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What is Trend Surfing, and How can it help create Video Ideas?

In digital content creation, staying current and relevant is critical to success. Creating videos that capture your audience’s attention and engage them for more than a few seconds takes careful planning and insight. One method of staying ahead of the game is trend surfing. 

Trend surfing involves constantly monitoring and analyzing trends in your industry, social media, and pop culture and leveraging that information to create video ideas that resonate with your target audience. 

We will explain trend surfing and how it can help you create winning video content ideas.

What is Trend Surfing?

Trend surfing is the art of keeping pace with the constantly changing trends and patterns in social media, pop culture, and your industry. 

It involves constantly monitoring news feeds, hashtags, and analytics to identify what topics and themes people engage with. 

By staying aware of the latest trends, you can identify opportunities to create timely content that speaks to your audience’s interests and needs.

It would be best to be plugged into your industry and audience’s interests to identify trends. 

Keep up with your niche’s news publications and blog articles, join industry-related social media groups, follow relevant influencers, and track relevant hashtags. 

Use online analytics tools to analyze what content is performing well in your industry and what social media engagement happens online. 

Combining these insights will help you identify trends and create content ideas that suit your audience’s interests and preferences.

How can trend surfing help you create winning video content ideas?

Trend surfing can provide you with a wealth of creative ideas for video content. As you identify trends and patterns, you can use them to create engaging and relevant videos that resonate with your audience. 

For instance, creating explainer videos highlighting a trending topic or issue in your industry can help keep your content relevant and engaging.

Trend Surfing – A Surfer’s Guide to Creating Video Ideas?

Trend surfing is a concept that has gained a lot of attention in recent years. In simple terms, trend surfing refers to identifying and riding trends in various industries or sectors. 

The concept is widely used in marketing, where businesses leverage the latest trends to create campaigns that appeal to their target audiences. But trend surfing is not limited to marketing alone. 

It can be a valuable tool for creating content that resonates with people. We will explore the concept of trend surfing and how it can be used to create engaging videos.

Types of Trend-Surfing Videos?

There are many types of videos that you can create while trend surfing, some of the most common include:

Reaction Videos: Videos in which your team reacts to any event, culture, or discussion that is currently trending.

Parody Videos: Videos that take a mainstream topic and add humor to it by twisting the narrative for entertainment purposes.

NewsJacking Videos: Videos about current events that offer personalized opinions and perspectives about recognizable societal changes.

Behind-the-Scenes Videos: Videos that show how your brand creates, executes, and ideates on its trending video ideas based on current and popular culture.

Examples of trend surfing in action?

Many brands use trend surfing as a technique to create video content. Starbucks has created videos focused on timely topics, such as introducing vegan options to their menu or implementing green initiatives.

Gillette launched a video campaign focused on the #MeToo movement and spoke to their audience’s interests in social issues. 

Ikea launched an influencer campaign surrounding a hot topic at the time, decluttering homes for 2019; influencers created videos utilizing Ikea furniture to create great and tidy spaces.


Apple is one of the most successful companies in the world, and they are often credited with being trendsetters in the tech industry. 

While other companies are content to wait and see what consumers want, Apple is always working on new and innovative products that they think will be popular. This allows them to stay ahead of the curve and keep their customers happy.


Nike is another company that is known for being a trendsetter. They always come out with new and innovative products, such as self-lacing shoes, that consumers love. 

Nike also does a great job of marketing their products to specific demographics, such as athletes or fashion-conscious consumers.


Tesla is a company that has been at the forefront of the electric vehicle revolution. While other car companies have been slow to embrace this new technology, Tesla has been working hard to perfect it. 

Tesla’s cars are now some of the most popular and sought-after vehicles on the market, and the company is trendsetting in the automotive industry.


Amazon is a company that has been trendsetting in the e-commerce space for many years. They were among the first companies to perfect online shopping and continue innovating. 

Amazon is now one of the most popular shopping destinations online, and they are always coming up with new ways to make shopping more accessible and more convenient for their customers.


Snapchat is a social media app that has become very popular recently, particularly with younger users. 

Snapchat’s unique features, such as its filters and disappearing messages, have made it a favorite among users looking for something different from traditional social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

Social Media:

Social media is one of the most popular ways to stay up-to-date on current trends. Whether it’s following influencers on Instagram or Twitter or simply scrolling through your feed, you’re bound to see what’s trending.

You can also use social media to join online communities that discuss trends, such as Reddit’s r/FashionReps or r/Streetwear.

One of the most obvious examples of trend surfing is following fashion trends. Every year, new fashion trends emerge, and people scramble to buy the latest and most excellent styles. 

While some people can keep up with the trends without spending much money, others spend a fortune on clothes they only wear for a few months.


In conclusion, trend surfing can be a powerful technique for creating winning video content. 

By identifying current trends and patterns in your industry, social media, and pop culture, you can create engaging videos that speak to your audience’s interests and needs.

Like any creative concept, trend-surfing requires practice and commitment. Keeping up with the latest trends and insights will help you stay ahead of the competition and evolve current ideas to engage with your audience continually. 

So, hop on board, ride the waves of trends, and create exciting, relevant, timely videos that deliver value to your audience.

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