XSplit Live Streaming

Getting Started Guide to XSplit Live Streaming & Recording

For streaming video on internet some software is needed. There is software that comes for free such as Open Broadcaster Software and some software such as XSplit for which the user needs to purchase a license so that all the features are accessible. XSplit Live streaming complete guide is given here.

XSplit Broadcaster and XSplit Gamecaster support all capture cards including Elgato, Hauppauge, Magewell etc. When streaming or recording the gameplay, it is easy with XSplit to resize or reposition the webcam. XSplit makes it easy to manage the recorded gameplay. The recording can edit with the inbuilt editor, and it can be shared on YouTube or social media networks.

XSplit Live Streaming and Recording Basic Setup

Setting up of XSplit live streaming and recording requires creating a free account and downloading the software. The software comes in free, personal and premium versions with each coming with its advantages. To stream the PC games the screen region can be captured, or a direct feed can achieve via game source. This feature, however, is available only for personal and premium subscribers.

XSplit Broadcaster

XSplit Broadcaster is a broadcasting program and offers all in one solution for broadcasting to stream editing, graphical overlays, picture effects etc. XSplit Broadcaster is an instrument to be used for quality broadcasting. XSplit Broadcaster is easy to use and is fast, and it comes with the extensive set of options, many additional features and easy to use interface.

XSplit broadcaster supports Twitch, UStream, YouTube Live, GoodGame.ru and Akamai Networks and many other streaming sites. The social media sites supported are YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

XSplit Gamecaster

XSplit Gamecaster requires Windows XP or higher versions, .NET Framework, Internet Explorer 7, Abode Flash Player. The Hardware requirements are the 2nd generation Core i3 processor, 4 GB CPU, 3D acceleration support graphic card etc.

XSplit Broadcaster is used to live stream the gameplay on Twitch, and it can share on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus. Using Gamecaster allows creating high-quality game recordings and living streaming. While Gamecaster and Broadcaster use the same technology, Gamecaster is designed to share the gameplay moments.

To start live streaming or recording, press the stream or record buttons on XSplit Gamecaster. There is a microphone or system sound button for enabling or disabling the microphone or system sound. In the settings tab, choose the camera or webcam button and adjust the settings. For detailed information on how to go about streaming and recording with the broadcaster, visit their official page.

Gamecaster comes with automatic recording option that allows recording in good standard quality. The video recordings can be either uploaded on video-sharing platforms such as YouTube or can be shared on social media sites.

Advantages and Features of XSplit Live Streaming and Recording

To access all the features of XSplit, the user needs to purchase a license. There is a free option and also another personal option. With a premium subscription, which is a bit expensive, the user will be able to get some fantastic features mentioned here.

Scene Preview Editor is software accessible by premium subscribers of XSplit. The broadcaster can edit the scene without taking the current scene off. Scene Transition is another interesting feature which allows a smooth transition from one scene to another and makes the streaming appears professional. Here is another cool feature and it is thumbnail preview that shows the thumbnail of a new scene. The broadcaster can go and edit the scene in Preview editor if there is something wrong. XSplit also allows adding Skype video as a source, and the video appears in the scene. XSplit allows creating professional broadcasts with extra features.


This article will be used to build the live video streaming on any platform. This is one of the best live video streaming software that performs well.

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