Improve Audience Retention on YouTube

100+ Ways to Improve Audience Retention on YouTube

The internet is filled with people who want to share their knowledge and expertise. Whether it be through a blog post, video tutorial, or even an Instagram story, the world of content creators is vast and varied.

Some might say that YouTube has replaced TV as the go-to source for entertainment; after all, you can find just about anything there! For those looking to improve audience retention on YouTube, we’ve made this list of 100+ tips to help your videos stand out. We hope they inspire you!

Ways to Improve Audience Retention on YouTube

    • Ask viewers to subscribe and like your videos
    • Upload content that is engaging and easy to watch
    • Include a call-to-action in the description of your video
    • Give away freebies or discounts for those who click the “subscribe” button, follow you on social media, etc…
    • Consider the target audience and what they might be interested in
    • Create a clear call to action at the beginning of videos
    • Include subtitles for audiences who don’t speak your language or have hearing impairments
    • Use strong visuals that are relevant to the video’s content
    • Keep videos short, with no more than 5 minutes per video
    • Make sure your videos are relevant to the topic you’re covering
    • Include a call-to-action in your video description, such as “Subscribe!” or “Like if you enjoyed this video.”
    • Use annotations for links and calls to action throughout the video
    • Add a thumbnail that’s eye-catching and representative of what people will see when they click on it

    • Make your video captivating and entertaining
    • Add a catchy title to the video
    • Include text at the beginning of the video describing what viewers will learn or experience.
    • Keep your videos short- under 10 minutes is ideal, but 5-8 minutes is good too.
    • End with an actionable takeaway message for viewers
    • Add more variety to your videos
    • Make sure you have a solid call to action at the end of each video
    • Use shorter videos for mobile viewing and longer videos for desktop viewing
    • Try not to use subtitles in your videos, but if you do, make them optional
    • Create a video with an exciting topic
    • Create short videos
    • Use captivating images to catch the viewer’s attention
    • Make sure your videos have good lighting and sound quality
    • Keep videos under 10 minutes in length unless they’re educational or instructional
    • Create a catchy and memorable channel name
    • Include the video title in the description section so people know what to expect.
    • Add an intro at the beginning of your videos that includes your logo and any relevant information (i.e., who you are, where you’re from, what you do)
    • Upload videos regularly to keep viewers coming back for more content
    • Use annotations to link viewers to related YouTube channels or websites
    • Have a clear goal for your video
    • Add subtitles to your videos, even if you have the voice of someone else
    • Use an intro that is engaging and unique
    • Ensure there are no typos or grammatical errors in the video description, title, or content.
    • Keep it short- under 10 minutes is best
    • Keep the content short and to the point
    • Add a call-to-action at the end of your video to encourage viewers to subscribe or leave a comment.
    • Create videos that are relevant and helpful, not just entertaining
    • Allow for interactive participation by asking questions in your videos
    • Create a YouTube channel with a clear and concise description of what you plan to upload
    • Upload quality content that is worth your viewers’ time
    • Promote your videos on social media sites, such as Facebook or Twitter
    • Use annotations for more information about the video, including links to related material
    • Add closed captions so that people who can’t hear can still enjoy the video’s content
    • Make sure your video is a good length- if it’s too long, people will get bored and leave
    • Add subtitles to your videos to make them accessible for deaf or hard-of-hearing viewers
    • Include captions in the video description so that people who can’t watch the video can still read what you’re saying
    • Use high-quality footage and equipment to improve how your videos look and sound
    • Give each video an exciting title that grabs attention
    • Make your video content relatable to the audience
    • Create a clear, concise title that will capture their attention
    • Keep videos under 10 minutes in length so they don’t lose interest
    • Add captions because people are watching YouTube on all different types of screens these days
    • Include subtitles for those who have hearing impairments or speak languages other than English
    • Add a catchy title to your video
    • Use keywords in the title and description that will help people find you
    • Include a brief introduction of what the video is about, preferably with an image or two (if applicable)
    • Keep videos between one and five minutes long unless it’s an instructional tutorial or demonstration on how to do something specific
    • Be consistent with uploading new content at least once every week
    • Make your videos shorter
    • Add a link to your video in the description of every other post you make on social media and include a call-to-action for people to watch it.
    • Experiment with different formats, such as vlogs or short clips of an activity
    • Include subtitles in your videos
    • Add a video intro
    • Be consistent with your upload schedule and content type
    • Use the thumbnail to catch the viewer’s attention
    • Engage with comments on videos and channel posts
    • Create playlists for viewers to follow
    • Ensure you have a clear and concise title that tells the viewer what they will learn from watching your video.
    • Add subtitles or captions so viewers can watch your videos without sound
    • Use transitions between different scenes in your video for a smoother viewing experience
    • Make your videos short
    • Use subtitles if you are speaking in another language
    • Create content that is relevant to your audience’s interests, not just what you want them to watch
    • Share your video on social media
    • Use a catchy thumbnail, title, and description to grab people’s attention
    • Include tags in the video title so it is easier for people to find
    • Upload videos regularly so viewers know when they can expect new content
    • Create thumbnails that are eye-catching and relevant to the content of the video
    • Use a variety of video lengths
    • Create videos with captions and subtitles
    • Have consistent branding across all your videos
    • Include humor in your videos to make them more engaging
    • Make sure you have a clear call to action at the end of each video
    • Use captions to make your videos accessible to deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers
    • Add annotations to give more information about the video or its content
    • Include subtitles in different languages for people who speak other languages
    • Make sure that you are using the correct tags on your videos so potential audiences can find them
    • Have a thumbnail image that is eye-catching, relevant, and interesting
    • Quality over quantity

  • Engage Viewers with thumbnails and titles
  • Use tags and subtitles for videos
  • Publish more than one video a week
  • Tweet, tweet, tweet!
  • Send out an email before uploading a video
  • Spend some time on content creation
  • Include interactive elements on the page
  • Design your YouTube channel
  • Be consistent with posting times
  • Engage and entertain viewers
  • Make sure to answer any comments and questions on the videos
  • Find like-minded communities and engage them through words and other methods
  • Add a section at the end of your videos where you engage with your audience
  • Provide a how-to video
  • Post a video on a trending topic
  • Make a skit about a trending topic
  • Make it relevant to your business
  • Use the meatier videos
  • Give your audience something interesting to talk about
  • Ask followers for questions on what you should report next
  • Interact with the community
  • Create high-quality, entertaining content
  • Moderate comments on your videos
  • Engage on all social channels
  • Share and engage with other media in your niche
  • Develop a strong message and stick to it
  • Make people feel something when they hear your message
  • Don’t expect anything in return at first
  • Do everything in your power to stay consistent and prolific
  • Stay true to yourself and remember that you’re


To improve your YouTube audience retention rates, 100+ tips are below. The list includes everything from the basics of video production and marketing practices to more advanced strategies like using interactive video elements or creating a sense of community with viewers. No matter what stage your channel is at, these simple changes can help boost viewership over time. Ready? Let’s get started!

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