Wowza Streaming Engine

46 Facts and Figures About Wowza Streaming Engine

Streaming has become an important digital tool. Streaming helps to share the events, conferences and meeting with audience across the world. Live streaming helps in reaching broader reach. This also reduces the data transfer cost and keeps the content secure. This tricky implementation is made easy with Wowza Streaming Engine.

Facts About Wowza Streaming Engine

1. Wowza streaming engine is also known as Wowza Media Server.

2. This was founded in the year 2005.

3. It was founded by David Stubernvoll and Charlie Good.

4. This streaming software platform provides live and on-demand streaming.

5. This is based on Java and can be easily used with Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris and also on Windows and Unix.

6. It has more than 19000 customers in 170 countries.

7. This is easy to use and browser-based interface.

8. Wowza streaming engine media server software can be downloaded.

9. Users can stream live video from their cameras, DVR etc.

10. Wowza Streaming Engine offers 30-day free trial.

11. The trail version includes transcoder and DRM features but not the HTTP origin functionality.

12. Wowza streaming cloud allows streaming of live on any device such as mobiles and television.

13. Wowza streaming cloud service can be used to input videos from H.264 encoder, IP camera or transcoder and deliver streams in multiple bitrates and different formats on various devices.

14. There are different products available on Wowza stream engine.

15. These include the mobile app & SDK, server software, cloud service and HTML5 player.

16. Live video streaming free trail is available. Webinar recordings can be streamed in the beginning.

17. Wowza streaming plans are available with flexible pricing and features.

18. Wowza streaming engine is available for monthly, annual and perpetual plans.

19. The monthly plan comes for $95 per instance per month.

20. Wowza streaming engine annual fee is $65 per instance per month. The billing is done twice in a year.

21. Users can also pay lifetime license fee one time. This includes maintenance and support for one year.

22. The perpetual license fee is $1995 per license.

23. Subscription plan usage is calculated based on a number of concurrent, instances in given bill cycle.

24. Wowza streaming Engine runs on all platforms supported by Java Runtime Environment.

25. Installer packages for Windows, Linux and OS X are available.

26. 64-bit operating system usages is recommended for best performance.

27. To use Wowza streaming engine, you have to install Java Development Kit or Java Runtime Environment.

28. Hardware requirement for Wowza streaming engine is 8 GB RAM, quad core system.

29. Wowza transcoder runs on Windows 64 bit and Linux software.

30. Unicast, multicast encoders can be used with Wowza streaming engine.

31. Wowza streaming engine is scalable.

32. Wowza streaming engine supports FLV, MP4, MP3 MOV and other video formats.

33. Wowza streaming engine free AddOns available are StreamLock, Load Balancing and GeoIP etc.

34. Wowza stream engine supports third party in-browser players and native applications on devices.

35. Wowza streaming engine supports mobile phones, computers, tablets gaming consoles, smart televisions and other device platforms.

36. Wowza streaming engine lives even pricing plans can be chosen based on frequency and viewership.

37. Different plans are available for Wowza streaming cloud live event.

38. These are a starter, standard, plus and premier whose prices are $49, $199,$499 and $999.

39. All the live streaming cloud event plans include full brand control, multi-bitrate streaming, HD and UGD broadcasting and global delivery.

40. Wowza streaming engine can stream on multiple devices at a time.

41. It also can deliver to game consoles such as Xbox, Wii and PS3.

42. It is easy to publish videos to Wowza server and playback the videos on other sites.

43. Webinars and conferences can be streamed without much hardware requirement and expenses.

44. High-end Wowza server can be used to host online multiplayer games, video chat and conferencing etc.

45. Wowza is flexible and can be customized.

46. Fortune 100 companies, content delivery networks, educational institutions in more than ninety percent of countries are using Wowza software.

Wowza streaming engine provides fastest and high-quality streams. The software is designed for live streaming and supports most of the latest products, codecs and protocols. From encoding to delivery, Wowza offers a complete platform for video streaming.

Wowza ClearCaster – Broadcast-Quality Streaming to Facebook Live [Review]

Facebook and Wowza team introduced a new streaming Appliance ClearCaster especially designed for Facebook Live streaming videos. Clear Caster is the Wowza first hardware device dedicated to streamers and Broadcasters of Facebook Live. Features of Wowza ClearCaster are addressed here.

Wowza ClearCaster:

Wowza ClearCaster comes up with a tagline “connect with Confidence on Facebook Live”, is Facebook new Live API for the streamers.

ClearCaster specially designed to give an easy way of streaming reliability on Facebook Live and to provide professional experience to the users to communicate and engage board meetings and other events on Facebook Live.

Wowza Clearcaster allows the most advanced professional way of communication and easiest way of delivering high-quality standard streaming capability to broadcasters and streamers through Facebook Live.

Wowza ClearCaster Features:

Many companies have done on research work about ClearCast which can automatically adjust streaming settings and optimise uptime and high-quality video settings.

ClearCaster can support 1080p30 and up to 4K UHD video streaming when you connect cameras, live production studios and editing bays for perfect streaming on Facebook Live,

It is capable to see the Live reactions of the audience directly, so you may react to their comments and connect directly to live.

You can operate start and stop of Facebook Live on the Facebook live interface only. ClearCaster Appliance can be operated through the web app.

Wowza ClearCaster is a Box which including USB ports, connect a camera directly, connections made via HDMI and SDI ports, portable and rack mountable device.

It comes with an integrated clock that delivers countless streaming eliminating the pauses in the middle and has a capability of watching what exactly the followers are seeing.

ClearCaster is purposefully build for seamlessly enhanced Facebook Live API, real time stream health monitoring from your Facebook Accounts.


Wowza ClearCaster is a powerful device to which can allow reliability, automation on streaming setting and high-quality 4k UHD video streaming capacity.

The above is a simple guide to Wowza ClearCaster and it’s beat features for streaming on Facebook Live.

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