What Is Vero? The Ultimate Guide

Are you tired of using the old app for a long time?

Why not go for try something new?

Everyday everyone welcomes something new and exciting features. As the days are moving the usage and the habits of the people are changing. Now it’s time to hash-out the hiking social media app “Vero” the slogan of the truth.

What is Vero?

It is the most leaning social media app that is twitching at the mobile users to hold their attention to use. It is offering free sharing of media for first million users. The videos, links, movies, books, places, and photos can be shared through the single app from the mobile itself. It is going to be on the track of trending social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. But it has it’s unique and the most advanced features that every social media lover needs to use.

How is it vary from other social media apps?

Is it worthy to use in the present existing challenging environment?

Is it an Instagram Competitor?

There might be chances to be in that category, but each app has its own identity of building the strong brand acquisition. But the “Vero” is slightly different from the Instagram, and it is next in the queue to magnetize the users to become its fans.

Subscription service base:

The appalling one that simulates the other app users is offering a life time free subscription for the first million users of it as it is the ‘Subscription’ base service provider. It is the ever best tactic that is implemented by the Vero to gain the huge subscribers. Moreover, it helps to add the revenue as the subscribed users after one million should pay some bucks to use the features of that app freely.

Posting to particular followers:

In this app, we can choose the specific followers to view our post. If the user wants to disclose their post to all the followers, then they can. The captions can also be edited after posting on Vero but not possible to edit the post viewers to see.

No advertisements:

It sounds good right as till now we don’t have any social media apps with no ads. Still, the users of Vero can visit the video ads when they follow the business brands, but the ads are in sequential order. The video ads are not encouraged by Vero, and it appears according to the user usage of this platform.

Links to share:

The business brands can share the links to disclose their products or services to the users by using “buy now” link to which they have to pay the bucks.

Sequential serving:

The Vero will serve the individuals by following the sequential order without relying on boosting the post to huge engagement.

No consideration of active time:

The users of it can post anything at any time without hunting for the arrival of the followers.

Transparent service:

The users or business posts of everything they post will appear in the feed without paying to boost the post as it is in the chronological order.

All these points will describe how far the Vero is from Instagram, but both have their unique features of their own to provide user-friendly services to their fans.

Best Features of Vero Platform

Vero is a Social Networking Site those who love to share anything on Vero. Vero social sharing app comes with best features ever on Social Media.

Less Social Media, More Social Life:

Vero Social networking site creates a more social life for the users what they experience precisely on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram. You have full control over the posts what you have shared on Vero. Vero launched its app for both the iOS and Android users.

Share What you want:

You can share what type of content would you like to share. Start creating posts using Movies, TV, Photos, Videos, Links, Music, Books, Places.

Before sharing the photos and videos, you can use predefined editing options like Filters to your Videos or Photos. With the single post, you can create mini Album. Include Links to your videos, Articles and favourite websites.

You can directly listen to the music tracks and add to your playlist from your friend’s posts. In another way, you can hear and add tracks from the Apple Music straight to Playlist.

You can share and watch trailers, complete movies from your friend’s posts. Check out the movie trailers recommended by your friends through notification.

Have a Glance at Book what your Friends following and recommend your all time favorites

You can check the photographer’s pics and your favorite places all around the world.

Easily control who sees your posts:

Make a smarter connection for your every post. It’s your wish to share your post by choosing the users in your circle. Vero makes it easy to control the users who see your Content.

Every connection divided into three Categories like Close Friend, Friend, and Acquaintance. The acquaintance comes under private Category. They don’t know on which loop they come under, but they have a chance of Appreciating your posts, they tagged in. You can Build your audience and followers of your favorite artist, brands in your community.

You have an option to choose the type of posts you would like to see from your friend’s posts and filter the users based on the kind of postings.

Everything shared with gets Categorised into Collections:

All your shared content and your friends shared content directly goes to the collections. You can create the library of your passion and recommendations.

Search Everything, That’s ever been shared With You:

Vero comes with a bunch of incredible Albums, artists advised for you. You can search things that never been shared with you and create your own unique a personalized Content just joining on Vero Community.

Chat With Your Friends And Buy Stuff:

Vero provides Smarter engagement with your Friends just like Instagram. In the same way, you can go more in-depth with the Stuff, just tap on the Buy the trailer, music tracks, and books, etc.

There Will be no Ads:

There are no ads on Vero platform because there is no algorithm and data mining defined for ads. We can say that all the successful Social Media Websites introduced ads on their platforms. But here it’s not possible. One surprising thing about Vero you can get Ads from the Advertisers and Influencer from the followings.

Vero will Not Steal user data:

This is a big deal from the Vero, and it does not show you all profile publicly. It only needs your name and email id.


Vero created a more authentic network. Vero lets the Users to ” Be Yourself,” “Enhance the Name Vero” and “Meaning the Truth.”

Business Model:

The primary goal of Vero is to make as a Business Model, but it’s not serving the Advertisements. It provides Advertising free Subscription based Services. Vero was inviting the users as a customer not for promoting the products.

For the first million users Vero making the annual subscription fee as for life Time. It treats all customers in the same with similar features and functions.

The Feed:

The Feed consists of posts you have shared and posts that you have tagged by your friends. All the posts information remains in the collections based on the kind of post.

Vero does not manipulate, insert the ads, held back and curate your post information. It did not charge to “boost your post.”


The launch of VERO will blast the excitement of both the personal and business users to enjoy its amazing services. Hope that it’s going to be a great competitor for all other trending social media apps.Just try this Vero for more Fun to get entertained.

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