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Yeti Professional USB Microphone [Review]

Depending on your job, some tools make life easier for people continuously recording audio, making voice-overs for podcasts, professional audio, and music albums; Blue Yeti Microphone grabs the number one position. The Yeti Professional USB Microphone is one of the best options for recording audio. It is versatile, easy to use, and a plug-and-play professional audio recording gadget.

Key Features of Yeti Professional USB Microphone:

When you immediately plug Yeti into your computer, it’s ready for recording. Works for the programs such as Skype, Audacity, FL Studio, Google Hangouts, Vegas Studio, and OBS without issues.

The Blue Yeti comes with Yeti Pro Counterparts, Yeti Studio, and four ways of recording features.

There are stereo mode features for perfect recordings and listening patterns, and they are best for musicians and singers.

Yeti Professional Microphone includes a mic, an adjustable, removable stand, an instruction booklet, and a mini USB cable. The Micro USB is used for cell phones, digital cameras, and tablets.

Setting up the Yeti Microphone is simple and easy, as you connect a charger to the computer. When it is plugged in, the computer automatically picks it up.

It does not need any unique configurations for setting up; you can adjust the volume effects as required and give a name to your easily recognizable Microphone.

Blue Yeti has fantastic build Quality. Yeti is designed with a solid metal body that gives a bit of weight to the mic, which is highly sophisticated and durable.

The tri-capsule array has three condensers which lead to professional audio recording. This powerful mic can record minute sounds in the space, and four settings will give you a professional studio recording quality.

It is omnidirectional; when you are in conference video calls, you should have a mic covering all sides of the background. This is also used for recording musical instruments or orchestras or recording musical instruments vocalists.

Blue Yeti has multiple patterns for recordings like Bidirectional, Omnidirectional or stereo, and cardioid.

On the front of Yeti, two options are available; one is the Mute button to mute the recording if you don’t need and another one is Volume for dial volume controlling; zero-latency headphone output allows you to clear output clarity.

On the back of your mic, two unique features are Gain control helps boost the Volume of your vocals; if you increase the gain, the chance of decreasing the audio clarity decreases.

Another one is recording modes; as we discussed above, four types of recordings exist. Each method is generated different styles of recordings like vocals, conference calls, instruments, duets, interviews, and field recordings.

On the bottom part of the mic, you will see three socket points to plug in one mini USB port, one headphone jack and one shock mount thread.


For aI will suggest Blue Yeti Professional USB Microphone to anyone looking for high-quality audio recording Microphone. Yeti is available for $149 online stores, but you may get $100 with a mini USB mic for sale. There is no other alternative for replacing the Yeti Microphone.

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