YouTube Channel Growth

50 KPIs That Really Matter for YouTube Channel Growth

How to measure the success of your YouTube channel? How many comments and shares a channel should have to declare it a success? YouTube Channel Growth can measure by some direct key performance indicators such as number of views and likes and some other symbols which are mentioned below.

Tips to measure YouTube Channel Growth

1. Watch time is the total time audiences are spending watching your video.

2. The more number of subscribers, the more the reach the channel will have.

3. Number of views is the views that the videos get over time.

4. Lifetime views are another metric which will tell you how many views the channel videos are getting.

5. Audience retention rate reveals the popularity of the channel.

6. Demographics show from which part the channel is getting views.

7. Playback Locations also reveal from where people are coming to watch the videos.

8. Traffic Sources is another YouTube analytics that should be kept

9. Devices are the analytics that shows on what device audience are watching the videos, if it is from smartphones, tablets or desktops.

10. Engagement Reports reveal how engaged people are with your channel content.

11. Subscribers growth needs to be keep track of over time.

12. Keep track of how many subscribers you gained and lost in a specific time.

13. Likes is another KPI that gives you the details of which video had lots of likes.

14. Dislikes show which videos in your channel are not enjoyed by the audience.

15. Comments indicate how engaged the audience are with the videos.

16. Shares reveal how popular the video is becoming.

17. Favorites is another performance indicator that tells which video has more favorites.

18. Videos in playlist can influence the number of viewers to your channels.

19. Annotations should be used perfectly to drive engagement to your channel.

20. Use cards to increase engagement.

21. Unique visitors is another performance indicator to check the channel growth.

22. Traffic from social networking sites

23. Number of downloads indicate how the audience like the content.

24. Check what type of content is liked by the people and helping the channel to get views.

25. Traffic sources is the indicator that tells from where the videos are getting the views.

26. Check at what point of the video, people are stopping watching the video and it is called the drop off point.

27. This could be because of the length of the video.

28. View through rate is the number of views over the impressions.

29. Click through rate is the number of clicks over impressions.

30. Quartiles is another key metric performance that show how much percentage of views are completed.

31. Engagement metrics are the comments, shares and likes of the video.

32. Earned subscribers are those who subscribed to your channel after watching your channel ad.

33. Earned actions are the sharing on Twitter, Facebook and others.

34. Track the growth of YouTube audience.

35. Earned likes are when the viewer watches paid ads and clicks the like button.

36. Compare different videos and check where the average drop-off is.

37. Check the views you are getting from mobile apps.

38. YouTube search is an analytic that shows how many people are coming to watch the videos by finding them in YouTube search.

39. Earned shares are those shares that viewers go on after watching the ads.

40. YouTube suggested videos are recommendation made by YouTube for specific keywords.

41. Google Search shows how your channel is ranked in search results.

42. Location views is the analytic that shows from which part of the world the videos is getting views.

43. Age groups is a YouTube analytic that show audience in which age group are watching videos in your channel.

44. Number of times people stopped watching your videos is another analytic that can be found in the audience retention page.

45. Fluctuations in subscriber base needs to be monitored to understand the reach of YouTube channel as a whole.

46. Social media shares is another key performance indicator to check the role social media playing in the success of the channel.

47. Check the ranking of the videos using some tools.

48. Keep track of lifetime views and record it monthly.

49. Check how many views particular video is getting in a specific time.

50. Compare comments and views and this is the way to track the engagement of audience.

Views and subscriber count are the superficial metrics to measure the success of YouTube. YouTube success is measured based on views per month and the audience engagement. Carefully analyze the key performance indicators and make necessary changes based on them.

YouTube Channel Growth Means It’s a Team Effort – Not a One Man Show

YouTube is the king that rules the entire social media, and we can find plenty of YouTube channels with millions of users. However, there are only a few YouTubers who had delivered the top and trustable brand for their channel that never get halts. But now it’s happening?

Is it all due to a single patron of the channel? No, not yet all. It’s a big confusion on everyone’s mind.

YouTube Team:

90% of the growth of the YouTube channel depends on the whole team of the channel. Simply we can say that the entire team will be the pillars of the channel.

Concept Creator and Storyteller Team:

This team is the weightiest one in all over the channel. Hence, these people are responsible for excelling or flunking the channel by visually predicting the thoughts of the audience through their concept and story.

They narrate the creative ideas that exactly strike the requirement of the audience.

A perfect video for the channel will be dispatched by relying on the concept of the story.

Internal Content Suggestion and Ideas from Team:

These members will generate the ideas and tips to make any changes that are necessary especially about the internal content that related to a video.

Such type of team will diminish the burden on others to remake after everything has finished.

Video Shooting, Editing & VFX Team:

To implement the concept and story as a real-time activity that is visible to the audience this team should put effort on their shoulders.

This team will participate in shooting the videos after that they will edit by adding some extraordinary visual effects that sparkle at the vision of the audience.

YouTube Channel Manager:

He is the one behind the success of a channel by pulling the cart of the whole YouTube channel team. The channel manager will monitor the entire team and allocate the resources by managing the budget as well.

He should provide alternatives when any critical issues arrive in the team or from the users of the channel. Simultaneously he should go through the copyrights concerns frequently.

Frankly, he is a multi-player in the total team of YouTube channel with no exit.

YouTube Channel Optimizer:

The channel optimizer will always think to get the benefits for the channel by engaging through huge traffic.

He will release notifications about the channel through the channel website.

He wouldn’t leave a single bit of chance to boost up the channel by adding extraordinary advancements as a role of channel optimizer.

Social Media Conversation and Collaboration:

To drain the traffic for the channel they choose some efficient ways of other social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and Twitter to promote the channel.

They used to find the ways to collaborate with the other channels by getting sponsorship and partnership.

Analytics Manager & Revenue Optimizer:

The analytics manager will analyze the statistics of the YouTube channel i.e., which video is getting more traffic, from which location it’s gaining huge traffic and from which device the users are more will be identified.

Depending on that data they take further steps in a higher expansion of the YouTube channel.

Revenue optimizer will always focus on the question words like how what, where and which can increase the channel revenue.

The above-provided information will justify the title of this article as it is the result of teamwork of the channel just not only by a single person. A bonafide team can build the wonderful mansion of the YouTube channel in the history of social media.

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