eCommerce Video Marketing

50 Actionable Ways to Improve eCommerce Video Marketing

Who does not want more sales for their eCommerce store? There are some effective ways to improve the video marketing for eCommerce sites to put into action. Here are the strategies that helps to expand the eCommerce Video Marketing

Most marketers may be wondering whether they are doing right things to get as many visitors to their eCommerce site as possible. Read the following actionable ways and get new visitors.

1. Create product videos and show a product that is sold at the eCommerce site works.

2. Use the product videos on homes pages as well as the product pages.

3. How-to-videos are another type of popular videos that will bring more customers to the site.

4. Comparison videos are great for encouraging the customers to make purchase decisions.

5. Upload testimonials or review videos which are the essential tool for improving eCommerce sales.

6. Use the interactive videos to engage users and include a call to action linking to the product page or the eCommerce site.

7. Create at least ten how to videos of the products that you offer on you eCommerce site.

8. Create the videos for different formats such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc.

9. Ensure that the text used in the videos is readable on smartphones.

10. Put these videos as related videos on other product pages of your eCommerce website.

11. Add top of funnel videos to multiple product pages.

12. The videos created with a lot of effort can be used for the email marketing to increase click through rates.

13. Use animated GIF for the video image.

14. Include videos in the welcome emails sent to the subscribers who are inactive.

15. Use the email personalization techniques to personalize the videos in the emails for more benefits.

16. eCommerce marketers should add a video sitemap on the site.

17. For the production mentioned in the video include links to direct the viewers to the product page.

18. Optimizing the title and meta description tags for every video also is very helpful.

19. Post the videos created once on the blog also.

20. One of the most favorite types of videos that can be used by the eCommerce marketers as part of their video marketing strategy are the unboxing videos.

21. Videos of events can be used as promotional material.

22. Add few behind the door videos and also about the culture of the company to show the company’s personality to the customers.

23. Commercials also can be made a part of video marketing strategy even for digital marketing.

24. Funny videos help increase brand awareness and increase the number of visitors.

25. Social media platform is so powerful that it can help engage the customers and increase sales. So share your videos on your social sites.

26. Ensure that the video quality is very high.

27. Keep interaction with the visitors on the social site as well as at the video.

28. Make sure that eCommerce site is responsive.

29. Also, make sure that your videos are playing fine on the mobiles.

30. Don’t ask visitors to register or create an account through your video as this can annoy them.

31. Post videos on social sites informing the audience of the free offers and special discounts.

32. Make your videos easily shareable to reach the wider audience.

33. Encourage visitors to comment on the video and respond to their comments and suggestions.

34. Attend to the requests of the customers.

35. Keep the end goals when creating a video marketing strategy.

36. Entertain the audience with the video and build relation with them.

37. Video marketing is not just selling but information sharing.

38. Adding a subscribe button in the video works well as viewer acquisition strategy.

39. Use watermarks in the video and lead an audience to new windows to a product page or other landing pages.

40. A video outro is also an essential part of video marketing.

41. Add videos introducing the new employees to keep the interest of the audience.

42. The call to action should be clear and placed strategically in the video.

43. Making own videos is more rewarding.

44. If you want to test the reaction of the customers for videos on the site, share the source videos form videos sharing platforms.

45. Mix the curated videos with own videos to diversity video content and engage the visitors.

46. Based on the type of products the eCommerce site is selling, the video type needs to be chosen.

47. Fist add videos to the products that are the best selling on an eCommerce site.

48. Make sure the videos are also displaying well on the mobiles as most people access videos on their mobiles.

49. Test how the videos are working.

50. Compare the pages with video and without video and find the conversion rates of both.

Ways To Improve ECommerce Video Marketing

  • Use videos to educate customers on how to use your products
  • Create a video tutorial for people who are new to your site and product line
  • Create an explainer video that explains the benefits of what you’re selling, as well as why they should buy from you
  • Make sure all videos have captions so they can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of hearing ability
  • Use a variety of videos to educate consumers about your products
  • Make sure the call-to-action is clear at the end of each video
  • Include personal stories in your promotional videos and testimonials from satisfied customers
  • Use videos to show people what the product looks like, how it works, and why they should buy it
  • Include subtitles in your video so that viewers can read along with you
  • Make sure your video is at least three minutes long shorter videos are less likely to be watched all the way through
  • Add a call-to-action or link at the end of your video for viewers who want more information on a certain topic
  • Create a video that showcases your products in action
  • Use videos to show how to use your product, or provide demonstrations on how to do something you sell
  • Feature customers using your products and speak about their experience with them
  • Make a video of the people behind the business- talk about what you’re passionate about and why you started this company
  • Create a video that explains the benefits of your product or service
  • Make sure you have compelling content
  • Add subtitles to your videos for non-English speakers
  • Use video as an SEO tool by adding keywords into the description and tags of each video
  • Use a video hosting service that offers features like analytics or conversion tracking
  • Add closed-captioning to your videos, so they are accessible for deaf viewers
  • Include subtitles in the video so people can read along in their own language
  • Create a YouTube channel and upload videos on an ongoing basis, not just when you have something new to sell
  • Use a video marketing platform that integrates with your eCommerce store
  • Incorporate videos into all aspects of your marketing strategy
  • Create product-specific videos to boost conversions
  • Create customer testimonial videos for social media and email campaigns
  • Add a video section to your website or blog
  • Don’t forget about the basics, like a good product description and high-quality pictures
  • Include videos in your marketing strategy to increase conversions
  • Use testimonials from previous customers or influencers to boost the credibility and trustworthiness of your brand
  • Make sure you have an easy return policy so that people feel safe ordering from you
  • Create a video that is short and to the point
  • Add subtitles or captions for people who don’t speak your language
  • Include product demonstrations, reviews, or tutorials in your videos
  • Use keywords in the title and description of your video, so it shows up when people search on YouTube
  • Create engaging videos that are original and interesting
  • Make sure to use keywords in your video titles, tags, descriptions, and annotations
  • Use captions for videos with less than 100 words of text or those with audio only
  • Include a link to the video’s page on your website in the description section of the YouTube video
  • Optimize your metadata for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes

Videos are an excellent way to attract visitors but eCommerce sites have to use them to their full potential. Various types of marketing videos need to be used in the eCommerce video marketing strategy based on the products and the page.

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