YouTube Channel Suspended

YouTube Channel Suspended – What to do?

The most common issues people facing while using YouTube Channel when your YouTube channel suspended what would you do to recover it. That means you break down the YouTube terms and services. At this time, recovering your deferred account is a difficult task. You should send a request to the YouTube office channel services.

YouTube platform has certain rules and regulations that must be followed by the users during their use, if you violated the rules or guidelines of YouTube, their account leads to suspension or termination. Sometimes, you may get the email that your account was terminated though you hadn’t done any violations on YouTube. At that time, the user can counter file a report to the YouTube with explanation.

Reasons Behind the Account Terminations or Suspensions

  • Violation of Community guidelines repeatedly
  • Severe abusing
  • Policy violation
  • Copyright infringements

YouTube considers all the above as the reasons for the account suspension on its platform. If you have done anything that comes to the above violations, then your account can be suspended, and you may no longer post the videos on your channel and nor you unable to create a new channel on the YouTube platform. YouTube platform also allows you to file a DMCA counter-notification if you have suspended for the reason of copyright infringement though you did not infringe any copyrights. Copyright infringement allows the users to retain their account if they are right.

The Counter notifications must be submitted by you only along with the relevant information. And it will not get forwarded to any other party. The counter filing must be submitted using the web form provided by YouTube, which can access via the copyright notices section on your YouTube account. It takes some ten days to complete the process, and during the time of processing, you are ordered to keep your content down. If you violated more rules than the counter file cannot be accessible by you.

Advanced guide to YouTube Manual Claiming

The manual claiming is a tool that enables the partners who have better knowledge on the content ID system. It allows the videos of YouTube channel available publicly which includes the content you have generated.

There is the policy of claiming the content. Only the partners of YouTube can only claim the content. The claim is related to the particular video links towards the assets and the information of the ownership. It allows owners to claim their original content on the platform. So, that they can claim the blocking, tracking and also monetization of the videos.

The video sources divided into two, which is one of them was partner uploaded content, and the other is the content that was uploaded by the user. The content uploaded by the partner to their channel by applying the usage policy on YouTube. It enables the option for monetization, and it also enables the contented, Matching, and reporting on the content. Whereas the content generated by the user can be uploaded to their channel which the matching policy can be applied.

Manual claiming and search

The manual claiming allows the access for the partners who have advanced knowledge of content ID only. The well-trained people must use the tool. If the claiming of the content is improper, then there will be some penalties to the claimer. So, the trained people can only claim the content manually.

Searching for claim

  • After accessing the Manual claim tool page, the YouTube matches the titles, description as well as tags and the other metadata and performs search.
  • After this sorting the results will continue basing on results obtained by search and click the play button to investigate.
  • For claiming the video, click on the claim tab next to the Asset box. By choosing the type of claim, you can ok the claim.

YouTube Channel Account Suspended: How to get it back?

Many YouTube users may face account suspension messages from the YouTube by flagging your YouTube videos on the platform. YouTube has generally flagged the videos if you had crossed some community guidelines which are considered as a violation of the content on the platform. So, YouTube sends the user with warning strikes, which expired within six months. After six months, the YouTube platform again reviews the standing of the account. It also leads to permanent account termination if the user made any violations additional to the previous. If the YouTube channel account suspended here, you can go to find the tips.

What happen if your YouTube channel suspended?

If your YouTube channel suspended, the platform would not display your videos to the audience, and you can no longer see the videos. So, it is better to store your videos, which can be helpful during the situations if they arrive, unfortunately. After the suspension of the YouTube channel, even Google plus is also will not be visible to the user.

How to get back your YouTube account after suspension?

You can appeal the strike by providing the email details if your account linked with the Google plus. Appeal only if you are sure that your account didn’t cross any violations. Give the reply to the email that was sent by YouTube by stating that you hadn’t violated any terms. Actually, the YouTube and the Google platform generally uses some automated methods of detecting the flagged videos. so, there will be a chance to have errors.

Sometimes your video may also flag by competitors or by some unsuspected persons. So, there is nothing to worry about if you are sure that you hadn’t violated any rules. But be patient until your account reviewed after your appeal to YouTube. So backup your videos, and it is better to save them onto the drive with your video URLs and also backup your descriptions and tags related to your videos. So, that in this way you can get back to your YouTube channel.

For YouTube Consulting Contact: [email protected]

How To Permanently Delete Your YouTube Account

Are you struggling to remove your YouTube account don,t worry here are the extraordinary and simple ways that describe how to delete a YouTube account.

Everyone can create the account on YouTube channel and this can be done through Google account or individually can place the account on YouTube with personal information.
Everything is fine, but some people want to delete their account due to some reasons, and many people will be suffering to delete their YouTube account.
To eradicate this problem, we can follow the simple steps to be cool.

First of all, we need to login to our YouTube account and then click on settings option of the profile photo on the top right corner.

We need to click the option of Advanced on account information.
It takes to delete channel option then click it.

Now the box containing “Hide or delete your content from YouTube” will be appeared with those two options as below.

Select the option which one you need and in those two we can find internal options as shown below.

Here I choose “I want to permanently delete my content” and to do this, we need to select the options appeared below.

Now hit on delete my content box and the below warning will be displayed to enter the Email Id.

Enter the email id and click on delete my content.

Now our YouTube account is successfully deleted in a very fine way.

Business organizations need YouTube Account for brand promotions. If competitor may hack your account and post irrelevant data and Videos on your YouTube channel. We have given an extraordinary guide how to delete your YouTube Account permanently.


If you follow these two things, your account was not getting suspended. One thing is creating unique titles, thumbnails in your video, not copy content. The second thing is you should not violate YouTube Terms and Conditions. You can follow the above procedure to get your suspended account back.

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  1. Sir my YouTube channel is suspended due to repeated or severe violations of community guidelines. And I appeal against it now what I should do?

  2. Sir my YouTube channel is suspended due to repeated or severe violations of community guidelines. And I appeal against it now what I should do again?

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