YouTube Channels in United Kingdom

Top 10 Entertaining YouTube Channels in United Kingdom

1. Little Baby Bum:

Derek holder started this little baby bum with the help of his wife, and they upload the 3D animated videos of play school rhymes with different characters that attract the kids mostly. So, it occupies the no.1 position in UK YouTube channel perhaps; it’s become famous in all over the World.

2. OneDirectionVEVO:

Five friends together started this channel by keeping the frame of mind of the viewers and their interest to listen music. The five guys together compose the song by ultimate performance. This clutches the attention of the people especially, from youth. Hence, it became most popular YouTube channel in UK.

3. TheDiamondMinecart:

Daniel is uploads the video games of mine craft and he plays the game by making funny commentary. He is one of British YouTube famous figure for creating the most enthusiastic games in the world of YouTube.

4. Seven Super Girls:

It has been launched by five girls who are below 18 years old but eventually, it has been under the control of their parents. As they are little ones they much know about kid’s mentality by keeping that in mind they make the fun generating videos. They split the seven days for seven girls to make those.

5. Stampylonghead:

Stampy will upload one video for everyday and he will make more exciting video games and also Mine craft games with famous figures like Pokemon. For his fun creating stuff he achieved the “Game Award for Trending Gamer”.

6. AdeleVEVO:

She doesn’t show inequality depending on gender and she chooses all categories of songs that touch the hearts of the people emotionally. This sign of activity made her to attain that much of fame.

7. Coldplay Official:

This channel is established by the four people and the intention of launch of this channel is to provide the best quality for the music lovers. This channel acquired the stamped symbol from the public.

8. Britain’s Got Talent:

This is the Britain’s ultimate show channel and in this the contestants will give the stunning performance. It’s a multi talent show i.e. every one exhibit their own talent in front of four judges and in public and each contestant feels that it is an major platform to began their travel for their career.

9. The X Factor UK:

It is a featured channel of Britain’s Got Talent and the reason behind the establishment of this channel is considering the passion of public towards the music. Through this show they shine up the singing talent of the people who are covered without any support for many years.

10. BBC:

British Broadcasting Corporation is elder broadcasting channel in the world and they telecast everything like movies, breaking news, sports, weather and games. BBC has achieved the peak position in the broadcasting history.

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