YouTube Fair Use

The Ultimate Guide To YouTube Fair Use Guidelines

The video creators always worry about the copyrights law on YouTube. As many times they might get strikes for the usage of music, images, and many other things when their video uploaded on YouTube platform. The fair use helps you to know about when to use the copyrighted material in YouTube video and when not to use. Lets us find out more about the appropriate use and guidelines for fair use on YouTube platform. YouTube Fair Use Guidelines can be found on here that every publisher needs.

What exactly is YouTube Fair Use means?

Fair Use is related to some exemptions in the usage of the copyrighted material on YouTube. It helps in protecting your right using the copyrighted material in different ways. YouTube does not give copyright owners complete control over the content. YouTube Fair Use related to the set of important factors and the considerations which help you to figure out the things about the copyrighted usage and to survive as a creator on YouTube.

The Fair use can be given legally by following the various factors and usage. The primary factor that affects the fair use is using the content without concerned permits from the content creators who taken legally. It undergoes some testing procedures. The platform has already received many requests related to the takedowns towards the copyright law. Basing on the copyright law, it had removed the videos that are violated the content acceptance.

YouTube Fair Use Guidelines: Do’s and Dont’s

  • If you are doing in a very informative way, then you have some space with the fair use and likely to differ from the original creator.
  • The YouTube Fair Use also considers the nature of the copyrighted content you are using. For example, the creative or fiction related content might be allowed less frequently under the fair usage.
  • You just need to be more careful about how much content you are using. You need to use the copyrighted material which is enough for your subject point only, and you need not cross the things in using the content.
  • Your work should not be a substitute for the original content you have taken as it might crush the views and engagement of the real content you have copied from.
  • This might compress and left the content owners efforts in water. So, it will not comes under fair use if you are using the copyrighted content and make the same as the substitute to the original one.

Fair use does not mean you protected though you are using the copyrighted content. The content owner can sue your right to use his or her content on YouTube. They may still report on you to take down the video.

If you are sure that you will come to the fair usages policy and follow the same. Then only you can go counter takedown notice as a reply to the content owner who issued the notice to take down your video content on the platform.

Some myths that are resolved by fair use

Making money with copyrighted material not come under fair use

No, it does not mean unless you fulfill the fair usage policy. Many commercials are also doing the same.

No crediting someone cannot protect you from the content infringement. It might help you only in avoiding the lawsuit.

30 seconds usage is OK to get out from takedowns.

No, no precise time was given or considered as a fair use on YouTube. You need to follow the fair use features and policies and fulfil the same to go with fair use.

Posting a disclaimer can be a fair use

NO, it won’t automatically protect you from copyright infringement. You need to follow the right way of using the fair usage policy.

Nonprofits come under YouTube Fair Use Guidelines

Legally, they look at the usage and purpose of your video in order to analyze the fair usage of your content. But, the other factors must also consider fair usage. Nonprofit can be a plus point but, it can’t protect you automatically from the content infringements.

Follow the above guide to have some good understanding of fair use while creating your video on YouTube using copyrighted material.

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