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Video Syndication & Advertising Platform VidRide’s CEO Yoav Gal – Exclusive Interview

Video Syndication & Advertising Platform VidRide’s CEO Yoav Gal – Exclusive Interview

Tell us something about your company VidRide ?

VidRide is the #1 Marketplace for Syndicated Viral Videos & Premium Video Inventory at Scale. We’re helping publishers who have yet to incorporate a video player on their site to engage users while increasing their revenue, thus creating an exclusive New Video Inventory in front of the engaged audience.

What are your significant products for Video Industry?

The VidRide Platform enables seamless integration of young, viral videos and video ads into publishers sites to generate incremental revenue while averaging our in-stream and out-stream video units. Content creators can utilise VidRide to distribute their work to millions and monetise their videos, while in-turn advertisers can reach their desired and highly-engaged, top-tier audiences.

What is the future of Online Video Content?

According to a SalesForce research from 2015, 74% of all internet traffic in 2017 will be video. Billions of dollars are shifting from TV advertising to Online Video for the past few years (eMarketer research predicts that by 2018 Online Video spend alone will reach 12.27 billion dollars). I think it is safe to say that Video Content is not only here to stay, but it is here to dominate how we communicate and consume in this ever-changing digital era.

What to expect in the near future with respect to Video Syndication Advertising Platform?

With the rise of Video Content consumption, many publishers seek new sources for fresh content to incorporate on their sites. A Video Syndication Platform allows them to do just that. What makes VidRide unique is that we provide the publisher not only with a cutting-edge Video Player and his content of choice but we also monetise that content for him and grant him a share of that advertising revenue.

I believe that this new reality will create more opportunities for companies that help Publishers and Advertisers utilise the growth of Video Content to maximise their revenue and reach their KPIs.

Tell us something about VidRide and your tools for Video Advertising?

Advertisers can reach highly engaged mid-tail audiences and increase their campaigns’ ROI via our network of 1,500+ premium publishers.

Our proprietary ad-serving technology and contextual, device and geographic targeting, alongside our 1st and 3rd party data, ensures that advertisers reach their target audience at scale.

What are Digital Media Trends in Israel and the Challenges?

Israel tries to be ahead of the trend and leads the market through innovation and creativity. Many ad-tech giants founded in Tel Aviv before expanding to Europe and The United States. The primary challenge of working from Tel Aviv and operating Global is the communication gap, and that’s why VidRide opened its NYC branch this year (with plans of opening an office in Europe as we’re expanding our reach).

How can a customer benefit use VidRide?

VidRide has two main customer categories: Publishers and Content Creators /Owners. Publishers benefit from a new revenue stream generated by a video unit that also helps them engage their users and increases their time on- site. Content Creators /Owners gain yet another distribution channel for their content.

Visit : www.vidride.com

Thank you “Yoav Gal” for your exclusive interview about Video Syndication & Advertising Platform VidRide with our “ReelnReel.com” users.

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  1. Usually publishers can’t get any revenue from embedding videos in their websites because only content owners get a share of the video ads.
    So sounds like this finally solves that problem. You can actually get money from simply embedding a third party video in your website.

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