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YouTube Channel Checklist: 100+ Tips to Start Your YouTube Channel

Have thinking about starting a YouTube channel? You’re not alone. Nearly 500+ hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, and the number of channels is skyrocketing. But before you start your channel, it’s best to do some research and figure out what type of videos you want to make and how much time you can commit. That way, when people come across your channel, they’ll be able to find videos that match their interests. This blog post will give 100+ tips on how to plan for success with a YouTube Channel!

YouTube Channel Checklist:

  • Turn on the camera and make sure it is set to record in HD
  • Make sure you have a good background for recording a solid colour or a plain wall works best, but don’t use anything too busy as it will distract from the video content
  • If you are going to be showing products, make sure they are well lit and visible
  • Keep your videos short- about 3 minutes max
  • Have a clear, concise title
  • Include an interesting thumbnail image
  • Be sure to include the video’s length in the description, so viewers know how long they’ll be on YouTube
  • Fill out your video’s categories and tags with relevant words that will help people find it more easily
  • Find out what your video’s title should be so it will show up in the search engine
  • Decide on a thumbnail for your video, which is the first thing viewers see before clicking on it
  • Find interesting videos to share with your audience
  • Write an engaging description of your video that includes keywords people might use to find videos like yours
  • Create an exciting and creative script outline
  • Have a catchy title that will attract viewers
  • Include your name and the date in the video description
  • Upload high-quality content that is relevant to your audience’s interests
  • Use keywords like “best,” “funny,” or “interesting” in the title, tags, and descriptions of videos, so they appear higher on YouTube searches
  • Make sure you have clear instructions for how to subscribe to your channel at the end of each video
  • Decide on a topic, Write a script that is creative, interesting, and engaging
  • Film the video in high quality with good lighting
  • Edit the video for length and any distracting background noise or movement
  • Add music to your video to make it more entertaining
  • Make sure your video is at least 5 minutes long
  • Put a title on the video and add some tags to help people find it
  • Upload your video and make sure you have a good thumbnail image for it
  • Add information about the video, including what kind of content it has, who made it, and when was it uploaded
  • Make sure you’re using the right equipment
  • Get your lighting set up for optimal video quality
  • Check your sound levels to make sure they are not too high or low
  • Record a video that is interesting and engaging
  • Find a time-lapse video of your process and edit it to fit the length of your video
  • Use YouTube’s built-in video editor to add text, music, and other effects
  • Add annotations with links for people who want more information about what you’re doing or where you got something from
  • Intro with a call to action
  • Problem statement or need that the video solves, Solution statement
  • Outro, Find a video idea
  • Record yourself talking about the topic of your video (or find someone who will)
  • Edit out any mistakes you made or cut out any dead air space in between your sentences if needed
  • Add music to make it sound more professional and engaging
  • Title, Description, Tags (keywords), Thumbnail (image) are necessary elements
  • Video length, in seconds or minutes and seconds
  • Record your voice-over narration and upload it to YouTube
  • Add music, graphics, or other audio clips that fit the video’s theme
  • Make sure your video is at least three minutes long
  • Tell viewers what the video is about at the beginning of the video
  • Include a link to your website, or social media account in the description box
  • Experiment with different camera angles and shots to create variety in your videos
  • Check the video’s length, and make sure it is appropriate for what you want to teach
  • Make sure your script flows well and doesn’t have any errors in spelling or grammar
  • Create a title that will grab people’s attention and convey the message of your video
  • Include a thumbnail image with text overlayed on top so viewers can know what the video is about before they click play
  • Make sure you have the right equipment to film and edit your video, including lighting, microphones, etc.
  • Film an introduction that will be used as the opening of your video, so viewers understand what they are about to watch
  • Record yourself speaking for at least five minutes on whatever topic you want to cover in this video make sure it interests you or something you know a lot about!
  • Edit together all of the footage into one cohesive video
  • Understand CTA, Be creative
  • Take Skilled Shots
  • Own Your Brand’s Story with good strategies
  • Do not Waste Time Searching for Data On Keyphrases. Just trust us. There are templates for this one easy steps template you will follow to generate thousands of ideas in seconds.
  • The Focus
  • The Opening
  • The Production
  • Client Testimonials
  • Make the Video SEO Friendly
  • Make sure you have a YouTube channel
  • Post high-quality videos
  • Engage with your subscribers
  • Rough-cut and schedule your video
  • Write an attention-grabbing description
  • Promote your video on various platforms
  • Make sure your video is in the correct category
  • Add tags to help people find your video
  • Upload a good thumbnail image of the video, preferably with the main point or theme on display
  • Write a compelling title that will make viewers want to click and watch
  • Make sure your video is relevant
  • Upload the highest quality possible
  • Fill out all of the necessary fields in the upload form (title, tags, description)
  • Add captions to your videos for deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers
  • Include contact information so people can find you if they have questions or want to collaborate with you
  • Make sure the video is under 15 minutes long
  • Create a catchy title and description to get viewers’ attention
  • Upload the video to YouTube, then add it to your social media profiles
  • Make sure your video is 1080p or higher
  • Choose tags to help categorize the video
  • Upload your video to YouTube and make sure it’s public
  • Add tags that are relevant to the video, such as keywords or categories
  • Include links in your description box for others who want to find this content on Google
  • Check the title and description for errors
  • Make sure the video is at least 25 seconds long
  • Upload a thumbnail that is eye-catching but not misleading to viewers
  • Add tags to help people find your video more easily
  • Make sure your video is vertical
  • Turn off the “Share” setting for your video
  • Add a title and description to your video
  • Uploading the right type of file (i.e., MP4, MOV)


With 100+ tips to help you get started, this checklist will hopefully save you hours. You can use it to start your own YouTube channel or improve the one that’s already in progress.

If there are any parts of running a successful YouTube Channel marketing campaign that still seems daunting, contact us for more information on how we can help with strategy and execution. We look forward to working together!

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