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49 Ways to Make Your Video Go Viral – Best Tricks and Tips

Can we make a Video Go Viral?

Yes, we can make a Video Go Viral. Some best tricks and tips will help us to make a video created by us go viral. There may be many tips and tricks, but all of them might not work for all the videos. Let us talk about some of them here.

Indian Animation Video Going Viral on YouTube

The recent Indian Animation video ‘3D Love Star’ has become very popular on the YouTube platform. The Indian Animation Hero Song developed for semi-realistic technology. The 7seas Entertainment produced the song. 7Seas is a leading Indian Gaming and Animation Company in India.

The response to the video was just amazing. The 3D Love Star has braked many records in the Animation Industry of India. It has achieved a huge fan base within a short period both in YouTube and Facebook.

Have a Look at this Love Star Song

Many people had shared the video on various social networking platforms and made it viral across the web. This multilingual song with perfect dancing steps and best music had attracted the audience to the YouTube platform, especially Children. The Indian animation dancing hero song has imitated 18 Top Heroes of Tamil, Telugu and Hindi Movies. The steps performed by the dancing character are very lovable and realistic. It has achieved great attention from the kids and millennials.

The video has rich production value, and the Love Star has turned one of the buzzing topics across the Social Media. The dancing styles of various heroes had performed in their form, which is the most stunning element in the video. A winning smile will appear on every audience face by throughout the video watch. The song by famous Singers Hemachandra and Sravana Bhargavi of Sare ga ma pa super singers Television show fame. The video has reached 3,50,000 views within a short period.

What makes a video go viral?

There are some proven ways to create a video to go viral. The viral videos fall under different characteristics and these are the surprise, interesting, positive, humor, intense and actionable. Although a video has all the right components, there is no guarantee that it will go viral.

  1. People share the video when the content is valuable and meaningful.
  2. Videos should say something that people can relate to.
  3. There are people already having a big audience and working with them is one of the effective ways to make the videos go viral.
  4. YouTube creators with loyal fanbase can be chosen to work with.
  5. If a popular YouTube creator shares and promoted the video, the fanbase of the creator will engage with the video which can help reach more audience.
  6. Ensure that videos are high quality and this is not the only way to make the video go viral. Videos need to be uploaded regularly.
  7. Consistency creates interest in the audience about the video content.
  8. Concentrate on delivering the quality message in the video.
  9. Big crews of high production values do not affect the popularity of the video but the meaningful and valuable content will.
  10. Build the content separately for mobiles and desktops.
  11. Do not hope to find audience automatically for TV ads that are uploaded on YouTube.
  12. Encourage users to share, comment and like.
  13. Learn from creators who are successful in getting the benefits of the digital world.
  14. There is no need to limit the video length to just thirty seconds. If the content is engaging, it can be up to three minutes.
  15. There are many free tools and resources available online that helps to find ways to make the videos go viral.
  16. However, good the video is, if there is no clear message, it may be all for nothing.
  17. Slapping the logo and website address on the video is not enough to go viral. The value proposition has to be clearly expressed.
  18. Make videos on current trends.
  19. Pick up the topic that matches the niche and make perfect videos.
  20. The video of the title plays a major role in making a video go viral.
  21. The title gives an idea to the viewer what they are about to watch and what they can expect from the video.
  22. Give an interesting title to the video on capitalize on the sense of curiosity of people.
  23. To make a video go viral, marketing them well is important.
  24. Plan well before recording the video to give it the best shot at going viral.
  25. Upload the video inappropriate category so that there will be less competition.
  26. Use correct keywords in the description so that the videos are ranked higher.
  27. Pay to play advertising option help in giving the video bit of boost.
  28. Have clarity about the video content and the budget of it.
  29. Ensure that the videos are shot in good lighting.
  30. Be sincere in creating the videos.
  31. Upload the video at the right time.
  32. To rank higher, use the proper tags.
  33. Spread the video in as many websites as possible.
  34. Use Facebook, YouTube or other established platforms to spread the video.
  35. Make videos different from other videos available on the same topic.
  36. Think of a goal for the video.
  37. Keep the videos short.
  38. Attention spans of an audience are short and so make the videos with the clear message in the first few seconds.
  39. Make the video understandable to not just the people who know the industry but also to the general public.
  40. The videos with universal appeal and touch will have higher chances of going viral.
  41. Use the best communication tools online to make videos go viral.
  42. Viral videos should be decent.
  43. Ensure good audio quality for the viral video.
  44. Avoid controversial topics.
  45. Ask feedback from the viewers.
  46. Use the music that you have the rights to in the videos.
  47. The title of the video must contain the important keywords.
  48. Get the attention of people by adding tags.
  49. Let the subscribers and followers know when a new video is posted.

There are platforms such as YouTube that give a good platform for videos to go viral. Knowing what actually helps the videos go viral will help create good quality videos.

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