Top 10 Vidya Vox Songs

Top 10 Vidya Vox Songs that will refresh your Mind

Vidya Vox” is the top trending channel in the YouTube. The fame of this channel congregated from the born talent of Vidya Iyer, who is the native of India and grown in the United States. She is the only one who can mesmerize the audience with her music albums, including mash-ups, and these are composed and tuned by herself. Here we go with the Top 10 Vidya Vox Songs that will refresh your Mind

Her creativity in making ultimate songs has clutched millions of fans.Here are the top 10 songs of Vidya Vox through which she hypnotized the global audience to turn as fans.

Top 10 Vidya Vox Songs

The Chainsmokers- Closer as Kabira

We all know that how the ‘Chainsmokers Closer’ has flattered the fans with billion views in short span of time.

She picked that world stunning song to do a mashup and the fantastic combination of Casey and Vidya has really given completely a new environment for the regular music lovers.

She has turned some lyrics into the Hindi of Indian language as “Kabira”. The way she expresses the words with an ultimate action has theft the hearts of the fans.

Justin Bieber’s – Let me love you with Tum Hi Ho of Aashiqui 2

This song little bit different from the remaining compositions and she has modulated tune of Indian music model Arijit Singh’s Tum Hi Ho as the ‘Justin Bieber’s – Let me love you’ which has revealed the vidya’s capability by singing modulation.

This acquired 34,410,358+ views.

Sandcastles (Original)-Teri Khair Mangdi with Devender Pal Singh

Here we can find the performance of Indian singer Devender Pal Singh who is well famed through Indian Idol.

The tune of both Vidya and Pal Singh for this Teri Khair Mangdi with Sandcastles gave innovative experience for the audience that never had before. It has 13,210, 229+ views.

Charlie Puth-We Don’t Talk Anymore with Pani Da Rang

No one will be there without knowing about ‘Charlie Puth’s We Don’t Talk Anymore’.

The joint effort of Vidya and Saili Singh has made this song to be in the peaks by clubbing ‘Pani Da Rang’ with an ultimate “Indian Tabla” classic touching.

Major Lazer – Lean On with Jind Mahi

The complete shoot of Lean on has done in India with the costumes of Indian culture and the amazing collaboration of Lazer Major and DJ Snake made this song to go viral.

She has framed this song with Jind Mahi by the involvement of Ricky Jatt, Raashi Kulkarni in an astounding way.

The plus point of this song is violin played by the Raginder Singh Momi which is amazing. This video got 21,508,886+ views.

Ed Sheeran – Shape Of You with Cheez Badi Hai

We are yet listening “Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You” which made the entire world to be as breathless till the completion of the song with his magnetic frequencies of singing lyrics.

Vidya Iyer has clubbed this song with Cheez Badi Hai which is a top hit of the Indian songs. In this song, the music composition, especially through violin by the Shiva Ramamurthy, is speechless.

This video attained 3,185,181+ views within days. Let us see what figure it’s going to reach after months.

Taylor Swift – Blank Space with Mental Manadhil

The Blank Space totally synchronized with the Metal Manadhil which could be different in the regular singing stream.

This gives some more excitement that actual we have. This video has 11,297,414+ views.

Ellie Goulding – Love Me Like You Do with Hosanna

We never ever forget “Ellie Goulding’s Love me like you do” that has blown the music world by clutching the teens. Vidya has merged this song with Hosanna which has presented in a pleasant way that makes everyone to think that it’s really new dish in which each bite will be enjoyed by the music lovers.

This video clutched 16,338,360+ views.

John Legend – All Of Me with Main Hoon Hero Tera

She bashed the top hit of John Legend’s All of me with Main Hoon Hero Tera. This could reach the expectations of the audience that in return turn as fans.

This video has 10,131,493+ views.

Calvin Harris – How Deep Is Your Love with Balam Pichkari

This really the most energetic song of Vidya which has been made through ‘How deep is your love by Calvin Harris’ and she introduced the Balam Pichkari from Bollywood movie in it. Here you can find a different rhythm from the album of Vidya.

This video has 10,069,566+ views.

10 Interesting Facts about YouTube Singing Sensation Vidya Iyer [Vidya Vox]

One of the YouTube leading stars Vidya Iyer who is born in India and brought up in the USA is well known as singer, mashups and songwriter. She is one of the women who had proved herself as the most talented person by giving the performance throughout the world.

1.She is a classical singer of Carnatic music under the guidance of D.K. Nagarajan and brother of late Pattamal who are basically from Chennai in India.

2.She has finished her graduation in Psychology from George Washington University.

3.Her first appearance on her own YouTube channel gave millions of viewers and huge fans throughout the world especially from India.

4.Her mashups had attained the attention of many celebrities from Bollywood like Shah Rukh Khan, Major Lazer, Diplo and Hrithik Roshan.

5.She is a multilingual singer who can raise the voice to explore the music world. This seems to be the basic line to have the millions of subscribers for the initial start of the channel.

6.The main turning point to become the onscreen figure of the YouTube is she used to remake the most popular albums of Hollywood into a Bollywood mixing songs by singing with the original singers. It is completely different from other vloggers.

7.Initially, she joined with the Shankar Tuckers as a singer.

8.So many other popular musicians like Ricky Jatt, Roginder Violinder Momi and Raashi Kulkarni have involved in her mashup of Lean On and Jind Mahi. For which they have 17,638,484+ of views.

9.Her mashup with the Chainsmokers is the most popular video of all time in her Vidya Vox YouTube channel with 30,881,488+ views.

10.Recently she has come up with Vidya Vox- kuthu Fire(official video) which has 2,411,006+ views in two weeks.


Anyone who had talent will be proved one day with astounding craze as Vidya Iyer, and this article will make everyone to know about her creative thinking of making an idea into implementation with unbeatable success. Everyone can take her as the inspiration to get the unforgettable image to the Public by creating a sensation.

These are the list of songs that are being in the top position on the Vidya Vox YouTube channel. We should recognize the work of Shankar Tucker in giving background music.

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