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The television advertising becomes decreasing day by day with the increase in the social media usage and the increase in watching the YouTube video content. The Wywy TV advertising, video watching behaviour of the audience have changed totally and the majority of the audience are preferred to watch the online video because of its portability and comfort in viewing through various devices with the present modern technology. But, this resulted in drastically decreasing in the usage of the tradition television.

Previously, the advertisers used to advertise on the Television before and in the middle of various programs and were still running on the same path but, we can see a very decrease in the number of advertisers approaching towards TV. But not everyone preferred the various online advertising ways and choosing the television advertising ways for their company or small branding etc.

A study revealed that the online television viewing behavior was changed totally as the people are using the second screen devices along with the television viewing at a time parallelly. More than 85 percent people are using the second screen while watching the television programs and casting their opinions and discussing online on various social media platforms.

How to Maximize the TV ROI

Wywy platform helps the advertisers to increase their Television ROI with its real-time detection and estimations. The Live sync feature helps in recapturing the attention of the social and video ads. It also captures the television synced with the campaigns. The site sync also helps in increasing the ROI with TV synced homepage that means the platform made connection with the internet and the television to increase the ROI along with the analytics reports on TV ad that is aired in real time which is the most stunning feature.

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