50 Essential Videography Tips for Beginners

It is a daunting task for beginners to figure out how to start their videography. Understanding the basics is necessary to produce professional looking videos. Here are some tips for those who want to shoot cool videos or for those who want to become successful YouTubers.

1. You should be able to adjust shutter speed, autofocus etc.

2. Have a spare battery that is fully charged.

3. Carry a lens cleaning cloth.

4. The battery charger and power supply also are needed along with extension cord for power supply.

5. Avoid constant zooming and panning.

6. Shaky cam is a common mistake by beginners which should be avoided.

7. A shaky cam will make your video look amateur.

8. Minimize the shakiness as much as possible by using a tripod.

9. If it is not possible to use the tripod, take the support of a wall or put your elbows on a flat surface.

10. Use the right equipment to shoot the video.

11. For home video look you can use the flip camera.

12. To improve the viewing experience of the audience you should use a high-quality camera.

13. Tripod is essential to keep the camera steady.

14. Pay attention to the audio also as a bad audio can do a lot of damage to a good video.

15. Check the headphone jack of camera, if there is any before starting the recording.

16. Lighting is very important for video.

17. Use simple video editing software.

18. Use the YouTube video editor tutorial to use the cloud-based video editor of YouTube which should meet your needs.

19. Use the three varieties of shots to your video. These are close-up, medium and wide shot.

20. Have perfect lighting. If you do not have lighting equipment, take the camera out and shoot under the sunlight.

21. Use reflectors to fill the shadows.

22. Keeping the lighting consistent is also essential.

23. Get different angles and this helps to have choices in the process of editing.

24. Get widest angles possible and also close ups of faces.

25. Concentrate on the background also when you are shooting the interview or a speech.

26. Have a good background or you can even create a background.

27. See that the background you are having supports the story visually.

28. Use the time lapse settings in the camera or set time for recording the video.

29. Make sure that the subject you are shooting is well lit.

30. The subject should not have the sun at their back.

31. Check your audio equipment before going off to shoot.

32. Make a list of the things you need to do before creating the video.

33. Keep each shot as short as possible to make the editing easy.

34. The closing shot is very important and this stays in the people’s mind for a long time so get a perfect closing shot to wrap up the story.

35. Have an establishing shot in your video that grabs viewer’s attention.

36. Shoot plenty of videos so that you will not miss any important shots. You can later edit it.

37. Compose the shots of the subjects perfectly, follow the rule of thirds.

38. Do not have large areas of blank spaces in your frame.

39. Take shots in unusual angles such as ground level or high angle.

40. Instead of using the zoom lens, you can get close to the subject for tight shots as this will look better and the audio will be clearer.

41. Repetitive action shots help to build the interest of the audience.

42. Minimize zooms and pans.

43. Audio is also very important for any video. Use an additional microphone instead of the on board microphone.

44. Try to grab natural sounds as these can be used in the projects and natural effect.

45. Do not add any special effects to the raw video.

46. Instead, use a video editing program to add the special effects.

47. Keep track of the audio to avoid unwanted sound clips capturing.

48. If you want your video to look professional use the right equipment and devices.

49. Try mastering the keyboard shortcuts.

50. Name the clips to identify them easily when editing.

Videography is an art which required the investment of time and effort. Compelling videos can only be created when you are good at videography. Videography is a hobby and is also a career for lots of people. Whether you want to make videography as a profession or if you want to try it as a new hobby you must first learn the basics of it. The above tips help to record professional looking videos.

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