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50 VLC Media Player Keyboard Shortcuts

VLC Player Keyboard Shortcuts is one of the popular media players. Knowing the keyboard shortcuts to use the VLC media player helps to do anything faster. Some of these are especially helpful when VLC is being played in full-screen mode. Using the shortcuts can save a lot of time and knowing the shortcuts helps to use it faster and better. Use the below-mentioned keyboard shortcuts to use VLC media player productively.

VLC Media Player Keyboard Shortcuts

1. The space bar can be used to play pause the media player.

2. To watch the content full screen on the VLC media player, just hit the F key.

3. Toggle between full-screen mode and window mode on VLC by hitting the F key.

4. To change the aspect ratio, just click the A key.

5. Zoom in and Zoom out in window mode using Z key.

6. Press Alt button and Left or Right to go back 10 seconds or fast forward 10 seconds.

7. Skip a minute of the video by pressing the ctrl and left or right direction keys together.

8. To skip more than five minutes of the video press the ctrl, Alt and also left/right keys at a time.

9. To increase the volume press the control and up key.

10. To decrease the volume press the control and down key.

11. To mute or unmute the video on VLC, press the M button.

12. To adjust audio or video effects like color contrasts, equalizer etc, press the control button and E key.

13. When you are watching the video in window mode, get the info about elapsed and remaining video time by pressing the T button.

14. Press the ‘-‘ minus button to slow the video playback to while watching in adrenaline or bullet time mode.

15. While watching the video on VLC in adrenaline or bullet time mode, press the ‘+’ plus key to increasing the video payback.

16. To play the next or previous media in list, press the N or P keys.

17. To stop the video that is playing in the full-screen mode, press the S key.

18. To hide or unhide the on-screen controls press control and H button.

19. Press Esc to exit full-screen mode.

20. To on or off the subtitles, press the V key.

21. To select audio track press the B key.

22. Press control and D key to open disc menu.

23. To open the folder menu the shortcut keys to be used are control and F button.

24. To open advanced open file option press the control and R keys together.

25. To open a single file, press the control and O keys together.

26. To play a movie from beginning on VLC, press the P key.

27. To change screen, press the C button.

28. To play recent media press Control + 1 to 4 keys.

29. To advance one frame at a time press the E key continuously.

30. To go to preference and interface settings, press the control and P keys.

31. To edit bookmarks, press the control and B keys together.

32. To open messages, use the ctrl + M shortcut keys.

33. To open capture device press the control and C key together.

34. To save the play list, use the control and Y keys tougher.

35. Pressing control and I keys together will provide the media information.

36. To play the next movie from the playlist, press the N key.

37. Press F1 to show help.

38. Press F11 to make the window full screen.

39. Pressing the control and W keys together is the shortcut to quit VLC.

40. For minimal interface, press the control + H keys.

41. For random selection of playlist press the R key.

42. To open multiple files pres the control, shift and O keys together.

43. Pressing the W key is the shortcut for toggle wallpaper mode VLC

44. To take video snapshot press the shift and S keys together.

45. To record or stop recording on VLC, press the shift and R keys together.

46. To open URL press the control and V keys.

47. To get Codec information use the Ctrl + J shortcut.

48. To increase or decrease the subtitle delay press G or H key.

49. To get audio menu press the Alt + A keys.

50. To go to tools menu use the ALT + T shortcut.

here are some VLC Player Keyboard Shortcuts have covered above. Some of these can make things easier when playing videos on the VLC media player.

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