Live Video for PR

Why Live Video is a Powerful Tool for PR Professionals

is by all accounts the following boondocks, despite the fact that the class has attempted to increase mass fame throughout the years.

Facebook too is hopped in with both feet putting resources into verbose substance and capable makers while additionally revealing a live streaming service of its own.

Though YouTube and Facebook aren’t homered in the live video space starting yet, live streaming is relentlessly discovering its approach to buyer screens all over the place. The benefits of live video for PR are explained here.

As the innovation hits standard, it will keep on shaping discernments. That implies PR should include new strategies and methodologies that are VR-based. Before long, PR experts will be requested that how to utilize VR to drive informing and purchase-ins.

What makes VR so distinctive is its capacity to drench the crowd in an envisioned world. Not at all like photographs, design, videos, and sound, it gets the group of onlookers to live, inhale, and encounter the message in a different situation.

It offers an intense device for both advertisers and PR experts to shape thought and conduct that goes past composed word, a video or a podcast.

Ongoing correspondence, and is the immediate consequence of apps like Meerkat and Periscope going standard. It offers constant food for a particular occasion. This implies there is next to no time for PR to think of an eloquent answer.

Rather, PR should instruct their customers on the most proficient method to answer and react progressively.

RTC is additionally unedited. The live bolster is instantly devoured. This implies PR should moderate dangers as far as informing route ahead of time. Like this, this will lift the status of PR in an organization.

No more simply the mouthpiece of an organization, it will end up being a more strategic and vital part of an organization.

Notice the jammed field out there as far as informing. Imparting your customer’s accomplishments or declarations is no more as simple as it once seemed to be. With such a variety of channels accessible, each organization is presently packing the pipelines with thought administration pieces, declarations, public statements, and online journals.

Every one of these persuades 2022 will be the year when focused on informing gets to be imperative. Distinguishing your group of onlookers and driving online media impressions are no more going to be sufficient. PR experts need to shape their substance to be particular to the group of onlookers or media to pick up the important footing.

Top tools to broadcast live video online

Facebook Live:

By using this tool, you can engage the worldwide audience by live streaming. Just by creating a profile or page on facebook, you can hold both the Android and iOS devices audience along with Facebook Mentions. The live video appears in News Feed and the profile or page of the broadcaster with live indicator.

Instagram Live Video:

You can live stream to your followers on Instagram, and when it is finished, then the video is no longer available on Instagram. The interface of the live video on Instagram displays the number of views and comments. You can turn off or respond to ongoing comments.

YouTube Live:

YouTube is famous for video streaming. In the same way the feature ‘Live events’ allows you to broadcast live video. You can engage millions of audiences in real-time and also it enables you to reply to audience comments lively.

IBM Cloud Video:

It is a cloud-based platform that delivers both the on-demand and live video content. It used to play in the category of event or marketing streaming to audiences by considering the business as the primary service.


Twitter introduced Periscope to live stream on its platform. It enables users to broadcast live from both iOS and Android smartphones and other devices. Where the tweet goes on Twitter, the live video will go there. When live streaming ends, you can save that live video as a tweet.

Twitter Live Streaming – The Next Big Thing

Live streaming is the latest buzzword doing rounds in the entertainment world. Live streaming is made possible with the latest technological advancements.

Some of the famous names in the world of live streaming include Twitter’s Periscope, Facebook Live, etc. The specialty or to say the primary and attractive feature of live streaming is that there is only a need for a smartphone to take a video of any incident and post the same on the net.

The followers will be able to watch the stream live and also interact with the publisher in almost real-time.

Twitter is one of the largest social media with increasing number of followers and as such is able to attract many followers. This wide popularity is giving this social media a natural advantage for promoting the new concept of live streaming.

Maybe it is a music concert, a sit-out or a demonstration taking place in public or it may be a private function happening in one’s own guest house, live streaming enables the publisher to take video of the happening and immediately publish the content on the net.

The concept of live streaming is gaining popularity and is now almost a daily event for most of the followers on social media.

Another version of live streaming can be ‘selfie culture’ that is also gaining momentum. The latest features of many smartphones are enabling anyone and everyone to take the selfie and post the same on the net.

The video is naturally going viral, and there is a widespread viewing as well as commenting that is taking place about the video/selfie.

Twitter can cash on this much increasing popularity of live streaming through its ‘Periscope.’ Periscope is a name that needs no introduction to followers of social media. Backed by much more powerful Twitter, Periscope is showing its worth within months of its start-up.

Despite initial bumps, the venture is one of the leaders in the social media offering the live stream. Though being a brainchild of Twitter, Periscope acts independent and still has access to technology & finance from Twitter. The live stream is offering ready audience and is definitely a publicity tool for digital marketers as well.

Live streaming is having certain inbuilt technological limitations like poor quality of video that is being published. Another important aspect of live streaming is ‘is live streaming is free. Of course, many people don’t like to be recorded as they feel that it is an infringement to their personal life.

Some questions generally arise about the ability to get continued support for a live stream. The main issue is the ‘liveliness’ of the content. The published video may be interesting for instant watching. But the same may not be able to command similar interest/viewership from the very next day. It means that the video is losing its ‘liveliness.’

Despite the larger number of followers, Periscope is finding tough competition from Facebook Live.

This kind of tough competition and the addition of newer features makes it amply clear that the live streaming is the next big thing that is going to happen in social media and Twitter is sure to capture on this next big happening.


Every one of these persuades 2022 will be the year when focused on informing gets to be imperative. Distinguishing your group of onlookers and driving online media impressions are no more going to be sufficient. PR experts need to shape their substance to be particular to the group of onlookers or media to pick up the important footing.

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