YouTube for Journalists

YouTube for Journalists: The Ultimate Guide

YouTube is the only hunter that targets all categories of organizations like films, music, sports, fashion and political news, etc. to enhance one’s capability of reaching the millions of audiences through the creation of spellbound video content.

Now it has completely transformed the state of journalism that everyone is surfing the YouTube to get the daily news from politics to natural disasters. Cent percent of the news publishers journalism organization is acquiring much reputation through the broadcasting of news on YouTube.

The most exciting thing the live news is the best option on YouTube that grabs the attention of huge audiences. YouTube has become one of the useful tools to explore journalism capability by reaching the millions of viewers.

Why does YouTube fit for Journalists?

Improving the audience growth:

The intention of news publishers to use YouTube is to raise the growth of the audience. That means billions of audiences are reaching the YouTube to find the visual content.

Billion hours of video content on YouTube is being watched by the global audiences.

For example, if you take the Japans earthquake videos on YouTube are being watched more than 96 million times.

90% of teens watch YouTube videos and Journalists can make use of it to get the millions of fans through single upload.

Continuous Engagement of Audiences:

The creators of the normal audiences can be observed how the YouTube has shown its impact on building the one’s career without bending back.

The news publishers and organizations can make great fan base as they share and comment on the video content.

It helps to gain the huge engagement of the audiences continuously.

When the audience engagement is rolling at the YouTube journalism channel, then it leads to-

  • Have the subscriptions to the liked videos.
  • The audiences may rise the queries of news organizations and get the responses from the creator of the news channel through the delivery of the video content or in the comments section.
  • Most of the audiences will show interest to share the video content through which it goes viral and builds the news organization reputation.
  • Audiences might add the videos of the subscribed news channel to playlists to watch frequently.
  • The user experience can be analyzed through the options of like and unlike.

The news organizations can make use of the below tactics to boost the engagement of the audiences:

  • The live news is the targeting weapons to drive the audience engagement through YouTube search results.
  • Establishing news organization’s official YouTube channel is the most beneficial to have the users engagement.
  • Breaking news is another significant factor in rolling at the audiences.

Revenue through Monetization:

YouTube is the only source to gain the bucks in bulk. Depending on the channel performance the YouTube will allow the creators to gain the ad revenue.
It lets the creators participate in YouTube partnering program by considering the views, subscribers and watch time.

YouTube Video Making Tools for Journalists


If you wish to compose the animated videos with excellent quality at affordable price, then GoAnimate is the best tool. By using GoAnimate the creators can choose the variable design elements depending on the template they choose.

The creators can add the scenes and characters etc. By dragging and dropping the editor that helps them to create their video.


The professional looking YouTube videos can be created by using Canva. No one can be the designer to use Canva. One can create extreme videos by picking the stock photos, designs and background images from the library.

Simply through dragging and dropping the creators can create the videos. By using Canva, the compelling custom video thumbnails can be generated where it helps to get the YouTube audience.


It is the most effective tool for MAC users to create and edit the videos. The adding of music, text, video animations and transitions to the video can be done simply. One can make the basic editing by using this tool.

The logos and titles from video or text animations are available. The primary thing the users of it should do is that they need to spend some time to learn everything to know how to use all the features of it.

YouTube Strategies for Journalists

Creation of home page:

The creation of one’s channel on the YouTube platform will help to hype the news organization at the audiences.
It can be done by signing in to the YouTube account through which the optimisation of “My channel” can be done. The channel page is the entry door to attain the queue of the audiences.

Engrossing News Categories:

Try to categorize the news with the most interesting titles like the live news, breaking news, natural disasters and explainer videos, etc. These should touch the audiences emotionally and simulate them to share on all other social media sites.

Reaching Mobile Users:

Mobile is the important aspect which is being used by all the people as the favorable device. Most of the audiences are consuming YouTube video content through mobile.

Hence the short video content is the most preferable that means to update the highlights of the daily news as the snacking news. 40% of views are from mobile has been counted.

Revolutionizing through Documentaries:

The creation of documentaries through real-time research will show major impact on the audiences to keep an eye on your journalism channel in getting the updates.
This type of content remains as the long lasting one that is much flavored to watch. It can expand the growth of the channel.

Live Streaming:

Live Streaming is the most chasing category on the YouTube that let the audiences to find the ongoing news. Hence broadcast the live news on the channel and it can attain the attention of the audiences instantly.

Excelling titles, description and tags:

The titles and description are the feeding sources to hike at the audiences as they appear in the search results. Generate the titles, description, and tags that are producing the outstanding results.

Trending Topic:

Choose the trending topic to broadcast on YouTube. The current viral topic will be the most exciting one for all the audiences to go through.

Create Playlists:

The creation of video playlists will be most picked by the audiences to watch the all the content at one place.

YouTube for Journalists Best Practices

There are some common elements every successful channel have. Here we go with best practices that every successful YouTube channel fallow is also applied for News Channels.

Native Platform and Compelling Programming:

The success of every channel relay on content published on YouTube. Some YouTube channel choose evergreen content that always pulls traffic all time with a search for the favorite video content such as Education, health, and Entertainment.

Some Journalism channel focuses on timely or trending content that content won’t search for two week or next two years like Political campaigns, News, sports, and games. The Topical programming strategy doesn’t work for longtime success.

The conservative journalism channel found the success of YouTube platform depends on creating the unique and focused videos for victory rather than publishing general news content.

Systematic Uploading and Publishing:

The frequency of uploading change the goals of your brand. Timelines and following frequency are crucial. Every Successful YouTube channel uploads and publishes the video content regularly with few exceptions.

So determine your programming and stick to upload your content regularly, the viewers subscribe your channel and trust on your frequency of uploadings. If anyone has high -frequency videos just publish it once in a week.

YouTube Optimization:

If you are making best compelling videos, How your audience know your videos? The simple solution is Youtube Optimization, and YouTube optimization is crucial on content discovery. The following elements play a vital role in YouTube Optimization.


A high-quality, compelling thumbnail can represent the Quality of your content. Create and Upload high quality visually stunning images for better audience engagement


Make sure to maintain and upload user-friendly keywords which are search on YouTube Platform and in Google Search. The metadata is nothing but considering suitable Titles, Descriptions and Focus Keywords to every uploaded video for better ranking.

Publishing Best Practices :

Once you finished with publishing the videos, respond correctly to the comments under your videos. After publishing every video make sure to give reply for comment than user come to know you are engaged.

Channel Art:

Create best channel Art for your Youtube channel. The channel art represents the identity of your brand and your channel personality. The channel art should be evident on both mobile and desktops.

Youtube Analytics in Success Of Journalism Organizations

Data retrieved from the audience interaction on your channel to which support you to adjust the programming content, upload the schedule and to grow the subscribers. Understanding the YouTube analytics of a channel is typical for an average person. The Overview of Analytics depends on the below elements.

Channel Demographics:

Understanding the audience and gathering the information like Male, Female, age groups including the demographics. The channel demographics consists from which country users are interacting to your channel or from which country they are engaging to your views.

Video Overview:

Here you can see the individual video performances. We can check the how many subscribers and shares driven by a particular video. Comparing the video metrics with one video to other videos which content gain the best results.

Channel Viewership:

The channel Vierships were given the overall channel upward trends or downward trend. Two reasons You can check the result of an Upward trend or downward trend by analyzing the frequency of uploads and viral content.

Audience Retention:

The Audience retention drew for the videos, where the audience repeatedly or rewind the video. Sometimes audience particularly rewinds the video and plays again and again.

Traffic Sources:

Identifying the traffic sources from which source audience engaged with your content. Traffic sources like browsers, search engines, affiliate campaigns or from backlinking. We can also find the form which device the viewer is connecting your websites.

Journalism Organizations Thriving on YouTube

The following Organisations have combined the audience development, robust programming strategies and implemented the best channel Optimization to show as the best Journalism Organisations Examples.

The Young Trucks:

The Young Trucks in short TYT is entirely digitally Native Journalism focused YouTube channel. This channel typically relays on G+ Hangouts on Air to broadcast Live news. The video uploads mainly concentrated on Video Titles, Visually excellent Thumbnails and proactive images related to the video content. The TYT has impressive audience such as 41 million views per month.

PBS NewsHour:

PBS is entirely broadcast based outlets, and it has the suite for successful channel and well-focused hub. PBS supports entertainment TV shows broadcast and to get the additional revenue; it promotes broadcasting of segregated full episodes using Paypal for an extra revenue stream. The success strategy of PBS and National Geographic channel seem to be same with some additional procedures. The most popular show on PBS is KIds “ODD SQUAD” show. PBS channel is pulling almost 5 million views per month.


The use of YouTube especially to deliver the news will enhance the news organization reputation globally. For example, if we take BBC, CNN, etc. they are not available in all locations as small screen news channels, and it became easy for all the audiences to find those channels on YouTube.

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