YouTube Channel Case Study

YouTube Channel Case Study: Increasing Video Views from Zero to 100,000 in 6 Months

Is there any guide to distinguish the tactics to boost the YouTube channel? Does it possible doing YouTube Channel Case Study to increase Video Views ?

Do you become as a bug of searching platforms to dig the strategies?

No worries. Here is the ultimate source to find the solution for all your queries.

YouTube Channel Case Study

Start Slowly with Few Videos

When you are in the start-up stage of running a YouTube channel then you can slowly boost the channel by uploading the few videos. Remember that the initial creation of YouTube videos should grab the audience attention. The slow injection of videos should spread as the channel branding virus at the audience. So that after uploading the different conceptual videos you might get an idea of audience preference.

Observe the Initial Traction

The first step you should follow as a vlogger that you need to observe the initial traction i.e. the number of views for a particular video, from which source like the mobile or desktop the audience are being more at your channel and at what period of time the audiences are being online. This analysis might give ideology to make further videos that help in the development of channel.

Optimize Each and Every Video you upload

Video optimization is the best tactic to follow for the instant results of the channel. While you are creating the video just consider the key concepts like title, description, quality of content, duration of the video and thumbnails etc. which shows the major impact on video performance that has been watched by the viewers.

Build Social Media Platforms to Boost Social Traffic

The social media plays a significant role either to rise or flop the channel. Always be active on social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter as they are having millions of users and these could be the great links to make bonding with the audience to explore your channel branding.

Start YouTube Advertising on your best performing Videos with Minimal Budget

Always pick the videos which are giving the best performance for a long time to promote your channel through the launch of advertising campaigns. Note that the campaign should be conducted with minimum budget.

The collaboration with the other popular YouTubers is the best way to build the channel brand. The participation of other vloggers will boost up the engagement of the channel from both sides. There might be huge chances of having fans from their fans. It seems very simple strategy to gain the subscribers without any investment. For this, you should inject their videos at yours initially and vice versa.

Create High-Quality Content on Viral Topics

Content selection is the most significant part of the success of a YouTube. The deliberate video content with high quality is the effective format to strike at the audience. Due to this type of content collection the video that has been uploaded will goes viral as the trending topic. A video with the snackable content is the more digestible at the audience than the long form videos.

Have a Close Look on Analytics and Watch-Time: Refine your Strategy based on it

Frequently keep eye on YouTube analytics to find which videos are getting frequent engagement and which are not. Find the watch time of videos at which the audiences are spending most of the time. Also, analyze the location from where the traffic is more and regular. After making an analysis of analytics take advanced strategies that can build up the channel as the trending one i.e. unique from others.

The Definitive Guide to Call-to-Action Overlay in YouTube

YouTube overlay is the most beneficial for the YouTubers to gain the amount through the number of views by the audience that will appear on call-to-action. Just go through this article to find better ways.

Call To action overlay on YouTube is a great way to promote your website on YouTube. To Create video ads on YouTube prefer to choose the call to the action method. As video showcasing keeps on enhancing in intuitiveness, you would prefer not to miss open doors for your crowd to react to your promotions.

You need to perceive how customers respond to your items and thought initiative in the business. Moreover, you need to know whether they viewed the whole video, as that mirrors a fair enthusiasm for what you offer.

That is the reason the capacity to execute a call to action inside YouTube videos is so imperative now in the field of advertising and showcasing. You will get many videos on how to work with Call – To- Action overlay on YouTube.

Organizations that have content that they might want to direct people to, for example, white papers, downloadable, or points of arrival, or even just to inspire individuals to agree to a forthcoming occasion.

Odds are, whether somebody watches one of your item demo videos, and then it’s sheltered to say they’re keen on your item. In this way, keep your CTA overlay applicable to the video you are showing it on.

For instance, on your item demo videos, you’ll need to have a connection to that particular item. In the event that the overlay isn’t pertinent, then that could be vexatious for your viewers and may put on a show of being simply one more irritating advertisement appearing.

Individuals need to know the data. In the event that you’ve as of now inspired them to watch your video, then you are most of the way there. A CTA overlay may give them the solution for their next inquiry. In the event that they need more information or on the off chance that they need to purchase your item directly subsequent to viewing your video, then they ought to have the capacity to get those next strides from your CTA overlay.

Getting started with Call to action overlays

• You just need a video campaign to add CTA overlays

• Click on “campaigns” button

• Click on “All video campaigns” on a left side of the screen

• Click on the videos button and click on the highlighted title of the video where you like to add CTA overlays

• Click on “add call to action overlay”

• Fill the required fields and click on to save button

• Click on to the preview button and play your video with CTA overlays

Here we have described the importance of Call- To- Action Overlay on YouTube, and a guide how to promote a video ad on YouTube using a Call-To-Action Overlay step by step procedure.


This article will provide all strategies that are essential for a particular vlogger to boost up the YouTube Channel Case Study performance within a short span.

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