We Worked with 1000’s of YouTube Channels and This is What We Found

Millions of channels will be found on YouTube but most of the cases only a few of them will be well reputed with an astounding performance that never leaps to ground again.

How it’s happening?

Then what about the startups and flopped ones?

Here are some strategies that have been collected by working in real time with 1000s of YouTube channels.

These will definitely solve your issues to hit the target of your audience.

Creating a Unique Concept is Key to Success

The primary object that seizes the audience at your channel is ‘concept’ that you choose. Always pick the unique concept containing ‘about your content and you’ that matters for the audience to get a specific idea of your channel at the starting.

When you cherry-pick the concept should wake up the audience from the other regular channels.

Trending videos will bring the news about what’s being viral in the YouTube world. Everyone first prefers the current trends on YouTube which gives somewhat refreshment for the audience.

Remember that everything on YouTube is not trendy one and the video you create should be the hot topic in the public like launching the newly released products reviews and unboxing.

Along with all these if there is any fun content then it goes viral as the unique video content in your account.

Always keep an eye on the upcoming news containing the release of music albums, movies, events, political news and sports related. Just make-up all those topics with the sparkling creativity of video content which automatically switch audience to your videos to spend a long time.

“Trends with no innovative content seem like a Beauty salon with no equipment”.

Optimization is Very Important

The optimization will take a wide place in the enhancement of a particular YouTube channel. To do all these you should arrange the video content in your channel by adding effective titles, internal linking of other videos, multilingual subtitles and call-to-action.

Subscriber Base is Important to build initial traction for the video

To get a channel success or failure it all depends on the hands of the subscribers. When you have the subscribers more than you expect it will automatically drain more traffic for the initial upload of any video. So concentrate on getting the huge fans for your channel.

Active Subscribers are Powerful

Try to generate the campaigns by adding some offers like gift vouchers that automatically engage the channel with the continuous flow of audience. When you upload any new videos, then they could immediately watch and share if it is extraordinary.

Social Media Traffic is Very important for the YouTube Channel Growth

Other social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Twitter are the major sites to push nonstop traffic to your YouTube channel where the huge community of audiences is available.

Building and Sharing Videos on Different Social Media Platforms will grab much attention

When you share or post your YouTube videos on the social media sites containing the large communities then those videos will strike at the eye of the audience. Then they can visit your channel for the other video content. Note that the video should have ultimate content.

Creating Different Promotion Strategies on a timely basis is important

Use multiple promotional strategies to attain more audience. It can be obtained by blasting contests by offering some coupons, get the involvement of celebrities and cope up with other YouTubers to introduce them in your videos.

Before you release these video just pay attention to the time at which the audience are being online. If you apply all these strategies, surely you will find the drastic change.

Using Tools and Tactics is also a key to the Success

There are plenty of tools are available in the name of YouTube creators to get more subscribers. Including those use some tactics like an immediate response to the subscribers and generate the videos by making some fun moments for your fans or subscribers. Through this, you can get the attention of the audience at your channel.

Keep your Videos Conversational and get tons of comments

Always upload the conversational videos that are related to fans, other YouTube stars or your personal experience at the exciting moment. Through this activity, you might zip tons of comments which give a sudden rise of users at your video.

Keep it Relevant to your Subscribers & Tell a Story to your Viewers

Remember that those videos should be made by making perception on the audience expectations. Narrate the excellent story through those videos at your fans and the story should reveal the reality of our surroundings.

The most common wrong step that everyone will choose is just blindly following only one concept or theme. I mean just don’t make all the videos by focusing on trending only.

Due to this, the audience might feel bored, and straightaway quit from the channel. Just produce the fresh topic on a regular schedule, and one more thing is don’t prefer lengthy videos.

Engagement and Watch Time is Key

The viewer engagement and watch time spent by them are the most crucial things. Because depending on those two the YouTube ranking will be assigned by analyzing the analytics of your YouTube channel. The more you get that much higher rank you will get.

Create Catchy and Unique Style of Thumbnails

The brand ambassador of the YouTube channel is the video Thumbnail. This is the only one which attracts the audience to go through the video. You should use rarely found and eye-catching Thumbnails while making videos.

Stay connected with Influencers and get Social Shares

Merge with the both influencers and micro-influencers relevant to your channel and share your video content on their social media profiles. This type of communication will drain the new audience for your channel.


This will be more beneficial for you to widen the popularity of your YouTube channel with no fluctuations on your journey. These are the rarely available strategies that no one can reveal. Just go on implementing at your work.

All Images Source: Pixabay

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