The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Virtual Reality Headsets

We are in the world of virtual reality, and the Virtual Reality Headsets are buzzing across the web. Advertisers and marketers are also targeting VR ads for virtual reality lovers. The VR headsets can deliver the audience with an immersive experience, and a VR Ad can make the audience or viewers at the center of storytelling.

When comes to purchase of VR Headsets, the first question that has risen in your mind is whether it is a mobile or tethered. The modern headsets will fit into both categories.

A Mobile VR headset comes with lenses in which you place on the smartphone. These lenses can separate the screen from two images to the viewer.

The mobile headsets like Samsung Gear VR etc comes under inexpensive price range below $100. There is no need for connecting wires to your VR headset. They work only on some mobile phones because every phone was not designed to support the VR. So the quality might miss out.

When it comes to tethered headsets like HTC Vive, Play station VR is connected physically to the PC. The utilization of the dedicated display in the headset can use the external camera tracker as well as improve the quality of the image fidelity and head tracking.

The VR headsets are powered by technology which can provide a great experience in watching the virtual reality. There are different ranges of VR headsets that are available in the market. Let us have a look at some best VR headsets and their specifications.

Guide to Choosing Virtual Reality Headsets

Sony Play Station VR

• Sony Play station VR can deliver the high-level Virtual reality headset.

• The headsets offer immersive viewing experience comfortable with high-end features with good screen resolution.

• It is compatible with the current model consoles.

• The sports field view is 100 degrees and the nine percent narrow. The general average field view is 110 degrees.

• The refresh rate at an average is 62 percent faster.

• It has position tracking feature which enables the relative location. The headset tracks the movement in the 3D space was divided as rotational and translational.

• Its price range from $399 inexpensive VR headset category.


• Up to 18ms Latency and 120 Hz refresh rate

• Stylish design and enables online multiplayer and local multiplayer mode with ease.


• The camera and the move controllers were not included and PS4 hardware limits

• Uncomfortable button placement for move controllers.

HTC Vive

• The HTC Vive is built up with the room-scale Virtual Reality that allows the physical move around the objects in the virtual reality space.

• It comes with an adjustable headset and the multiple eye relief that adjusts the lens at a distance and make it vivid and comfortable to look.

• The wireless controllers are designed especially for the VR interactions.

• It is very convenient to use.

• It costs $800


• 2400X1080 resolution

• Positional tracking at room-scale

• Best for VR major gaming platform.


• Very expensive and the positional trackers requires more space.

• Requires high-end PC with GPU.

Oculus Rift

• Most comfortable and easy to wear headset comes with a motion sensor and wireless Xbox.

• The specifications are closer to the HTC vive in terms of the pole and graphical complexity.

• It offers 1080X1200 resolution in OLED screens

• It costs $600

• It is compatible with all the games and best for the independent gaming developers.


• 2160X1200 resolution with FOV 110 degrees

• Positional tracking

• Massive gaming library


• Require high-end PC.

• Touch controllers are not there.

• Motion at extra degree causes motion sickness to the viewer.

Samsung Gear VR

• It supports all Samsung Galaxy series phones.

• It has android compatible Bluetooth controller.

• The new Gear VR has a USB connector and Auxiliary USB port for device charging.

• Guaranteed 2560X1440 resolution

• Price $96


• 2560X1440 resolution at 101-degree FOV

• Onboard controls

• Easy menu navigation

• Low price


• Works with Samsung Galaxy S6 and later versions only.

• Lacks positional tracking

• No gamepad

Google Daydream View

• High-end Cardboard VR experience

• Small motion tracked controller

• Best graphical processor screen.

• Optical lens field view was 90 degrees and works differently on different phone screens.


• Lightweight and comfortable

• Gesture controller with trackpad

• Low price, can be available at $79


• Light comes into screen

• Limited game library

Freefly VR Headset

Freefly headset offers best field view with an immersive experience in virtual reality space.


• 120-degree field view which is the best of all other VR headsets offers in field view.

• Light in weight just weights 18 ounces.

• It comes with glide VR controller


• Little bit hotter while working

• No, adjust options for distance between the lens

• It costs $85

Zeiss VR Headset


• Best quality and comfortable to use. The new trays can be printed in 3D

• Impressive VR headset can be compatible with different smartphones.


• Lacks onboard controls limits its utilization.

• Lack of magnetic button for the cardboard.

• Expensive as it costs around $770

Homido VR Headset

• Compatible with iPhone and Android mobile devices

• Immersive gaming experience .it works across more than 300 different type of mobile devices.

• Custom designed VR lenses with 100 FOV


• Good quality lenses

• Best to focus on image

• Comfortable

• Good field view


• Comfortable but not that much comparatively with the competitors like Freefly, Samsung Gear VR etc.

• Not easy to mount and dismount

Merge VR

• It was something like similar to the Samsung Gear VR

• Comes at an affordable price $99

• Compatible with iOS and as well as with the Android phones.

• Colorful headset made up with antimicrobial material

• Compatible with both android and iOS

• AR and VR capability and affordable at cost.


• Uncomfortable with Stiff-Foam

• Lenses are at slide out position

• Very less content comparatively with gear VR.

Finally, go through the above guide while buying a VR headset.

The Ultimate Guide To VR180 Video

As the name implies that YouTube video format is coming up with a new 180-degree field format. Now onwards YouTube video creators focus on making easy and affordable virtual reality videos through the concept of VR180 Video.

This is the collaboration between YouTube and the Daydream team focusing on VR 180 videos. Let us go through the detailed view of VR180, what do you mean by VR180 and the Ultimate Guide for VR180.

What is VR180?

Virtual reality is a faster growing format to make it more to grow faster in big companies. Google introduced a new VR180 video. For the First time Google investing on YouTube compatibility VR Platform and VR cameras for YouTube professionals to make VR180 videos.

Google brand new virtual reality format of videos are called VR180. It takes only the front view of the VR video i.e 180-degree view, descriptively simple as compared to complete background view of 360-degree videos.

It does not lose any of immersion, it covers entire field view with 3D element depth videos. VR180 create extremely easy environment for the creators to develop high-efficiency VR experience to the users

The Ultimate Guide To VR180:

Though it is not qualified by Virtual reality, it can offer 180 degrees VR stereoscopic 3D format of videos. The picture is bigger than the screen view that is a 135-degree view, so you easily view fullscreen.

Google is coming up with VR cameras through the ties up of companies like LG, Lenovo, and Yi which is Chinese company planning for this winter.

Creators will able to shoot VR 180 degree footage with the existing equipment instead of running to buy new VR cameras for VR180 videos. It can save expenditures needed in buying the special VR video cameras.

Consumers can get a number of VR good stuff to view the virtual reality videos on YouTube, rather than waiting for 360-degree stadium videos. Because VR 180 is coming up with YouTube compatibility.

Now all the VR 360 degree videos have equirectangular projection where you can feel like being a part of that video. VR180 offers 4K HD video image high quality of videos.

Google viewers can edit the YouTube videos with the help of app such as Adobe Premier. Later manufacturers can come up with new VR 180 degree cameras to shoot VR180 videos.

The cameras are dual lens cameras, specially designed as the point to point shoot of VR 180 degrees and not cost effective as compared to VR 360 cameras.

These VR 180 degree videos available in YouTube like regular videos view as normal and if you hold on VR headsets it converts to VR 3D clips.

World’s First Virtual Reality Film Bahubali 2

The makers of Bahubali 2 have made an interesting announcement regarding its conclusion part. That is, introducing Virtual Reality effects in the Movie. The first look of Bahubali 2 is going to release the highest quality of Virtual Reality Effects. After they have announced, Bahubali 2 VR has become more popular in the entertainment circle. What does this VR exactly means the audience can live and Experience in the world of Bahubali with latest technology and gadgets.

Virtual Reality is the one of the trending Technology in the digital media world. VR place a key role to experience the 3D world. Instead of sitting in front of the screen user can experience the Virtual World of the Movie. VR is the most trending and next recognisable technology.

This computer technology is transforming into senses like hearing, visibility ,feel and experience. Rather than locating with the physical environment, this 360-degree camera turns your head and eyes to look and feel the environment with senses. This 360 degree covers entire surrounding environment in the movie.

The leading VR technology concepts like Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, Aukey VR Headset and Merge VR. From these technologies, we can experience and enjoy the world of VR in Baahubali 2.

The virtual reality of Bahubali 2 can be experienced while watching it on mobile devices which gives the real-time feeling of being on that sets. It can do by downloading the Google Cardboard app on our smartphone, and this will scan the code available through which our mobile get permission to access the VR of the Bahubali 2 movie.

This is a stunning world movie which has launched the unbreakable nameplate in the history of the film industry in the category of Telugu film. The arrival of this movie has launched a challenging spirit in other movie industries and let us see is there any movie coming to beat this Bahubali. Starting with this movie Let’s hope many more Indian movies come up with more innovative technologies like VR.


Google’s new YouTube compatibility VR 180 degree videos are coming soon. People can watch it as regular YouTube videos but if you hold on Headset view the front view of VR 180 videos. Be ready to watch and enjoy the VR 180 degree full HD videos and Movies.

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