Global OTT Advertising Statistics And Facts

50 Worldwide OTT Advertising Insights And Facts You Must Know in 2024

In terms of Video Advertising in OTT is continuously growing on the video-on-demand streaming industry. Unlike traditional television advertising on federal communications, OTT video advertising is increasing rapidly. IAB, in addition to key learning and strategy improvement based on the real-time OTT campaign experience. Here are the 50 Global OTT Advertising Statistics and Facts that you must know in 2024.

Global OTT Advertising Statistics And Facts

    1. The OTT advertising hit $2.7 Billion in revenue.
    2. Netflix and Amazon are the major competitor’s OTT Advertising in the global market.
    3. Hulu, one of the top OTT advertising market leaders, reaches the ad revenue of $1.5 Billion last two years, which is the 45% growth over the year.
    4. Roku acquired $ 600 million generated from advertising.
    5. The average length of OTT advertising in the U.S. is 3.2 minutes, and it is going to hit 5.1 minutes by 2020.
    6. In 2020 the OTT advertising might reach $5 Billion.
    7. The audience watching ad-supported OTT programs gained a 3.8 times higher rate of retention.
    8. The OTT consumers will quit the video ad at 85% to 95% of the time.

    1. The OTT ad spent reached $2.6 Billion by 2020.
    2. By 2020 the OTT advertising revenue is the primary source that reaches $8,745 Million.
    3. OTT TV and Video ad revenue reach $18,396 Million by 2020.
    4. The OTT or CTV viewers complete 98% of video ads compared to other devices.
    5. The consumers own 8.6% Apple T.V., 7.8% of Google Chromecast, 7.1% Roku Streaming Players, 3% of Amazon Fire T.V. sticks, 2.2% Roku streaming stick, 1.6 % of TiVo Roamio and 1.2% of Boxee T.V.
    6. The ad spent on Roku accounts for 67% higher exposure while comparing with cable television or broadcast.
    7. CTV advertising holds 26% of the total video ad spent.
    8. 76% of the OTT streamers watch ad-supported ott streaming videos among 49% of them said most of the time, and they watch ad-supported OTT streaming.
    9. 47% of the AVOD viewers said that ads are useful and enjoyable.

    1. 54% of the OTT consumers don’t mind the ads displaying while watching the video content.
    2. 50% of the OTT consumers don’t mind to pay reduced fee-paying.
    3. 72% of the OTT consumers recalled seeing ads, and 40% of them reported to learn more about the product mentioned in the ads.
    4. OTT video advertising platform innovated that 304% of the higher engagement rate with the big screen video compared to desktop.
    5. According to Hulu, interactive ad units increased 50% ad call rate and with 45% of the increase in the purchase rate.
    6. CTV devises account will be 40% of the U.S. add spending.
    7. U.S. advertisers will spend $6.94 billion on CTV, which will rise to $14.12 billion by 2023.
    8. OTT industry has seen a 40% growth in global ott advertising.
    9. The digital ad revenue by connected tv reached to $5 billion by 2020.
    10. Marketers predict that OTT ad buying will rise to 50% of the total spending with worth of $85 billion by the end of 2020.
    11. Amazon has seen a 300% increase in ad-supported T.V. apps.
    12. Amazon OTT ads are full screen with sounds and non-skippable ads. The completion rate reached 97%.

    1. Amazon prime video Fire Tv, including 50 third party apps, which are ad-supported.
    2. 37% of the marketers spent is now allocated to advertising branded content.
    3. The T.V. ad spending on branded content is 63%, which 2X more on OTT ad spending.
    4. Ruko spending 1/3 of its revenue to sell OTT ads across the devices. Like Chromecast, Apple T.V., and Amazon FireTV.
    5. Marketers predict that the Global OTT market value is projected to be $332 billion by 2025.
    6. T.V. ad spending dominating the OTT video ad spending.
    7. Mobile video streaming is the primary growth driver in digital ad revenue growth.
    8. Streaming skinny bundles respond to the consumer’s curd cutting.
    9. T.V. networks growing direct consumers through OTT streaming offers.
    10. The full-scale T.V. experience and high on-demand viewing activity extending its OTT ad experience.
    11. Advanced ad targeting and dynamic ad inserting facts increase the Global OTT ad revenue.
    12. One of the Unknown facts of OTT advertisement is it reduces the risk of fraud.
    13. 80% of the brands believe OTT advertising is best for brands.
    14. OTT advertising allows brands for target advertising by demographic regions and user base.
    15. OTT streaming consumers complete 98% of the ads streaming on devices.

  1. OTT ads viewing is 14% more than on the desktop ad viewing completion.
  2. The ad completing rate on a smartphone is 12% less than the OTT streaming devices.
  3. OTT accounts for 29% of the T.V. viewing, but it has only captured 3% of the T.V. ad budget.
  4. Roku was generating $416 million, which is mostly coming from ott advertising.
  5. OTT ad revenue is continuously growing 45% year by year.
  6. Amazon and Roku are capturing more significant shares on the OTT ads dollars.


Businessessworldwided should knowthate OTT advertising is the future of marketing services. Nowadays, traditional T.V. advertisements have become more costly. Here are the 50 global OTT advertising statistics and facts that must know in 2024.

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