Volkswagen Video Marketing

Volkswagen Video Marketing Success Strategy

Volkswagen has ventured up its video marketing diversion. With enormous hits like the Old Wives’ Tale Series, they’ve blended up monstrous consideration through video marketing strategy. Volkswagen Video Marketing success strategy is explained here.

The latest advertisement campaign, however, for the most part, indicated through offline mediums, is the extraordinarily special and unique “Ya!” video. The Ad is an excellent promotion. Here’s the reason it works, on such a large number of levels.

The State of Volkswagen in Social Video

A trio of clips by Volkswagen will go down in viral legend history as among the most prominent ever. All in all, the videos have been seen more than 155 million times, showing the natural shareability of video. At the point when clients are locked in, they invest more energy in your site and collaborate more with your image.

Social media campaigns ought to dependably attempt to join the command of video, which assembled the Volkswagen figures, told ReelContent that a ton of work needs to go into online videos.

Publicizing is an altogether different ballgame now contrasted with the past. The Web has changed everything, and it’s not sufficiently more to merely release a business on TV and trust it reverberates with the purchasers focused. The ascent of time moving and online video hasn’t helped either, similar to never again being presented to the same number of promotions, or being compelled to sit through them, similar to we once were.

Thankfully all is not lost for the publicizing officials and the brands they profit from advancing. They have simply needed to adjust to the new reality and make more imaginative and creative methods for getting us keen on an organization or item. Instead of standing back and moan about the Internet, numerous have grasped it. Furthermore, that has given us some really outstanding viral video publicizing campaigns.

It is the Number one car brand on Social media

Volkswagen designers, together with over 3.1 million fans, helps to upgrade the current cars & shape future ones. Volkswagen rose to the number 1 car brand

Volkswagen Videos on Facebook and Youtube

When it comes to shareable online video, most people think YouTube is the dominant player, and it still is. But a little over a year ago Facebook launched its video platform, and it has suddenly become huge. Most people are unaware just how big Facebook now is a video sharing platform. And most people don’t know how YouTube has been sidelined on Facebook.

They also put some hard numbers on the competition between the two platforms. Which one is bigger, which one is more efficient, and which one is growing faster? We shared the results of that research last week with 1,000 attendees at

Volkswagen Social Video Stats

Volkswagen on Youtube

You come here in search of its striking design and innovative technology. Gradually, you will discover the fascinating world there around: a lifestyle, experiences, news, …

Total Views
12.7 Million
Average Views/Video
Engagements/View For videos uploaded in the last 90 days

Volkswagen on Facebook

We like to make high-performance cars, safe and fun to drive. Do we continue our history together?

Total Views For videos uploaded after Aug 2014, when Facebook added public view counts
Average Views/Video For videos uploaded after Aug 2014, when Facebook added public view counts
Facebook Likes

Volkswagen on Instagram

If you like everything around the world VW, is the official channel of Volkswagen in Instagram

Total Est. Views
Average Views/Video
Instagram Followers

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