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Viewability and Ad Effectiveness for Online Video Advertising

More and more brands are focusing their budgets on online video marketing. The video is playing an important role in the marketing strategies of brands having an online presence. Viewability and Ad Effectiveness for Online Video Advertising is explained here.

More video is being watched and is mostly accessed on mobile devices. We would have heard the word Viewability in the digital advertising sphere but most of us are not clear about what it really is.

The effectiveness of online video ad can be measured by different metrics but viewability remains very vital. Advertisers and publishers are trying to find the solution to ensure that the video ad meets the IAB viewability standard.

On Desktop, if fifty percent of the pixels are in view for a minimum of two seconds, then the online video ad is considered viewable.


Viewability is a metric for measuring the success of online advertising. This tracks the impression that can actually be seen by users only.

The advertisers will be able to pay only the for the ads that are visible to the users. It is said there is more than fifty percent of ads online that are not viewable. With viewability, advertisers can effectively know the effectiveness of the online video advertising.

What makes online ads not viewable? If the ad is not above the fold of a web page, it may not be viewable. This can be because the web pages are being accessed by the users on different devices such as Smartphone, desktop computers and tablets in different screen sizes.

Due to the screen size, the ad may load below the fold. Using of ad blockers is another scenario in which the ad may not be visible. Another issue for ads to becomes nonviewable is bot traffic or nonhuman traffic to websites. The user might have opened another tab while the ad is playing.

How important is viewability for the effectiveness of online video ad?

Google says half of the online videos ads are never seen by the users. This is millions of dollars waste for advertisers. And on the publisher side, the value of the ad inventory is decreased.

Thus the digital advertising industry is currently valuing viewable impressions and not the served impressions.

Digital measurement is an obstacle to the advertising and marketing agencies growth as the effectiveness of the online video campaign is measured using the click-through rates and cost per thousand metrics.

The results can be inaccurate with these metric. There is also fraud in digital advertising world and advertiser may end up serving the ad to bots acting like a human.

Source : comScore

Here are few reasons why viewability is important for measuring the effectiveness of online video advertising.

● Viewability helps in tracking Bots and real human views

● We can find which online video ad campaigns have more viewership and engagement using viewability

● We can have the insights to decide to place the ads to make them more viewable.

Viewability is important for the publishers as well to understand the performance of the ad placement space.

Viewability is going to continue to grow and this metric will be adopted by more and more advertisers. It is a challenge to predict the long-term effects of viewability but a standard is expected to be implemented.

However, Viewability along should not be taken as the single metric to measure the performance of the campaign. This is because not all the web pages and publishers will offer hundred percent viewability.

Even if the online video on achieves hundred percent viewability it is not assured that the online video ad reached the right audience. Completed views are valuable than the click-through rates.

Interesting Facts About Online Video Advertising

Nowadays each and every person will focus on video advertising through online. The advertising option will be an advantage to the marketer. But they should have creative thinking while doing video advertisements. These are some facts that every marketer should know.

  1. An average time that a desktop user is spending to watch a video is two minutes.
  2. Nearly 34 percent share in programmatic advertising was estimated in the coming year 2017
  3. Nearly 15 percent of visitors were generated 34 percent sales on a leading
  4. First 30 seconds is the most engaging time that a user a spending on a video watching
  5. The guardian online is mainly delivering the news in the form of video content
  6. More than 26 percent of watch time of Youtube were recorded from the mobile devices
  7. 23 percent growth in the revenue was noticed in year 2013 on video advertising
  8. It is revealed that more than 80 percent of the consumers are showing their attention for the emotional videos online
  9. People are more engaging with the short form videos
  10. More than 50 percent people are getting interested by seeing the autoplay ads on Facebook and clicked for complete view
  11. More than 17 percent of youtube videos are sharing during the Tuesdays
  12. 30 percent viewers are watching just 10 seconds of the completed video and abandoning the videos
  13. More than 85 percent people across the world are using their smart phones for the video watching
  14. On Twitter for every 5 tweets, the video is linking with that.
  15. The back links are attracting the viewers that are incorporated with the videos and it was noticed three times better results
  16. An android user was spending nearly three minute time to watch the videos through their smart devices.
  17. Vine video content by brands are four times attractive than any other content
  18. Nearly 70 percent marketers are succeeded with their video advertising results.
  19. About 98 percent marketers are like to advertise their brand by using the videos as their medium
  20. An ipad user was spending more than five minutes time to watch the videos


As the entire marketing strategy works on the flow of the online video marketing and this is the market for the online video advertising. if the video advertising is made with creative thoughts then it can be the best to overcome the competitor in the same field.

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