29. Be honest in the video. The audience is intelligent enough to realize if you are untruthful.

30. Have suitable music for your video.

31. If you are using specific music for all the e-commerce marketing videos, viewers will connect the music with the company.

32. After creating the video, edit it perfectly.

33. Since the span of the internet users are short, do not create videos that are very lengthy.

34. A good e-commerce marketing video should not be more than two to three minutes duration.

35. Show the company logo or name in any part of the video.

36. Include a powerful call to action.

37. Direct the audience to take some action this can be subscribing to the channel, registering at the site or visiting the website of the company.

38. Marketing videos for e-commerce sites can be posted on either the own websites or on video sharing sites such as YouTube.

39. Analyze the goals and decide where to post the video. If the goal of the video is to get attention and views post it on third party sites such as YouTube or if you want people to watch the video on your site, then host it on your website.

40. Do not post the same video on multiple sites. Different videos on different sites help with SEO.

41. Another option is to post short clips on social sites and link the videos to the company website.

42. Use the right titles and keywords for the video to help with SEO.

43. Write the description for the video with lots of keywords.

44. Include relevant tags for the video.

45. Make sure that the thumbnail for the video is interesting and captivating.

46. If you are planning to upload more and more videos, set up a channel for your videos.

47. The name of the video file should be relevant and should not confuse the audience.

48. To make the video more visible and searchable, fill all the information fields on video sharing sites.

49. Include a link back to your website in the e-commerce videos.

50. Post videos regularly to build the audience and drive traffic to your site.

The amount of video consumed by the internet users is ever increasing. Videos can deliver the message more strongly. Hence e-commerce sites should include video in their marketing campaign and follow any of the tips above for more effectiveness.

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