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Warner Bros. Pictures Successful Video Marketing Strategy

Warner Bros. Inc. American motion-picture which presented the first real talking picture (1927). The organization was established by four brothers, Harry, Albert, Samuel & Jack Warner. Warner Bros. Pictures has become the leader of entertainment globally. The video content from Warner Bros. Pictures has a specific brand identification that no one can beat. It has blasted the victory that is unerasable in the history of Hollywood by providing an innovative experience for the audience in the category of films, music, and television, etc.

The overall gross income of Warner Bros. is $1,018.2 with the market share of 15.5%, and this has acquired only through 24 movies in the year of 2017.

Is it possible for all the companies to gain such success?

I say no.

Because everyone wants to be in the track of success, but no one can reach that except some experts like Warner Bros. who had the complete sketch on obtaining the attention of the audience at a glance.

The only thing that makes them to rocket fire the success is just boosting the video marketing strategies that drains a vast number of audience. In the trailers on YouTube are playing a vital role to clutch the audience for the coming movie in theaters.

The video content that has been created by the Warner Bros. in the trailer will zoom-in the outlines of the movie by launching curiosity in the audience to watch in theaters compulsorily to know what’s going to happen at the end and where it’s going to stop.

The one more thing that we should discuss is that they had focused on all the audience of social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, etc. where the plenty of audiences can be found with no investment in promoting the movies.

In 1913 they started creating their particular movies, and in 1917 they moved their production headquarters to Hollywood, Calif. They built up Warner Brothers Pictures, Inc., in 1923.

How Warner Bros. Pictures is using Video Marketing Strategies

In any case, if the association is to stay fruitful and aggressive later on, it ought to have a reasonable methodology and the studio’s officials have attempted to ensure this is the situation.

Keeping in mind the goal to investigate Warner Bros.’ system going ahead, I plan to zoom in on the accompanying focuses – industry examination, technique portrayal, assessment and issues lastly, procedure suggestion (Boulton, 2001).

The studio’s primary vital objective is to keep up its lead in business and telecast by managing the developing interest while using innovation changes and new plans of action (Time Warner, 2014).

Lеt’s take a look at how the major players i.e., 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney Studios, Universal, Paramount, Columbia, Sony and Warner performed in the most recent 20 years.

Warner Bros. leads the pack with an aggregate gross income of more than $26 billion, amassed by 595 movies and a normal gross of 44 million finished off by a 15% (Nash Information Services, 2014).

Warner is followed by Disney with near $25 billion and Sony with 23 billion dollars gross income (Nash Information Services, 2015).

How Warner Bros. Pictures using YouTube Platform for Branding

Warner Bros Pictures marks all consistently by distributing crisp content focused at their customer base. They know frequently posting content is an ideal approach to expand  video marketing objectives.

But, you don’t need to be a major name with a major budget plan to have an effect. Indeed, a large number of channels are making six figures every year. Furthermore, it’s difficult to put a dollar sum of an amount on associating with current clients or finding new ones.

  1. You can modify your YouTube channel. Your business is one of a kind; ensure your page speaks to your image and your brand.
  2. YouTube is an extraordinary spot to repurpose other content you’d like to share customers. Think infographics, podcasts and interviews.
  3. Posting unique video will support your SEO rank. Web search tools truly prefer the site with video.
  4. You can  add video auto-captioning to achieve the hearing impaired.
  5. Video passes on feelings and permits you to associate with your followers deeply.
  6. Using YouTube is free.
  7. You can post and share customer testimonials on your channel.

Why Warner Bros. Pictures Video Marketing Strategy is different from others 

Warner Bros. remains at the edge of the amusement business with organizations in feature movies, TV, home entertainments, video games, and customer products.

2015 marked the 9th continuous year Warner Bros. Pictures crossed the $3 billion imprint at the worldwide film industry with $3.71 billion in overall receipts ($1.60 billion domestic and $2.11 billion universal).

The year was likewise fifteenth sequential frame that both the local and worldwide divisions crossed the billion-dollar check—a turning point no other studio has accomplished.

For the fifteenth continuous year, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment was the industry’s pioneer, with 19 percent piece of the overall industry, and was the number one in the general offer through and electronic offer through classifications.

Warner Bros. TV Group’s WBTV, Warner Horizon Television, Telepictures, Warner Bros. Movement and Blue Ribbon Content kept on delivering TV’s most mainstream and fruitful arrangement for the telecast, link, pay and also the digital marketing places, creating more than 70 arrangement in the 2015-16 season.

Working with all stages and outlets WBTVG and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment kept on being classification pioneers and remain trailblazers in the digital realm with VOD (transactional and advertisement bolstered), marked channels, unique content, applications, anti-piracy technology & broadband and remote destinations.

Warner Bros. Pictures multi-platform marketing strategy

Sue Kroll, President of Worldwide Marketing and Distribution, Warner Bros. Pictures, expressed, “Joe Wright made the overwhelming form of Peter Pan that is energizing and convincing, and outwardly dumbfounding.

With the objective of uniting moviegoers all over the place to ‘Find Your Neverland,’ our promoting group and our accomplices at Turner have built up an engaged and roused technique consolidating select content from the film and its gifted cast, including worldwide star Hugh Jackman.

Warner Bros. Pictures Best Practices To Making Viral Videos 

  2. Warner Bros. Amusement is a completely coordinated, expensive based excitement organization that is a worldwide pioneer in all types of diversion and their related organizations over all present and rising media and stages.

So what do they offer? 

• Feature Film, Television and home diversion creation and overall dispersion to DVD and Blu-beam, advanced dissemination, activity, comic books, item mark permitting and TV

  1. Advanced STRATEGY NEED TO KNOW Who? The Warner Brothers What? Digital Strategy When? From business, Warner Bros. to purchasers and taking into account a national target market How? Accepting an aggregate yearly income of $10 million


• Goal: Getting to know the general people behind the Warner Bros.

• This system will answer the inquiries

• Who are the Warner Bros?

• Who are the general population in their films and TV arrangement?

• Who talks the voices in their computer games?

• Who made these computer games?

• Who created the TV arrangement that individuals are fixated on?

• Twitter: Interactive surveys, hashtag patterns, rivalries

• Instagram: “Become more acquainted with you” highlights


Goal: Spread mindfulness

• Production, well-known representative

• 1. “Work with your deals to figure out what content they think quality prospects may want to download it”

• 2. Facebook: The Videos where clients can download clips of motion pictures and TV programs delivered by the Warner Bros.

• 3. Coupon for any Warner Bros Blu-beam DVD giving them your name and email address in the wake of going to the site by means of a connection on any online networking, for example, Facebook or Instagram


Goal: Stand out and turn out to be more intelligent

Already have: Apps, amusements, portable openness

• EX: Warner Bros. Screenings App

• Users picking to get notices from their “Warner Bros. screenings” application

• Creating challenges for the individuals who see the most Warner Bros. movies in a month

• Users could buy tickets specifically from the application that show up with a standardized tag (like at Starbucks) to be filtered when they get to the theater

What You Can Learn from Warner Bros. Pictures Video Marketing Tactics

It is must remember that society is an amongst the most basic factors for advertisers to consider while presenting another item or administration to an outside business sector. Unpretentious contrasts inside societies can impede the coordination on the universal promoting system given the progression of the worldwide business sector. There have been numerous studies that have analyzed the relationship amongst society and worldwide promoting system.

● Understand the standards of business sector division

● Understand how to survey market opportunities for new products and platforms

● Understand how to evaluate viability of a evaluate


Things being considered, it is improbable that Warner Bros. Entertainment is going to encounter significant downturns and hits sooner Warner brothers has made a successful marketing technique to promote its brand and its products around the world.

It is essential to remember that society is a standout amongst the most basic variables for advertisers to consider while presenting another item or administration to a remote business sector. Inconspicuous contrasts inside societies can frustrate the coordination on international marketing strategy given the flow of the worldwide business sector.

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