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Top 10 YouTube Channels For Movie Lovers

People always browse YouTube for recent movie updates, movie trailers, music, and entertainment shows. Browsing in YouTube Channels varies from people’s mindset, in different ways they search for Comedy movies, Action Films, Horror movies, Love and Romantic movies.

Movie lovers, check for Movie review, related news and critics. It’s pretty interesting to watch movies on YouTube channels. On YouTube, thousands of YouTube movies channels existing. We have listed the Top 10 YouTube Movie channels for Movie Lovers.

YouTube Channels For Movie Lovers

Screen Junkies:

Screen Junkies Channels uploads Movie Trailers and Movie series. They have Honest Trailer series, Movie Fights. This channel got 5.2 million views. Honest trailers for any movies, it makes full entertainment for movie lovers.

Cinema sins:

Cinema sins is everything about anything wrong in the movies it notices. It is an entirely unique channel. This channel is best for knowing anything wrong in the movie instead of watching a full movie in theaters. It gives strengths, logical flaws, mistakes and comic parts.

Channel Awesome:

It contains lots of content, not everything about movies, about Nostalgia Critic’s. Entertainment and most of the times comedy review and every movie review you can find here. This will produce one reason for old movies, why it’s gone wrong.

Every Frame Painting:

If you love to watch everything about artists, filmmaking, behind the sets parts. Every frame painting reveals the theory and technical crew of the movie. Truly a unique channel to showcase the struggle of filmmakers to learn history from the past.

Mr.Sunday Movies:

Mr.Sunday Movies presents the Superhero and Sci-fi movies. The analysis of missed scenes, insights, entertainment parts in the ,movies. It presents an assumption based on reviews, trailers and movies. Canceled movies, also present in this channel.

Red Letter Media:

It is a high production talk show, surprising, funny and irrelevant review persons appear. “Plainket “star war videos and Half In The Bag review series channel. Most exciting topics they cover and entertaining also.

Screen Rent:

Screen rent has a huge collection, descriptive and in-depth videos everything related to the movies. It consists of movie theories, fun facts, bloopers and more in depth of reviews. It makes you more entertaining and knowledge.

Your Movie Sucks:

Your Movie sucks describes why some movies are bad when it consists of good stuff also. This channel shows bad movies to make to awful. It offers funny, ken observing, flagship YMS videos make you laugh.

Chris Stuckmann:

Chris Stuckmann is one of the best YouTuber and presents best critics for movies. He gives new movie review with full of humor , fun and entertainment. Hilariocity and Retro revenge series on Sundays. He is one of the famous YouTube star of reviews.

How It Should Have Ended:

Sometimes have you disappointed about the movie endings then this channel makes you wish fulfill. This channel makes sketches of the movie alternative endings. They make terrific comic, batman, superman sketches.


There are plenty of YouTube channels for movie reviews, full movies and for comics. I have listed the Top 10 YouTube Channels for Movie Lovers.

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